What We’re Reading: Free Insulin Pen Offer

Even with health insurance, having diabetes can be an expensive endeavor, with all the blood glucose strips, lancets, medicines, and other assorted medical paraphernalia needing to be purchased (to say nothing of the routine checkups with various health-care providers). This makes offers of free diabetes devices, such as the one extended by this Eli Lilly and Company coupon, all the more welcome.


Customers presenting a new Humalog KwikPen prescription along with the coupon at their retail pharmacy will receive a free five-pack of the Humalog KwikPen, Humalog Mix75/25 KwikPen, or Humalog Mix50/50 KwikPen. The pens are prefilled with 3 milliliters of a fast-acting Humalog insulin analog and do not require refrigeration after the first use. (Unused pens should be stored in the refrigerator.)

There are a number of restrictions to using this voucher. For instance, the offer does not include the pen needles, is open to residents of the United States only, and cannot be used by people whose claims for the Humalog KwikPen are reimbursed by a government health-insurance program such as Medicare or Medicaid.

For people who are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity, the coupon is valid until December 31, 2008.

This blog entry was written by Assistant Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • canelo

    ive heard about the pen.they said its the best

  • jimmarshall1234

    Good article.

  • Susan Kraus

    I have Type 2 diabetes. I am trying to find an OptiClik pen for Lantus and am no success in doing so. One of the insulin companies sent me the refills but not I cannot find any of the pens to use the insulin in. My doctor does not carry them and is having a hard time getting one from the rep.

    Any suggestions

    Thank you

  • jacques courville

    I use your needles and a pen but they are hard to read yours seems to be exacly what I need I keep a pen in my van and use one in the house I would greatly appreciate a new pen tanks. Jacques Courville

  • Laura

    I was using the Victoza pen to help control my type 2 diabetes. The pen works its awesome but it also cost $374 with my insurance for a one month supply. The pharmacist told me about coupons you can find online, im just having a hard time finding them

  • rick

    i take the solostar pen and i cant afford it anymore. i would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right way in finding free insulin

  • Steve Jennings

    Please explain to me why Insulin is not covered by Medicare? It covers the test strips, but not the syringes? I have a supplemental insurance plan on top of Medicare.I use both Novalog and Levimier. At around $80.00 a vile on top of all of my other medications, where do I draw the line?
    Food or Prescriptions? Or, take only half of the medication.I make too much money to get assistance, but not enough to be able to pay for it all.Help!