What We’re Reading: Educator of the Year Finalists Chosen

The diabetes supply company American Diabetes Wholesale (ADW) has announced five finalists for their 2008 Diabetes Educator of the Year award. The purpose of this contest is, according to ADW, "to recognize the unsung heroes who are committed to helping those living with diabetes."

The finalists, who were chosen by a panel of judges from hundreds of nominees, are Linda C. Aman, RN, BS, MSN, NP-C; Suzanne Swann Laws, MS, RD, LD, CNS, FADA, BC-ADM, CDE; Janet W. Brown Crockrel, LPN, RN, CDE; Laurie Terrio, RN, BS, CDE; and Joyce Malaskovitz, PhD, RN, CDE.

You can read their bios and vote for your favorite at www.americandiabeteswholesale.com/Contest[1]. Voting is open to the public from January 14 through March 20. And you can find a press release about the contest and its finalists here[2].

We first posted about this contest in August of 2008 (in “What We’re Reading: Nominate and Win!”[3]). Did anyone here make a nomination?

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