What We’re Reading: Diabetes Photos


This week, we’d like to direct your attention to a new online project that has people with diabetes clicking away. Called Diabetes 365, it’s an online photo-sharing group whose participants have committed to posting a daily photo that illuminates some aspect of their lives with diabetes.

The group’s stated purpose is to “show the world how diabetes is something that we work at and live with all year round.” To see the photos, or to learn how to start posting photos of your own, visit www.projectdiabetes365.com[1].

Diabetes 365 is run by the diabetes bloggers at Bernard’s Diabetes Blog[2] and In Search of Balance[3]. Blogger Penny also writes about Diabetes 365 at My Son Has Diabetes[4].

This blog entry was written by Assistant Editor David Golann.

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  3. In Search of Balance: http://insearchofbalance.wordpress.com/
  4. My Son Has Diabetes: http://threeyearsfree.blogspot.com/2007/10/diabetes-365-project.html

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