What We’re Reading: Diabetes and Nutrition Q&A

March is National Nutrition Month (designated by the American Dietetic Association), and in recognition of this, Longitude Health, a provider of health and wellness programs to employers, is hosting free Q&A sessions about diabetes and nutrition at MyHealthVillage.com.

Each hour-long session will be hosted by Cindy Sears, RD, CDE, and follow a chat format in which participants can type in questions. (To register for a Q&A session, e-mail Cindy here[1].) Sessions will be grouped by topic:


“You’re One of a Kind” (March 5 & 7) will cover finding out how foods affect an individual uniquely and why different treatments work for different people.

“Standards of Care: How Does Your Care Compare?” (March 12 & 14) will go over the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes[2], so that you know how your treatment fits in with the ADA’s recommendations.

“Ahchoo! Diabetes and Sick Days” (March 19 & 21) will cover what to look for — and how to react — when sick.

“Picking the Blood Sugar Meter that’s Right for You” (March 26 & 28) will be all about blood glucose meters.

There will be two sessions on each of the days listed, at 12 PM and at 7 PM. To participate (after registering), visit MyHealthVillage.com’s Q&A session page[3]. A list of all upcoming Q&A sessions can also be found here[4].

This blog entry was written by Editorial Assistant Quinn Phillips.

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