What We’re Reading: Diabetes and the Economy

In tough economic times like these, many people cut back on certain expenditures: Weekly movie night falls by the wayside and Saturday dinners out are replaced by cooking at home. But what happens when a person has scaled back on all the luxuries and is still having trouble making ends meet?


Blogger Kerri Morrone Sparling of Six Until Me sometimes wonders whether she will need to stretch the life of her diabetes supplies by taking steps such as wearing her infusion sets longer than recommended or reusing insulin pump reservoirs multiple times—strategies that many of her readers are already using to save money. Fortunately, there are also other ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. As several Six Until Me commenters suggest, coupons, sales, and customer loyalty programs can be a great way to save on food expenses, as can buying groceries in bulk quantities. Taking advantage of public transportation where it’s available is another way to cut corners.

There are also ways to save money on medicines. Over at the American Association of Diabetes Educator’s Side by Side blog, shopping around for the best price and, when possible, purchasing generic versions of drugs are recommended as good ways to reduce expenses. Asking your doctor for samples of brand name medicines you are taking and discussing the possibility of purchasing larger doses of certain drugs and then cutting them in half are also suggested as potential means of minimizing health-care costs.

How are you dealing with the economic downturn? Has your diabetes care been affected? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

This blog entry was written by Associate Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • PamB

    My son in law is self employed and unable to afford insurance. He is Type 1 since early teens. He is bet controlled on Lantus & Humalog. Very expensive when uninsured. He reuses lancets, needles. Gets every drop of Humalog out of his pen. Has ordered from Canada but now even Canada has gone up in price. It is very unfair that so many are not working.not because they can’t because they choose not to yet they qualify for medicaid & disability just because they have a diagnosis of diabetes. Their meds are free and they don’t take them, don’t go to their doctors end up in hospital positive for cocaine & alcohol and other drugs at the working man’s expensive. But the responsible ones that are deeply indebt because they do take care of themselves and do not take handouts and pay out of pocket are refused any help at all To take control of your diabetes is very very expensive. Lets help those who are trying their best to help themselves.

  • CalgaryDiabetic

    Dear web and fellow diabetics.

    The comment by PamB is precisely the reason why we Canadians are astonished by the fact that Americans never demanded universal health care, in spite of reasonable evidence from all G7 countries that it is a better system than in the USA.

    It is true that the right has poisoned your minds against any form of communism. However they spoke with forked tongues since they loved big goverment pork barelling and massive unsustainable (economically) and even worst ineffective military spending. Why does the USA need 12,000 nukes and more aircraft carriers than when you defeated Japan? The Russkies have tried to surrender repeatedly, the cold war is over guys.

    Secondly even Joe the Plumber would benefit because I would have not left my job and started my own business without universal health care since paying for familly health insurance out of my own pocket or going uninsured would have added an unacceptable big financial risk.