Walking Over Shark-Infested Waters

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There’s an old cartoon of a man walking a tightrope over shark-infested waters. On top of the water on one side is the word “hyperglycemia.” On the other side, “hypoglycemia.”

If that were me on the tightrope, I’d be leaning heavily toward the hyperglycemia side of the water and words beginning to form on the rope would read, “nothing works, so why bother?”

“Beginning to form” is one thing. “Have formed” is quite another and one I need to avoid. But how? And why is this happening? Again.

We all go through slumps relating to…well, everything. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that with our jobs. I’m pretty much on a permanent slump about housework; have been for years.

Diabetes is such an all-encompassing condition that needs constant vigilance. Monitor your glucose, know what you’re eating, get that exercise in, visit doctors, get your lab tests done…

Manage the unmanageable, sick or well, whether you feel like doing it or not. Not doing so can lead to a higher risk of acquiring things you REALLY don’t want to deal with. I have a spot of diabetic retinopathy in each eye: I don’t want that to get any worse. While my amputation was from a bone infection, I need to pay close attention to my other leg and foot so I don’t lose it because of diabetes. My microalbumin levels are at the high end of normal: Gotta do all I can to protect my kidneys.

While I’m generally in good control now, I have no idea how many years I’d had Type 2 diabetes when diagnosed in 1986. Then there were the nine years of denial after the diagnosis. Silently, diabetes was taking a toll on my body. Luckily, I inherited some good genes and I did, finally, start managing my diabetes and slowed down the process.

The weather could have something to do with my ennui. It’s cold and blustery. The trees are bare. The flowers are still sleeping. We haven’t even had much snow to cover the bareness of winter. Last February, I escaped to the Bahamas for a few days. This year, it’s another two months and two days (but who’s counting) until I can step onto that cruise ship and relax. (And I do relax the minute I get on the ship.)

Stress? Sure. Why not? Wanna hear about my weekend?

I got an e-mail from the online service I’d booked flights on. My airline had made a change and I needed to call as soon as possible to discuss options. OK. I declined the first suggestion because the flight left sooner than the one I booked and had two stops. Other suggestions were made and I picked one. The agent had to call the airline. The lines were busy and the wait was long, so she said she’d call me back.

However, she never called back. Finally, I got an e-mail from the online service saying they had accepted a flight change for me. Which turned out to be the itinerary I’d rejected earlier. Seems that its suggestions were only “suggestions.”

Did I protest? Oh, surely you know me better than to think I’d take that. So I called the online service. Oh, they could change it, but it would cost me more plus a penalty fee for making a change.

Excuse me? I didn’t cancel the original flight, I had specifically refused the one they gave me anyway, and should not have to pay a fee to change flights. I was put on hold for hours. (Yes, literally hours when added up!) I was disconnected (hung up on?) many times. Promises to call me back were unfulfilled.

Nothing I could do about it: The airline said so, the agent said. I had to take what was given to me.

Oh, yeah? I called the airline. Within half an hour I had the flight I wanted. No change fees. No additional charge for the flight I chose, which I’m sure was more expensive than the one I had originally booked.

If I ever book through an online service again, shoot me a reminder of this experience.

Back to my lousy blood glucose numbers, perhaps it would help if I dusted off and charged up my continuous glucose monitor. I haven’t been wearing it lately, but being fed a steady stream of numbers may be just what I need to get my act back in gear.

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