Welcome to Our New Site!

If you’ve visited DiabetesSelfManagement.com before, you’ll notice that we’ve made a few changes around here. For starters, we’ve given ourselves a makeover. To make the site more appealing to the eye and easier to explore, we’ve given it a new look and a new layout. In addition, we’re pleased to launch this blog—The Diabetes Self-Management Blog, which will be updated each weekday by me and by several talented writers.

They include Amy Campbell, a dietitian and diabetes educator who will teach you about nutrition and meal planning; Joe Nelson, a psychotherapist who will talk to you about the emotional aspects of coping with diabetes; and Jan Chait and Andy Stuckey, two writers who will level with you about their experiences managing diabetes. As the blog’s editor, I’ll keep you updated on the latest diabetes news.

If you are unfamiliar with blogs, don’t be intimidated. The word “blog” is simply shorthand for “weblog,” or online journal. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, and among them, quite a few about diabetes. But we’re going to be doing something here that, to my knowledge, no other diabetes blog is doing: We’ll be combining tips and teachings from experts, first-person, tell-it-like-it-is dispatches from people with diabetes, and diabetes news reports all in the same source. Together with the detailed and informative articles on diabetes self-care in our Magazine Archives and the diabetes-friendly recipes in our Recipes section, the blog makes our site into a sort of one-stop shopping experience for diabetes information. (Except, unlike most places you go for one-stop shopping, DiabetesSelfManagement.com is free.)

So come on in, make yourselves at home, get to know the bloggers, and enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to communicate with us in the Comments section below.

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