What We’re Reading: Free Diabetes Products and Screenings

Last month, we told you about Meijer and Publix, two stores that have begun providing free prescription fills and refills of the diabetes drug metformin. This week, we’d like to bring your attention to campaigns by several other retailers to supply free diabetes products and services.


Supermarket Price Chopper has launched a program known as Diabetes AdvantEdge, aimed at providing people better access to diabetes medicine, support, and information. The chain, which has stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, is offering free prescriptions fills (all strengths; up to 100 pills) of the diabetes drugs metformin, metformin ER, glimepiride, glipizide, glipizide XL, glyburide, and glyburide micro, as well as free lancets and a lancing device to people filling prescriptions for these medicines. Other services provided by Diabetes AdvantEdge include access to a trained nutritionist and coupons for healthful items throughout the store. For more information, see the Price Chopper Web site.

Through June 12 (or while supplies last), nationwide retailer CVS/pharmacy and Bayer Diabetes Care are teaming up to offer free A1C tests to people with diabetes who are at least 18 years old. The test is conducted with a finger prick and results are available within approximately five minutes. To find a participating location near you, head over to the Web site of MinuteClinic, the medical clinic at CVS/pharmacy.

Also at CVS/pharmacy, free “To Your Health” health fairs will be held in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia throughout the year. These events will include health screenings, information about a variety of health conditions, and opportunities to consult with health-care providers. For more information, and to find out when “To Your Health” will be coming to your area, check out the program Web site.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Bill Gunville

    It is long overdue, this should of been standard practice 10 years ago. Even though we have a good health system that covers the majority of working people there are allot of us left falling between the gaps with little to no help.
    I applaud the companys that are showing corporate responsibility to help the citizens.

  • Mary Owen

    Any idea when some of the West Coast companies might get on board? This is so very much needed!

  • Ron Bombard

    I think this is a great service to us with diabetes. I am in my “Donut Hole” with Medicare part D and I have to pay all of the cost for over $2,000 and this would save me money. Thank you



  • vera m carter

    I have heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetics its getting hard for me to get my meds the cost is getting to be to high,I don’t know what i’m going to do

  • Mary

    Can they offer this in Pennsylvania?

  • shinaye

    And what about type 1 diabetes?
    we have medical needs too.

  • Sandra Courtney

    I live in MI where Meijers does have the free metforin for diabetes. My insurance covers the medication for my type 2 diabetes but not testing supplies until I reach my $500 deductible. I use Wal Mart’s brand meter and strips because they are less than half the price of the name brand ones. It seems something could be done to lower the cost of these items too!

  • Tom Fiore

    Thank you so much for this great information, I only hope that seniors who don’t have computer knowledge/access will get this info as they are usually the ones who need the help most!

  • kimberly

    too bad nothing in done in california, specifically san francisco. only east coast people get free anything and we have the highest unemployment in the us.

  • mitch paladino

    I live in Whittier, California and recently my brother-in-law was diagnosed with diabetes. He was unable to get Medi-Cal and he has no means of being able to do that meter or lancets. I was wondering if there was any company out there that can supply him with both.
    Respectfully, mitch Paladino

  • Dale

    I live in Kansas and am also in the doughnut hole and after years of reg. coverage it really hurts being on medicare… what a shock.. will our Price Chopper have diabetic programs like the east coast soon.. as my insulin is $ 100. plus and I needover 3 bottles of each,, not counting other medicine required… thank your

  • darlene

    what about colorado,i live in eaton and have to but my diabetic meds at walmart,greeley,this would sure help especially if they are on a limit ed incomed like a lot of seniors are.

  • Jeri

    For those living in Kansas, Prescription Solutions is trying to make a difference.


  • Indrojth Dutta

    I recommend reading ‘Diabetes and You: A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach’. It has just about everything diabetes-related in it. Hope this helps. http://www.amazon.com/Diabetes-You-Comprehensive-Holistic-Approach/dp/1442207280