What We’re Reading: A “Sweeter” Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day often conjures up images of sweet, chocolatey indulgence. Rather than celebrating the traditional way, why not try out some fun, novel, and “sugar-free” treats? Here are some ideas to help make your holiday healthier:

Joslin Diabetes Center recommends searching for “a healthy recipe that feels more indulgent than it really is.” You can always find delicious treats in the Recipes section of our Web site[1], including desserts such as light hot fudge sundaes[2], strawberries and cream cups[3], and rich chocolate cupcakes[4]. Also be sure to take a look at “This Week’s Recipes” on our home page[5] for some Valentine’s-themed foods.

Looking to celebrate the holiday in a nonconventional way? Shift the focus from food by planning an activity outdoors, enjoying a board or sports game for the whole family, or learning about the original meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget that many schools allow candy and other sweet treats to be given out and shared on Valentine’s day. If you have a child with diabetes, it may be a good idea to discuss with his or her teacher in advance what the plans are for that day. That way, you can plan with your child how best to enjoy this day at school and at home.

Relevant Resources

Here are the links to the full articles mentioned above, and more:

Sugar Free Valentine’s from Joslin Diabetes Center[6]

Valentine’s Day information from the American Diabetes Association[7]

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Valentine’s Day health and safety[8]

This blog entry was written by Web Intern Helen Zhu.

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