Victoza Approved for Use. Should You Take It?

My plans for getting out of town are not going well this year. Because my friend Sandy works in the medical field, she takes continuing medical education (CME) courses here and there and I sometimes tag along.


This month, we were going to go to San Francisco for a long weekend. I have friends there and some favorite restaurants, so I was looking forward to it.

Well, Sandy quit her job and went back to school, so a long weekend in San Francisco gave way to an overnighter in Louisville. That’s OK. I have a favorite store in southern Indiana and was looking forward to trying out a new restaurant in Louisville. I could hardly wait to hit the road. That would have been last Friday.

“Would have been?” Yep. The night before we were to leave, Sandy called. “Have you seen the weather report?” she asked.

Good ol’ Mother Nature. Stuck at home after all, I took the opportunity to do a little digging about liraglutide (brand name Victoza), a new drug for Type 2 diabetes that was approved on Jan. 25, 2010, and should be available sometime in March.

Victoza is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist, as is exenatide (Byetta). (Byetta has been linked to an increased risk of pancreatitis, and people who took Victoza during five clinical trials had more incidences of pancreatitis than those who took other diabetes drugs.)

Because rodent studies showed an increased incidence of tumors (and sometimes cancer) of the thyroid gland, the FDA is requiring the manufacturer of Victoza to conduct a five-year study to evaluate thyroid cancer risk. (The risks of other cancers, hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, and allergic reactions will also be evaulated.) The company also must establish a cancer registry to track incidence of thyroid cancer each year over the next 15 years. (To be fair, I should tell you that the rats were given a dose eight times the amount recommended for humans.)

In addition, the FDA said in a prepared release, the manufacturer must provide a “Medication Guide and a Communication Plan to help patients and providers understand the risks of Victoza and to ensure that the benefits of the drug outweigh the risk of acute pancreatitis and the potential risk of medullary thyroid cancer.”

(And if you believe all doctors are going to sit down with their patients and go through all of that stuff, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.)

If your doctor prescribes Victoza, what should you do? Like many things, you really need to determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks. Victoza does lower HbA1cs, can contribute to weight loss, should not cause hypoglycemia, and is a once-a-day injection (compared to twice a day for Byetta). It’s not recommended for use as a first-line drug, so you would be taking it in addition to other diabetes drugs. Besides, while the risks are there — and all diabetes drugs carry risks — they’re usually fairly rare.

I’m taking two antibiotics that carry strong warnings about higher risks of tendon inflammation or injury. The risk is even higher if you’ve already had tendonitis (which I have had) or a torn tendon.

The reason I’m taking the antibiotics is because I have an infection stemming from surgeries for a ruptured Achilles tendon. Am I concerned? A little. But I’m more concerned about getting rid of the bacteria that’s causing the infection. The drugs prescribed are ones that specifically target the bacteria I have.

In the meantime, I keep a close watch on my body for signs of a tendon flare-up. And you should pay attention to your body, and should keep up with preventative measures, if you take any diabetes drug. Also educate yourself about warnings or side effects of all of the drugs you take. If you’re concerned about the side effects connected with diabetes drugs, there’s always insulin.

It’s really up to us to be proactive about our health. After all, who cares about our health more than we do?

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  • Ann from Texas

    The really important thing that type 2 diabetics should keep in mind about both byetta and victoza is that both of these drugs can reverse the damage that unchecked diabetes has done to the system. After you use both or either of those drugs, your body can sometimes handle fighting diabetes by itself. I was on byetta for two years, went off of it (and was diet controlled – no drugs at all) for one year. It was not until I broke a bone in my foot that I decided to go on to Victoza. I like Victoza because the hypoglcemic incidents are few and far between and the nausea associated with byetta is pretty much non existent with Victoza. Also, carrying byetta around got to be kind of a pain and the victoza is a little more user friendly. I do think weight loss is a side effect but not a magical cure. You still have to eat properly and exercise. But, three cheers for the drug companies–they are trying to cure a terminal disease. I, for one, am grateful.

  • David S.

    I’ve been taking Victoza for a month now, and despite the at times severe nausea, it is incredible at lowering sugars and also weight loss. I follow a strict Atkins Induction Phase and I lose approximately .5lbs per day, coupled with 40 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. I use Victoza as a monotherapy and it works well. I was on 100 units/per meal of Humalog and 90 units of Lantus at night less than a month ago. Once I lost about 20lbs, I was able to slowly phase the insulin out completely and let the Victoza be the primary therapy.

    So, it works, but the first few weeks are rough, but your physician can prescribe anti-nausea meds to handle this. Victoza has an extremely long half life(15 hours) and I have not had any hypoglycemic episodes. In fact, even 30 minutes after a meal, my sugar never goes above 140. I had an A1c of 7.2 3 months ago and it is now 5.9.

  • Joe

    That sounds good. My doctor wants to put me on Victoza but I am having trouble getting it because my Part D prescription plan doesn,t cover it. Also you didnt say how much it will cost. And as far as I can tell it will cost up to $500.00 dollars.

  • anne cohen

    Joe, I have some numbers from you.

    At the highest dose (1.8mg/day), there are 10 “servings” in a pen (there are 18 mg in a pen) so you would need 3 pens/month. Cost at WalMart cash is around $133 per pen, so that’s 3 pens/month, 133 x 3 = 466. And that’s WalMart. Some local pharmacies will give you a bigger price break.

    I’m not sure the average # of mg needed for the average group, ie, do MOST people stay on .6, 1.2 or 1.8 mg/day? Dunno.

    I figured it’s no cheaper to buy 3 pens as opposed to 2; the unit price per pen wasn’t much different, to my surprise.

    Call around to the local pharmacies. Maybe you can get a break. We did. Good luck to you.


  • Joe

    Anne Cohen
    Thank you for the reply.I went from .6 to 1.2 with new prescription. I went to Walgreens and recieved a 2 pack for $288.00 They didnt carry the Victoza needles so I had to buy BD short pen needles. They are twice as long but still work. I believe that if the FDA approves a drug it should be available through Medicare,Part D providers,from who you get your medications from. To put out a medication that everyone has to pay retail prices even though they have some kind of coverage is wrong.

  • Kathleen

    I have to make a decision, soon, if I want to begin using Victoza. My other option, according to my doctor, is Metformin twice a day. He prefers the Victoza and says he’s had success with other patients. What I can’t figure out is, are you on it for the rest of your life if you begin using Victoza? My doctor says yes, but I can’t find anything confirming that. My last A1C was 6.4, down from 6.6. The Dr. didn’t feel that was a sufficient enough drop. (We’ve been working on this for almost a year and 6.6 is the highest it’s ever gone. I’m having difficulty losing weight.)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


  • Ed


    You need to check with your doctor on a discount card that is available through the drug maker. There is an e-voucher and then a discount voucher that you need to see if the walmart is applying. I totally agree that it should be covered for everyone.

    Good Luck

  • Cinthya Perez

    Hi, and just my true story.
    I’ve been on Victoza for 2 months, no weight loss. My sugars are OK!!. but the biggest thing its very expensive. Walgreens for 1 pen its 99.00 and for one month the recomended dose is the equivalent to 3 pens. I’ts been very hard to loss any weight since i was diagnose with diabetes 6/09. I excersise eat well and its not paying off. Well lets see…..

  • theresa skelton

    I have been on victoza for one week. I’ve lost 8 lbs. and my sugars have been below 200 so far in the morning. The only problem I’ve been having is the stomach sickness and I’m worried my insurance won’t cover the prescription.

  • Sam from Virginia

    I have the same problem as Joe, May 7, 2010.

    I became disabled last year at the age of 62 and had to drop a VERY GOOD INSURANCE PLAN, eff. 01/01/2010, to receive Medicare. I tried to find a supplement insurance but NO ONE would give me any other insurance. I was TOO young.

    A Company called UniCare, which is a form of Medicare, called me and offered me insurance. For those who don’t know about UniCare, they are a form of medicare, and all this did was replace Medicare. NO ONE WOULD GIVE ME SECONDARY INSURANCE. I have to be 65 years of age.

    Well, as of today, I have reached my donut-hole and being a diabetic, I was told that my pen’s would cost me $1,800 and I could save $100 each box if I changed to bottles and needles. That along with my heart medication which runs as high as $600+, then there are nine other medications I take. — NO I CAN’T AFFORD IT! Anyone have suggestions? I could use some HELP!!!


    Sam of Virginia

    PS — Can Victoza be taken with insulin, or only with pills?

  • Leigh

    I have been using the Victoza for about 2 months. I started at the low dose and am not graduated to the highest dose. I have lost about 5-6 pounds in the 2 months, which I’m fine with. My numbers have also fallen, and I have even been able to cut back on my insulin, which is HUGE! I take 2 Metformin per day, the Victoza and Levemir. The combination seems to be working, but Ihave been having flu-like symptoms and just feel very tired all the time. I am hoping the side affects go away as I get used to this combo, as it is working so well I don’t want to make any changes.

  • Roz

    I’ve been on Victoza for 4 weeks and apart from the nausea its great! All the diets I followed over the years say you wont feel hungy – well I have een hungry since I was born 47 yrs ago!
    I’m losing weight (20lbs so far) and my BS are down.
    All I can say, after reading comments, which I presume are from the US, is thank God for the NHS in the UK!. I get all my prescriptions free as a diabetic!.
    For the first time in my life I feel positive!

  • Jim

    I start Victoza in a week and reading some of the reports has got me a little worried but will try it and see how i manage, i also am happy that i live in the UK and get the drug free. I will give my views on it as soon as ican.

  • Mary

    I just discovered I had diabeties 6 weeks ago, and was put on Metformin 500mg twice per day with with the flex pen 2 times per day. When I went back for a checkup my doc said my number’s were still high and he changed my meds to metformin and Victoza one time per day. Well I have been on the Victoza for around ten days now and my numbers are lower, but the problem I am having is food just doesn’t taste the same. I am having a hard time eating the foods I use to love, it’s almost like the victoza has destroyed my taste buds.
    Is anyone else experiencing that thier food does not same the same?

  • Tee

    I started on Byetta a little over a year ago. I lost 35 lbs in a year but could never advance past the starting dose because of extreme nausea and vomiting. Even on the starter dose I continued to have nausea. I would not have stopped taking it though. The ability to limit my food intake and actually loose weight was wonderful. I did find the twice daily injections around meal times inconveniant.

    When I found out about Victoza and it had similar properties without nausea I wanted to try it. I have been on it a little over 2 weeks and am at the mid dose. So far it’s wonderful. No nausea. Plus, I had plateured on my weight loss and have lost an additional eight pounds. I’m thrilled. If you go to the manufactures website they have a discount card that is available. I have not yet filled my prescription so I don’t know what it will run but the Byetta was affordable.

  • shell


  • Teresa

    I used to be on most of the meds you all have mentioned so I won’t go into a long drag out story about all I have taken or taking. My doctor introduced me to Victoza just a few days ago. I was told that is is like Byetta but better. I was never sick with Byetta so I hope I will be ok with the Victoza if I do decide to take it. I have read the side effects and also about how it can cause Thyroid cancer and pancrestitis. I guess I’m a little worried about the cancer and pancreatitis. However, after reading your stories, I feel a little better about some of the side effects of Victoza. I will stay on metformin and one shot of Victoza daily. My doctor told me I could take it anytime of the day but the pharmasist told me I should take it first thing in the morning. Any comments about when to take it. I hope you all do well on this new med.

  • Tina G

    My doctor got me 3 pens a month for only 1 co pay. Your doctor needs to make sure insurance company knows that you need 3 pens to equal a 30 day supply. My insurance copay is only $50.00 and the I insurance company relayed info to Wlagreens that it was only 1 copay for 3 pens because I needed a 30 day supply. Please forward this info to above comments from Anne Cohen and Joe..this would help them get the pens cheaper..thks

  • Steve A.

    I have been taking Victoza for 2 1/2 weeks. The first 10 days were a bit tough. I was sleepy, moody, and ached. But my blood sugar numbers were improving. I am now on a full dose 1.8, once a day, which i take before going to sleep. My blood sugar numbers are now 110-115 in the morning. Before I started Victoza they were 180-200. I was on Levimir 65 units twice a day, along with Metformin 850 three times a day. I no longer take the insulin, just the Metformin with Victoza. i have lost 10 lbs and my blood pressure is great (120/70)and I no longer take atenonol.

  • Jean

    I just got diagnosed with diabetes and was put on Janumet, it didn’t work so now I just received my first RX for Victoza. I’m scared to take it because of the cancer side effect, as I had Uterian cancer 4 years ago and had a hysterectomy. I’m not sure if the good effects beat out the bad. I am over weight, on 2 blood pressure RX’s and now this. Should I take the risk? I’m not sure even though the effects I’m having from high sugar are not any better. Help, I don’t know what to do?

  • Pam H

    I’m glad I found this site. My doctor just recommended Victoza with an extended release metformin. I will start the metformin now but like others who’ve posted, my co-pay for the Victoza is almost $200. I was also a bit worried about possible thyroid cancer and pancreatitis, but feel more comfortable after reading the post. Hopefully I’ll be able to start the Victoza soon.

  • Judy M.

    I have been diabetic (type II) for five years. We have never been able to get my sugar regulated. I have had alot of pain and three major surgeries, that is a factor. I went on the Byetta a couple of years ago and it made me so sick. It did not help with weight loss. When my doctor suggested Victoza I was not going to get my hopes up. I took it for two months, my pre-meal insulin was cut from 16 units to 8 units. My blood sugars were 100 or under…even in the morning! I lost 28 pounds, and I am not grossly overweight. I felt awesome, I had energy, I just felt good.

    When I submitted my prescriptions(I was using samples) my insurance company denied it…saying something about it was not approved to use with insulin. This sucks! I am back to using the 16 units pre-meal, 56 units of Levemir at night and Metformin twice a day. I feel horrible, my sleep has been effected, my sugar is out of control…up and down…I have no energy! I wish I had my Victoza back.

  • Anne

    Judy, you should contact the company and they may give you Voctoza at a reduced rate. You should also get your doctor to write your insurance company a letter explaining your experience.

  • Anne

    My husband has been on Victoza for about 8 weeks. His sugars are now perfect…right around 100. He has lost 35 pounds. He is off his gliperide and is now only on metformin.

    I have been on it for about 15 days and have lost about 10 pounds but have had problems with abdomen pains. I am back on the 1.2 dose. My sugars are down during the day but not in the morning when I am fasting. I am going to try to take the injection at night before bed. I am on insulin and metformin. I am so hoping that it will work for me. I am not going to give up yet.

  • Jerrijean

    I initally went to the doctor to inquire about losing weight. I took a fasting blood/sugar test that resulted in finding that i am type 2 diabetic. I have known this for years, but had many doctors try metformin on me and fail due to the side effects i experienced.The doctors gave up on me. Nothing further was ever discussed until now.I am taking Victoza at the lowest dose. I took it for two weeks and was so nausea that I stopped taking it. I decided to try again one week later and was consistant with it. I have taken it for 2 months now and have lost 16lbs. and counting.I am impressed with eating less and not craving sugary treats. I work at a pharmacy. i had my doctor write a prescription for Victoza. I was excited to find that my insurace covers it.Words of advice to all of you,please shop around for prices.WALMART is not the cheapest.Also, the Victoza pen comes in a 2 and 3 pack. This drug is so new that your local pharmacy may not carry both (order it). Also, ther discount card works with or without insurance. The exclusion is Medicaid and Medicare recepiants.

  • Jerrijean

    I reviewed a few comments and saw that insurance denied Victoza. If your doctor does what is called a Prior Authorization you may be able to get it approved.

  • jackie

    i started victoza yesterday, on the lowest dosage.
    i am female, 5ft 4, weigh 115kg, over weight, but i do not really over eat or binge eat etc.
    im wondering if my weightloss will be very minimal beings i dont have any areas where i can reduce my food intake.
    has anyone got any comments on this please?
    id appreciate to hear from you.
    thanks, kind regards, jackie

  • Camye

    I have been using Victoza for a couple of months, losing weight, and numbers improving dramatically. I’ve had no nausea or other side effects, but recently, I’m noticing some rashes and itching at the injection sites. Any ideas? I don’t want to quit using it.

  • jackie

    hi camye,
    hey well done for doing so well!
    can i ask how much youve lost in total and what your sugar readings are? (im in uk)
    and from the very beginning, can you tell me what kind of progress youve had? and have you got much more weight to lose?
    im interested to hear becsause ive only recently started on victoza and am still only on the lowest dosage, i up it after two weeks.
    i havent felt any feelings of sickness either yet, but may do so when i up my dose?
    im not too sure what the rashes and itching could be? has it only recently just started?
    maybe trying a completely different injection area for a while? see how it goes. speak to your nurse if it lasts or gets too much.
    kind regards

  • Lee

    HI AlL! Thanks so much for all your comments. I have been on the low dose of Victoza for a week now and have had similar flu like symptoms as one of the readers above. That lasted several days but I am feeling better now. It was an achiness all over my body. Advil helped tremendously with the pain because it really was head to toe. I don’t seem to have any other reactions yet but we will see when I start the higher dose. I am praying that it stays going like this. My doctor wanted to put me on insulin because my BS were way out of whack after receiving several cortisone injections for back injury. I was resistant and asked to try something else. He chose Victoza because he likes the lack of side effects that Byetta had. Not too much else to report yet but when there is I will let you all know. I pray that all of you beat this disease.
    Blessings to you all

  • Gwen

    Am I supposed to take this before bed or in the a.m. what do you do when you shift work?

  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone! I started taking Victoza two months ago and I love it! I have lost 33 pounds by following a low carb diet that my doctor/dietician prescribed. My doctor told me to go back to the lower dose if I experienced any nausea. I stayed on the .06 dose for 3 weeks, then the .12 dose for 3 weeks. I now take the .18 dose in the morning and I don’t have any problems. I took Byetta before and it didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t lose any weight at all. My BS are way down now and I feel great. My friends want to take Victoza and they aren’t even diabetic. They want to lose weight like I did! Good luck to everyone!

  • Candi

    Hi — have enjoyed reading the posts from everyone. I am overweight (about 40# over)…. not yet diabetic, but close — on a very low carb diet – but still having trouble losing the weight. Doc is concerned with high sugar level in blood. Wants me to take Victoza. Have had cancer in family — so often the “side effects” are so many – a person hesitates to take any meds. Guess I need reassurance that taking this will help the sugar level and weight loss without needing to take it for very long time. (Seems the sooner you can stop taking it – the less the risks – ??? ) Don’t want to develop diabetes either as I’ve seen effects of that on the body as well.

  • RMC

    I just recently started on Victoza.And I am using it for almost a week now. My Endo give me 2 pens as samples. My concern is how much co-pay would cost me for a 30 day period.

  • nikki

    i was given this card at my dr. office and 2 pen was only $25.00 there is a website that you can go to and print the card off and take it to you pharm. the website is I have insurance thru my job but this covers way better!

    Hope this help you save some next time! I was so greatful the the Dr. office for giving me this card.

  • Joe

    Anne Cohen
    Ref my comment May 11,2010
    I checked around pricing the VICTOZA on Jun 10,2010 and came up with the following.

    Frys (Kroger) $366.00 for 2 pens
    Target $279.99 for 2 pens
    Walgreens $287.99 for 2 pens
    Wal-Mart $ 139.33 for 1 pen $278.66 2 pens but sells only by 3 pens $417.99
    Costco $269.36 for 2 pens $ $404.04 3 pens .

    I settled on Costco to get my prescription filled.
    So far I lost 50 lbs. A little to fast now I have the fat loss mussel loss and now some hanging skin.
    Changed my eating habits and stayed away from sweets. And pastry’s and ice cream It curbed my appetite and sometimes only a few mouthfuls of a meal I don’t want anymore.
    .Like I said before my Insurance AARMedicareRX even though they put it on their list Apr 2010 its not covered. And I get my prescriptions filled by Prescriptions Solutions Mail Order they wont fill the prescription they say I need preauthorization and when my doctor called both of them his request was denied.
    Joe Mesa,AZ

  • Barry

    I was given a sample of Victoza by my doctor. I tried the 0.6mg dose for a week and lost 3 lbs and my glucose dropped from 125 average to 110 before breakfast. I am also taking 2x1000mg Metformin a day, but before Victoza was taking 2xJanumet (1000mg metformin + 50mg Januvia).

    Nausea was not too bad at the 0.6mg level, but at 1.2 it is sometimes severe and lasts all day. I will try another few days and see if it improves. At 1.2 and after 4 days at this level, glucose has now dropped to 99-103 and another lb has gone. I know the 0.6mg dose is not supposed to have any benefit, but it obviously does. I tried Byetta for a few months a couple of years ago and had a similar problem, finding that a quarter of the recommended dose 1x5mcg was fine, 2x5mcg gave me some problems and 2x10mcg was intolerable.

    Anyone else have a similar experience, or it it just me?

  • Nigomi

    I was given Victoza by my doctor. I tried the 0.6mg dose for a week my glucose dropped from 180 average to 130before breakfast. I am also taking 2×1000mg Metformin a day, but before Victoza was
    My stomch is full icant eat well ,
    pls tell me is it normal or something else

  • Kathy

    I just went on Victoza on Thursday. I am currently on the .6 dosage once a day. My doctor took me off my Avandamet and Amaryl. I have had no nausea, but I have been light-headed and tired. I have not had any admonial pain.

    Are the side effects that I am having due to the change in my medications.

  • Rick from CT

    To Sam of Virginia,
    Because of the high cost of your meds and lack of secondary insurance you should contact the companies that make your drugs. A lot of companies give price breaks or sometimes even supply drugs for free depending on your financial situation. (even if you don’t meet the basic income requirements , if your total drug expenses after primary coverage reduces your income by a signifigant amount, you might indeed qualify)
    Hope this helps and good luck

  • hayngirl

    i have reviewed information from my doctor and i will be picking up medication (pharmacy didn’t carry it) today and i look forward to this medication. i do take insulin and pills and hope this will help stable my “numbers” and lessen my insulin dosages. i would like to say my hmsa co-payment was 15.00 for 3 pens which i am happy about. according to my provider, i needed to get my medication from a pharmacy provider within my plan and this is why i’m covered and my co-pay is cheap so keep that in mind. aloha and i look foward to posting my results.

  • ricardo

    have been on victoza for 5 weeks. Great weight loss, fasting bs 230 down to 130 on ave. Victoza has done in 5 weeks, what others have not done in 64 wweks. I am a little scared too much to soon, to fast, victoza the mericale cure? Nausea is the only thing i deal with hopes it goes away.

  • Karla helmering

    I need to write a book I started may 14 with increasing taper dose by may 28 th I was in the er for low magnesium causing arrythmia . In er again the 29,31 on June 2 I was admitted stopped victoza having ha and multiple dr bills on july2 went back to endocrinologist restarted on this medication that did nor excrete through your kidney followed tapering dose sugars were going down yesterday went to nephrologist hr was 140 I am through taking victoza please beware I have been off work since may I have given it a fair chance on aprior text I saw something about not taking with insulin it was prescribed for me with increase in insulin and this victoza I can thank victoza for 4 er visits 1 urgent care visit and 1 hospital admission thanks

  • kathy crain

    contact me if anyone knows how to get coupons or cheaper victoza

  • Jerry Oaks

    I was diagnose with border line Type 2 diabetes July 7, 2010. I’m on my fifth week and don’t feel very good at all. My wife was diagnose with Diabetes Type 2. She hasn’t done very well either on it. She got a server head acne and was shaking all over. I never experance that kid of symothons
    but have been sick nauseated, dizzy and going to bath room a lot. Weight loss maybe 3 lbs but with out eating and nausea I would think it would be much greater. Everyone I called tonight asked what was her blood sugar level was. The Dr didn’t even give us one. How are we to know. I will find us A new Dr today. I wasn’t this sick before I went to him. The sad part is I have great Insurance that only charge $66.00 for three months supply.

  • kim

    I have been on Victoza for a few months. Started with the lowest dose and gradually increased. I had some nausea in the beginning but it passed quickly. I have lost quite a bit of weight on this and my BS have dropped signigicantly. I say this is a miracle drug. I tried for years to drop weight and was on a few different diet plans. Nothing was working. Once I began Victoza the weight started to drop fairly quick. I still have about 20 more pounds but I am confident that with Victoza I will succeed. Way to go Novo! The best drug around for type 2 and weight loss.

    All the best to everyone!

  • Paul

    I write about a lot of drugs and supplements and I have to say this one sounds particularly nasty and something to stay away from!


  • Kathy

    WHy would you post a negative comment and not explain your reason for doing so?

  • Judy

    Started on Victoza yesterday and have not had anything negative as of yet. I did notice that some of my sugar cravings have subsided. My part d medicare also will not pay and I will have to pay myself . But since I am 70 lbs overweight and tried everything including byetta, I will pay it and see if it works for me. Type 2 for 20 years.

  • hayngirl

    is anyone taking insulin along with metformin and glipizide with this medication? if so, how is it working for you? i appreciate ur response.

  • Kati

    Started Victoza 14 days ago at the smallest dose. I have experienced nausea and get very uncomfortable if I even try to eat to much. I lost 100 pounds over the last 16 months and had hit a plateau. Dr prescribed Victoza to lose more weight. I am prediabetic and take 1 500 mg tablet of Metformin a day. I lost 11 pounds the first week on Victoza. I LOVE that I am not hungry for long periods of time. I have found that I am not obsessing about food as I have previously expereinced.

  • Jerry Wright

    People are all different, and what works for one will not necessarily work for someone else. Jerry Oaks needs a real doctor. I find it hard to believe that a real doctor wouldn’t give his wife and him a blood monitor, and show them how to work it. It’s hardly rocket science, and anyone on a medicine like Victoza should know how to monitor their blood sugar. Scary. Reading the various comment forms shows that over 90% of the people using Victoza love it. Digestive problems go away after a while, and blood sugar levels are EASILY maintained.

    I researched Victoza quite thoroughly before asking my Doctor for it. I’ve been on it a week, and so far, I’m quite impressed. Paul… Nasty how?

    It turns out that diabetics are more prone to pancreatitis than normal, and there were too few cases to be able to tell if the pancreatitis was actually caused by the Victoza, according to the FDA. As to tumors… The tumorous rats were given way more of the drug than YOU’LL ever get.

    So, I’m giving it a shot (literally in this case) but will keep up with my Doctor.


  • Tahmina

    Hi everyone, I am a type II and started on Victoza couple of months ago, I was on Byetta 10mgc before that. I was so happy to read all the comments about losing weight but, I am not seeing any on my part……I wonder what am I doing wrong? I am also taking metphormin 500mg once a day. Blood sugar is getting better but very slowly.

  • chrishawna-TX

    i am about 90lbs over weight csnt seem to get it off dr said he would like me to try new drug victoza i was like on then said its injectable was like oh but agreed. got home read all reviews warnings ect and didnt wanna try it but took 1st dose last night so far no side effects and i feel great not hungry however things kinda taste different now ie my gum!!! i am a little worried about the cancer ect but the benefit out weighs the risk. i am so exctited to see how this does for me and my weight. congrats to everyones success!!!!

  • Judy

    I am starting the next dose today of 1.2 so far not any problems, Since my part d medicare will not pay , I checked out canadian pharmacys and I can get a 3 pak for 285.00. Anyone else ever ordered from any of these companys. I am going to try if the company will not give me a discount. I will post my findings . Thanks

  • linda

    Jean, I too had uterine cancer 2 years ago and I’m really concerned about the thyroid cancer in rats. I don’t want to trade one problem for another.

  • marty

    Started Victoza .6mg one week ago and just increased to 1.2mg. Only mild nausea. Totally lost my appetite and have lost three pounds in one week. Blood sugars much improved, and I have cut back on my Lantis insulin. My most severe side effect is a constant sour taste in my mouth. Anybody have an idea how to combat this?

  • Darlene Chapman

    I have been taking Victoza since July 21.Just had to buy my frist persription an it coast me 221.00 that was after my insurance pay very little an i had a victoza discount of 25.00 dollards. Do you know where i could fine it cheaper ? Would appericate any imformation you can pass on to me.

  • Mirta

    I am female, 5’1″, weight is 240 lbs., I started Victoza 1 1/2 wk. ago,on July 28th. A couple of days after that, I experienced 2 nights of 10 minute episodes of nausea and diarrhea, and blood sugar # went down 100 pts. Increased to 1.2 a week later, and I wanted to die that night while one hour of horrendous upset painful stomach coming out both ends, weakness, chills, and ached all over. I asked the dr. for anti-nausea pills which I took one last night, (hydroxyzine pam), and I slept like a baby. I went down another 50 pts on the sugar count, still no weight loss whatsoever, but I am eating less, I feel fuller faster, and I feel like gagging at every meal, so I expect this weight to drop soon. I am hopeful I can stay with this as I go to the next level next week. Whether I am adjusting or the anti-nausea worked, I’ll never know, but I’ll continue taking it and thinking positive. Best wishes to all. Mirta

  • Mirta

    P/S … Do the symptoms get worse as you increase to the 3 rd dosage? Mirta.

  • KKC in Clearwater

    The day I found out I was on my way to full blown diabetes, I quit drinking wine altogether and stopped all sweets immediately. My doctor gave me two Victoza pens and I went to work to change my life. In 3 weeks, 10lbs. dropped off and I feel awesome. The Victoza pen helps those who help themselves. The really important job is yours. Victoza helps the pancreas do it’s job, but I am in charge of what I put in my mouth. Two replacement pens cost $269 on

    The only way for me to avoid becoming insulin dependent is to exercise, make sound and healthy food choices and have the will to work hard at it.

    I started the pen on 1.8 and it gave me blurred vision and bad headaches. I went back the .6 daily injection and everything went back to normal.

  • Jerry Wright

    Okay, here is is August 8, and I’ve been on Victoza about 2 and 1/2 weeks. Upped it from .6 to 1.2 and had the sulfur burps (which is typical) for about 3 days. Never have had nausea.

    So far I’ve dropped about 7 pounds (almost half a pound a day? Radical!) and my fasting blood sugar is always under 100. Lessee… Its almost 3 hours since I had dinner, let me check my blood sugar level. 140. Two of the new tacos from Taco Bell, and (sorry) an order of chips and cheese. I guess that’s acceptable. And by the way, I still feel no hunger, and I’m going to bed.


  • Clint

    Hello all. I am unique among most of you. I have had type 1(juvenile) diabetes for 28 yrs. My Dr. asked me if I would be interesed in trying the Victoza for it’s weight loss effects. Not only have I lost 6 lbs. in a week I don’t crave food nor want sweets as before. I am not really over weight but the loss has been great. I started with the .6 with no side effects, moved to middle dose(between .6/1.2) and had really bad nausea. I ask my DR. and he said to just reduce the amount. So, I am 6 days in with just a little nausea. I also have cold sweats at nite…..I hope things get better the longer I take it. My blood sugars have been good due to not eating the extra food. Good Luck all!

  • Judy

    I started on week 3 with 1.4 going up gradually, I noticed yesterday that my appetite was comming back in the middle of the day , I have been taking it at night at 10pm but I decided to begin taking it in the morning again to see if it helps. Sleepy all day. Still some hunger. I am worried it is going to stop working I lost 8 lbs in the first 13 days and none since. I am working up to 1.8 slowly 1 click every other day till I get there. I hope that ball in my stomach feeling comes back soon. the blood sugar is great. I am only on vic now and i am getting 90-110.

  • Judy

    Also is any one retaining fluid on victoza, I am and it is not good for me . I have chf and already on diuretics. thanks

  • Suzan

    Iam on day 6 of Victoza 0.6. Will increase to 1.2 in a couple of days.
    I have very mild nausea, but no desire to eat much of anything. A little soup and soymilk/fruit shakes.
    I am feeling light headed, at times to the point I have to sit down because I have light flashes in my eyes and I feel as if I am going to faint. Eating a little does help. I am anticipating that once my body adjusts to all this I will be able to have a balanced diet. I am going to get some protein powder to add to my shakes, that may do the trick.
    I do get the flu like symtomps at night. Then awaken fine. So it’s ok.
    Some diarreha, but nothing drastic. However, I am urinating all day. Drink water/bathroom, drink water/bathroom………. This is what I am up to.
    This is contrary to the posting above by Judy.
    Lastly, my neck is really bothering me, it’s very tight. Anyone else out there having the neck tightness, and also peeing all day?
    I am very hopeful about this drug. With DMII if we can all lose weight, and eat better and exercize we will ultimately end up with very healthy bodies.
    Cheers to all.

  • Pat

    I’ve been on Victoza for just about a month. I had nausea from the beginning, but changed my injection to evening so at least the worst of it has passed by the time I get up. I did a week at .6, then one at 1.2 and am on week 3 at 1.8. I still have slight nausea and a feeling that my stomach is “fluttering” much of the time. I have almost no appetite, but worse I cannot seem to eat many things. I cannot seem to get down vegetables, eggs, and anything spicey (formerly a favorite). I agreed with my doc to try this for 3 months to see what it did to my A1C levels and weight. I also take 850mgx3 Metformin a day. I’m just really tired of feeling poorly, and am about to talk to him and see if I can drop back to the 1.2 level and see if some of the side effects go away.

    I am on Medicare with an excellent supplemental insurance paid by my retirement plan. My pens and needles were free, as long as I get them mail order.

  • M. D. Mattson

    I was formerly taking Actos and Byetta twice a day. I have gained 20 lbs this past year after a gallbladder operation. I was ALWAYS hungry and craving sweets. I ate breakfast at 6 was hungry and nauseated by 10 am, weak and shaky if I was late for 12 pm lunch, and starving on the way home from work at 5. I couldn’t wait the hour after the Byetta I was so hungry. I started Victoza two weeks ago and am up to 1.8. I take it at night before bed and have minor nausea if I wake up during the night. Absolutely no other symptoms, and I have lost 10 lbs. I am no longer starving and/or craving sweets. I cannot finish a meal, and I do not get hungry. Almost have to force myself to eat. My blood sugar came down from 169 to 112 or 118. I also stopped the Actos because I felt it was contributing to my hunger. I don’t care how much this drug costs, I will find a way to pay for it. I have gotten Celebrex brand name from Canada on 2 occasions and have had no problems.

  • Linda Mobley

    I have been on Victoza now for 2 weeks, I have no nausea and can tell the weight is coming off. I have continued to take the .6 dose as it is working and I don’t think I need to increase it. I will be seeing my Dr in two weeks, I will share the results. I have tried Byetta but could not stand the nausea and my sugar levels were still up.
    Since starting Victoza, my levels are constant. After eating yesterday, my BS levels were still at 99. One suggestion too is tha I am on the Dr Gott No Sugar, No Flour diet. I think it will help with the diabetes, WE NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR LIVES

  • Collin Paul

    Victoza might help in reduce weight but there are other natural alternatives which are result oriented. To reduce weight, calories balance is important. The calories can be controlled by eating veg foods rather than fast foods. Then workouts or yoga can also help burn calories.

    Collin paul

  • Diane G

    I have been taking this for the past few days. I started with what my doctor told me to take 1.2. Next day FBS 107 from 150-170 best in years. Less appetite. That night 1.2 again. Next day FBS 109 terrible nausea and fatigue, no appetite at all. Reduced dose to .6. Next day FBS 110 appetite poor but no nausea. That night .6 V. Next day FBS 123. Clearly have to return to the dose my doc recommended. Dreading it. How can one titrate or time the injection to minimize these effects?

  • Thomas Stanley

    I started taking Victoza a couple of days ago, and the results for me have been amazing. My pre-meal and post-meal sugar levels have dropped on average about 40-50 points. I have noticed that I’m not as hungry after a meal, which means less snacking. Today is my last shot at .6mg, and tomorrow I start taking it at 1.2mg, which is what my doctor recommended.

  • Diane G

    I think there is an assumption on Mr. Paul’s part that the rest of us are not dieting or exercising. Sometimes that is not the case. I have been engaged in some very intense exercise (until I injured myself recently) and dieting with a mail order system emphasizing protein and vegetables. However, my FBS was not going down, but at times, particularly during work out stress, going up (to 192!). Just found out today that I have sleep apnea. Case solved. I will do 1.2 tomorrow, eat what I can, pray for no nausea and wait for my apnea tx. to begin.

  • Suzan

    Diane G, I started with 0.6 for a whole week, then did two days of 0.6 + 2 clicks, then 0.6 + 4 clicks and then the full 1.2. My MD had recommended 0.6 for a week then 1.2, but because I was feeling so nauseus, and light headed and miserable I took the advise of the bloggers and moved up more gradually. It worked well for me.
    You may try doing it that way. In fact there was a blog I came across (could be on this site or an other) where she moved a click every three days. It would take a month to get from 0.6 to 1.2 doing it that way, but if that is what is needed to control the side effects, so be it.
    Anyone out there who is bruising at the injection site. I had one a week ago, then yesterday another one and this morning another one. I am an RN, my teqnique is not the issue. I do not have unusual bruising on any other part of my body, so this is not a general clotting issue. If you are having the same please shout out to me.
    Great day to all. Suzan

  • Diane G

    On V for 9 days. The nausea was fleeting. I dropped back to .6 for 2 days then back to 1.2. Doc was right to refuse to prescribe anti-emetic for me. FBS has not remained down as far as I had hoped. For a couple days it was 107, 109, 110. Now, it is 125. Appetite is mildly increased, no nausea, no dizziness. Weight has stabilized at 166 despite initial loss of 2-3 lbs. Some constipation and possible water retention. I am continuing on the mail order diet system. I still can move up to 1.8 I guess. I am currently awaiting a fit test for a CPAP and perhaps this treatment (for sleep apnea) will help with the FBS. Hope for the best. As far as the injection, I sometimes wonder if the needle has actually gone in because it is not detectable. BTW it IS ok to have this med at room temp as long as it is below 80? My room temp is about 70. I don’t want to keep in frig if I don’t have to but I don’t want to reduce effectiveness either.

  • Jane

    My physician gave me Victoza samples to help with weight loss. I started on the .6 mg dose and tolerated it with mild nausea. When I moved to the 1.2 mg dose, I was nauseated, had flu-like symptoms and absolutely no energy. I am not diabetic but I am insulin resistant and about 30 lbs overweight. I tried to push through the side effects but I could not do it. I dropped myself down to the .6 mg dose. Has anyone else had this experience? I have lost about 12 lbs and I want to be able to continue on this. Any advice?

  • Betsy

    Started Victoza three weeks ago, this is for weight loss, I have lost 6 pounds in three weeks which I am soo excited about, also have changed my diet. But I have noticed that my gums are bright red – I have increased my dose to 1.2 and this is when I noticed it. Has anyone else noticed this? I am not sure if it is from the Victoza or the tuna fish I eat daily. Other than that and the dry mouth feeling, it isn’t bad at all. I also notice the change in how food tastes. I also drink alot of water now.

  • Diane G

    It is hard to say anything about side effects for off label uses of Victoza. I read that the trials are going to start soon for its use (or the use of something similar)for weight loss. But as far as I know its intended use currently is for Type II diabetics who are failing their oral meds (Metformin). It is supposed to be the second line of treatment. That said, I am two weeks in and my expected side effects dissipated within the first two days. My FBS is down to 110 as of this morning and appetite continues to be very modest (unless I don’t eat or take Metformin on time). Metformin may be causing some stomach distress which hasn’t been the case for awhile simply because my BS are at or approaching normal. I hope and pray that they don’t find some late effect such as pancreatitis which would cause them to withdraw this drug from the market. It is the only thing that has worked to get my BS finally stabilized. I was headed for insulin. As far as taste is concerned, I have noticed that I am really tasting my food unlike what I have done in the past. I hate my diet food and the artificial sweeteners etc. which I hadn’t noticed when I was wolfing everything down. Now I find myself becoming a persnickity eater like my skinny brother, LOL.

  • Mirta

    Hi, I am Mirta from Aug. 7th post…I stayed on the 1.2 level for quite a while because of the fear of the nausea. I stopped the anti-nausea pill fter a couple of weeks because I did not want to become used to another med., so I decided to increase one click at a time, every week, so I could adjust slowly. I am not getting sick, I have lost 10 lbs. since I started on July 28th, and my sugar is 100-115 most of the time, I am not doing 1.8 yet, I have a couple of clicks to go. I eat less because I am always full, I plan to start walking around the neighborhood this week, after Labor Day is over. I am happy with my progress, slow is fine with me. Sometimes food does taste differently, I have not experienced anything else like red gums, or dry mouth. Jane, just try moving up 1 click at a time.



  • Jane

    Thanks Mirta! I appreciate your response. I will try that as I have moved myself back down to .6mg since the 1.2 mg wipes me out. I have lost about 15 lbs and want to continue on…


  • Joy

    Started Vitoza 2 weeks far “everything” is going great. Swelling in legs were a problem while I was taking actos. Dr. switched me to Victoza, after 4 days on V, swelling is gone. I really can’t say enough positive about this medication. Heartburn is the only side effect but tums takes care of that. I will post again in a couple of weeks.

  • Donna

    Hi All,

    Started taking Victoza 1 week ago, a very slight bit of nausea after lunch for 2 days since then no side effects. This is my second day on the 1.2, used to take apx. 45-50 units of fast acting insulin with each meal gained 30 lbs from insulin. My insulin intake since taking Victoza is apx. 7-10 units per meal and my sugars are never over 150, used to have readings in the 200s. I’ve also lost 7.2 lbs in 7 days. I’m a compulsive overeater and used to ALWAYS think about food, now it’s as though someone went in to my brain and turned off the switch I have peace with food now – LOVE IT!!!! As far as the thyroid cancer possibility I have done a ton of reading on this. Alot of info from the Victoza package insert. Yes the rats and mice got tumors when taking Victoza but not all the tumors were malignant. Also, the bad thyroid cancer – Madullary Cancer, was found in the rodents but they were given 8 times the normal Vic dosage. Also I read that 5 human patients out of 1000 so .005% in the study developed tumors, however 4 out of the 5 started the Vic with elevated calcitonin levels, so possibly they were already at risk. Lastly, those 5 patients were taking the 1.8 dosage. The phamphlet info says 1.2 is the normal dosage but you can go to 1.8 if 1.2 is not giving you good glycemic control. So…. I plan on staying at the 1.2 level and see how things go. Wish it didn’t have the cancer risk but with my weight and blood sugars being so high – I’m 5’8″ and weighed 279 lbs – I am at risk for heart attack or stroke. So which is the worst of two evils. I’m sticking with the Victoza and hope that as my weight comes off I will eventually be able to get off these diabetes meds.

  • Anne

    I am so glad I found this website, my doctor had me on 200u of Lantus with regular insulin on a sliding scale with meals, I gained 30 pounds when I was switched to insulin regimen. I went to an endocrinologist who cut my lantus to 100 units and put me back on metformin 1000mg twice a day and Victoza. I read all of the side effects and have not started taking it but after reading the positive feedback I am going to give it a try and am so excited! Thank you for all the honest posts!

  • Alan

    The Victoza definitely helped me lose a significant amount of weight. Also I have cut down 90% on Humalog.
    Today I decided I will not live with the weakened ability to exercise. It knocks me out. I will find another way to lose weight. I am a holistic practiioner myself and have been eating properly and exercising for 36 years. The way these meds make me feel scares me.

  • Carolyn

    I atarted taking victoza only as a weight loss medication. I had a little dizziness and light headedbut none of the other side effects. I am only on day 3. I am wondering if it is a good idea if one is not a diabetic to take this drug?

  • Daria

    Alan, perhaps you need to design a reasonable diet and stick to it even when you don’t feel like eating. No reason to blame the drug which is helping you if you haven’t been taking in enough nutritious food. I have a structured diet and often hate eating veggies or adding extra protein when I exercise especially with my appetite suppressed with Victoza but I know what I will feel like if I don’t do it. Wish you luck!

  • Nikki

    I’ve been taking Victoza since May 2010. I have lost a total of 28 pounds and my energy level at first was great. Now I seem to have a hard time to get going. I also take Lisnopril to lower my blood pressure. My appetite now is slightly elevated after I was prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI and it seems to lower the effect of the Victoza…my sugars were elevated ranging from 198 to 225. I really wish My doctor had more info on how Victoza reacts with other Medications. The antibiotics have changed the whole effect of Victoza for me. Has anyone else had an experience similar to mine?

  • Cynthia

    I started taking Victoza about two months. I have been taking Starlix and 20 units of Lantz, but my blood sugars were still pretty high. The last time I had my H1C checked it was 9.2 which way to high. I was feeling sick all the time. So, thank God I have a wonderful Doctor who sits and listen to you. He told me to try the Victoza, I had tryed to Byetta but it was rough for me. It kept dropping by blood sugars to way to low.

    I did’nt realize the Victoza helped you to lost weight because I read upon every medication I take. And so far I have lost 8 pounds. Still have a long ways to go. But I am very pleased with Victoza just wish it didn’t cost so much. 100.00 a month is a much for me.




  • Diane G

    Nikki, My experience is that just being ill can cause the effects you are describing (fatigue, elevated BS). I would wait until you are well to make a final judgement on V. But definitely check with doc. Those are very high BS for sure. I upped my V. to 1.2 plus 4 clicks and appetite diminished but weight loss is stuck and BS not going down. I woke up with a cold. No wonder.

  • Debo

    Taken off 100 Mg Metformin and put on Victoza 9-16-10. One week at .06 and this week at 1.2. No nausea,
    feel less hungry, .5 lb weight loss for 8 days, no other side effects. Fasting BS 108, post meals 128.
    A1C 6.6 up from 6.1 in 1 year. Eat 1000 cal a day, journal food, personal trainer 2 x week, cardio other days, eat veggies, salmon, brown rice etc and had NO WEIGHT LOSS for the last year. Hoping Victoza will change this. On thyroid med also. Will keep you posted on weight loss. Price for 100 needle tips was 24 with ins. Doc gave first pen to me.

  • Sylvia

    I’m reading all your blogs about how great Victoza is while standing by my husband’s hospital bed. One week ago he started feeling like he had the flu and went to the doctor, they prescribed Tamiflu, anti-nausea meds and a z-pack (he was also vomiting and had diharrea). After five days of all this he was taken to the ER upon which he was diagnosed as being in complete kidney failure and inflamed pancreas. His blood sugar had been under control for several months and the doctors were puzzled as to why he was experiencing these problems. Initially he went to the local ER who quickly decided that his problems were out of their hands and he was taken by ambulance to Baylor Medical Center, in Dallas, TX. Victoza is highly suspected by the pros here as being the root of the problems. I guess I’m writing this as a “heads up” for all you newbies to Victoza to monitor this stuff closely over the long haul. My husband was prescribed Victoza in April so he is not a newbie and the stuff has had time to do it’s damage. Needless to say, he’s not taking it anymore. Now we are on long term damage watch and hopefully will be out of the hospital in a few days (he’s been here 3 already and is on a diet of water only..that will take the weight off).

  • Lar

    I also had problems with sudden drops in BG taking Byetta and insulin (Lantus and Novolog/Novolin R). I switched to Novolin R, but it was only slightly better than Novolog and I stopped Byetta 15 months ago.

    I lost 20-25 lbs on Byetta (had additional loss from niacin induced hepatisis). Early on had nausea, vomiting and an intestinal infection (diverticulitis). Byetta really backed up my digestive system until I started taking extra fiber (metamuscil then benefiber) for laxative effect.

    Anyway, upon discontinuing Byetta and niacin my weight went up 20 lbs. After starting Victoza, weight went back down 10 lbs to a weight that is good for me. Novolin dose has been way down too, lower than when I was on Byetta and I’m only at the 1.2 dose. And Victoza seems to dampen both high and low BG, unlike the precipitous drops I experienced with Byetta and insulin.

    In think diabetes care may be missing some opportunity on weight loss. I was only told Byetta/Victoza promotes weight loss. I think some counseling on cutting food/calorie intake fast and keeping the digestive system moving might result in more weight loss for some and maybe reduce the side effects.

  • Fred H.

    I have been on Victoza for 1 week. I had slight Naseau for a few hours the first day…but it was tolerable and went away quickly. My MD wants me to try it for 6 weeks to see if my FBS go down, currently around 180-200 in the AM. I am still on 0.6 and will take my FBS again in the morning. The cost is a big factor as it is not covered by my Insurance. Thanx everyone for the suggestions on different pharmacies,etc.I will try Publix (closest to home)and also Walgreens. I am hoping the weight loss will also be a side effect. I have not experienced anything else other than the expected feeling of being full. I am also taking 100 Metformin 2x daily and also 5 Glipizide 2x daily…no insulin. I wish Victoza was available from the VA like my other meds. Any ideas about that?

  • Fred H.

    SORRY GANG there is a typo in my above post. Should say 1000 metformin 2x daily.

  • Kimberly

    My doctor gave me a sample of Victoza and I like it with the exception of the Nausea. However, my doctor called in the prescription today to Walmart and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York is trying to charge me $800.00.

    For the Love!

  • Carol

    I started the Victoza today. I have not experienced any naseau. Does it normally start right away? I am still nervous about taking this medicine since it hasn’t been FDA approved for very long, but the postings I see it sounds as though most everyone is having success.

  • Susan Wood

    I have been on Victoza alone for 7 days. Still on lowest dose. Nausea is increasing. Cant eat much at all, so now stomach is trying to digest itself so I have pain and heartburn. Cant sleep at night last two nights due to waking with nausea and severe distended belly from gas. That makes my whole stomach area hurt like heck.

    Anyone know how long the nausea lasts? Anyone ever go several weeks without the nausea going away? Anyone else having the pain and distention?

    LOVE the way my blood sugars went down, but worried about not being able to eat, and worried that the nausea is something I will have to live with.

    Worried that the painful bloating is a sign of poor digestion, also have oily stools (pools floating on top, but I am not eating any fat) is this malabsorbtion, or a blockage? Anyone else have this sympton, and when did it get better???

    Called dr and nurse said to stop shots, but I hate to do that, hate to go through this all again.

  • Belinda

    Took Victoza for 3 1/2 months. Weight came off but I constantly had nausea and sick in the stomach. Had no energy and flu like symptoms. Loved the way it reduced my blood sugar levels but was just not worth the fact that I was sick everyday and could not eat. I could not sleep at night felt like my body and mind was racing. I just took it upon myself to stop and now I feel much better and am trying to regulate my levels. After I had stopped taking the Victoza, I had cravings for sweets. Gained 10 of the 20 lbs that I had loss.

  • Debbie

    I have been on victoza for one week, no nausea glad about that. No appetite that is ok with me. Blood sugars kind of up a down, but down for the most part. But has anyone notice it causing irritability, just seem like I am more short tempered than before. Overall, I am liking it, but we will see if any of the other side effects start when I up the dose starting tomorrow.

  • Diane G

    Hi all, Hate to hear about the experience of Belinda and Sylvia and Susan but I guess this is a matter of picking your poison. I am betting on the idea that my diabetes is due to poor eating habits and weight gain. Once I get it down to a normal BMI which is another 30 pounds I am hoping I will be moving away from al meds. It hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t reduced my Metformin and my 1.2 of V is not holding me. I have had a couple high sugars in moren like 130 and 140. Mostly it is between 110 and 120. I have to get it below 100. But I dread the thought of going back on a weight gaining drug like Glipizide and fighting the awful drops in BS. I haven’t had nausea since the first two or three days I took the drug. If it continued I would have demanded an anti nausea drug from the doc even a pot prescription. But no way would I go off and risk gaining all the weight back and becoming insulin dependent. Sylvia’s story is a nightmare. But all drugs have their risks we know. I have a forever numbed lip from a cut to nerve during oral surgery. It happens. I signed I knew it might. What can you do? Hope and pray. I’m praying now (and exercising).

  • Joy

    Hi It’s Joy from Sept 9 post
    I have been taking V for about a month and I want to say it has changed so much in my daily life. I don’t have the highs and lows or the famished feeling which I think makes us choose quick unhealthy foods. My enery level has been a bit down but overall I feel great.
    The weight loss….down 14 lbs….is a definate plus. I did have nausea but not to the point of vomiting. I backed down on the dosage(1.2 – 0.6) for a couple days then slowly went back up….0.6 +5 clicks for a couple of days then up to 1.2 again. I am staying at 1.2 for now, Doc wants me to stay at that dosage til he see me again. Best of luck to everyone! ~~~Joy~~~

  • Steph

    I’m on my 3rd day of V. Feeling a bit nauseated tonight, but haven’t eaten since noon. I too have struggled to take off weight although I haven’t been able to exercise in the last two years due to foot surgeries/recovery. I am hopeful that as I go through PT and regain the ability to be active, V will help me lose weight. I am pre-diabetic. I was on Byetta two years ago and loved the feeling of being normal. I could eat dinner and stop when I was full w/out the fear that I would be hungry later. After about three months, I began to swell at the injection sites and had to quit b/c I was allergic. I am very excited about V. I will try to remember to post in a week. Healing energy to you all. Namaste’

  • Patty

    I just started the Victoza yesterday.(Oct.6th) I have been diabetic since Jan. 2006 and I’ve been taking Amaryl 4mg.2X daily, Metformin 1000mg.2X daily and Novolog 70/30 insulin mix 30 units once a day. I had stopped the metformin for a month cause of the stomach cramps and diarrhea. My doctor started me on 0.6 Victoza yesterday, also 500mg. metformin 2X daily and Amaryl 4mg.2X daily. Last night I could already tell a difference with the Victoza. My BS last evening was 118, had been up 250+ and I was craving sugar and food all the time and today I’m not hungry at all. I do seem to have a little headache and some reflux. I’m hoping this Victoza works for me as I need to lose about 70lbs and would be thrilled to regulate my BS. Let’s all pray this is the miracle drug for diabetes! I will post again in a week.

  • Jean

    Started V two days ago. No nausea so far. A little weary of the thyroid issue. Already have an autoimmune thyroid disease. Have nodules and inflammed thyroid. On Synthroid 75 mg. Anyone else taking with thyroid issues. What is the worst of two evils????

  • Lynn

    Hello everyone!
    All of your post have been extremely helpful. My Dr. is out of town so I cannot ask this question.
    What is the correct time to take Victoza. Most of you seem to take it in the evening.

    I have been on januvia and doing okay but my Dr. wants me to take this also for weight loss. About 50 lbs over.

    Thank you all for your continued shares. I am going to start Victoza on the weekend as I am worried about the nausea.
    Thank you

  • JAM

    I started Victoza two days ago. First day, (the shot I took in the dr’s office)didn’t have any effects during the day. Slept awful and was running to the washroom quite frequently (water only). I also had a horrible headache. Took it the next morning and still had the horrible headache. I went and got some Sudafed Sinus Headache and eventually it subsided. I can feel it but it is no where near as severe as it was. Day 3 of Victora and I have a slight headache and acid reflux is starting. Hoping for better days. On the .6mg dosage for now with 10mg of glipizide twice a day. Stopped taking the metformin because of the nausea. I think the dr. is going to incorporate it eventually once I stop taking nauseating antibiotics for several infections I’ve had.

  • Kim

    First of all, I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone that has submitted their comments. My doctor started me on Victoza two days ago. The first day, I was slightly nauseas. Today it was worse, but from the comments above, I am hopeful that it won’t last too long. I guess that I am lucky in that I am mostly controlled with Metformin and diet. I have recently fell off the healthy diet wagon and saw the results in my A1c. It was 6.7 up from 6.3. I do have about 90#s to lose and I want my sugars under control so I can hopefully avoid any complications. I am hopeful that Victoza will help on both fronts. Thank God that I have pretty good insurance, because I couldn’t afford this otherwise. I can’t imagine trying to pay for this medication out of pocket. Good luck to everyone in their battle against diabetes. May you be healthy and happy.

  • Steph

    I have been on the slow titrate and will take my first 1.2 dose tomorrow. I take it in the mornings. I felt fine during the days, but felt very sluggish in the evenings for about 4 days. I have slowly noticed my appetite decreasing. I have to remind myself to eat in the middle of the day which is very unusual for me (I’m usually starving!). I have woken up with a headache the last 3 mornings but not sure why.

    Still on metformin. Some of you have mentioned that you can’t tolerate metformin. I can’t use the generic and glucophage. I take the brand name Glumetza. I have never been sick on it. It’s more expensive but worth a try if you can afford it. My doc took me off of Januvia when I started Victoza.

    I have noticed when giving myself the shot, the plumper the injection site, the less I feel it. I injected on top of my thigh and it hurt. Closer to my bum is a lot better. Bless y’all and health and wellness to all!

  • Regina

    I started taking Victoza 15 days ago. after the first few days I had some flashes in my eyes and felt very weak, but then it went away. when I increased to 1.2 I got really sick. so I went back to original dose. I have lost 10 pounds, but have a lot more to go. I usually take it at dinner time (between 5-6) Is there a better time to take it? The other problem I was having were the pains in the stomach and shakiness that last forever. I don’t want to stop taking it because levels are almost normal once again. Wish me luck!

  • Debbie

    I have been on Victoza for about a month now. Did not have to many side effects, what I did have has pasted. I have the headaches, mild stomach pains, decreased hungry and fatigue. But all have past. I have notice that some say they take in the evening, I take mine in the moring. I have been wondering about changing to the evening, because my nighttime and morning testing have still been high. Has anyone else changed and seen a difference? I also take at night 1500 mg metformin and 4mg gliburide. Thanks for any input.

  • KT

    Started Victoza on Sept 23, as of October 18th, i lost 12 lbs.. Doctor started me on the full 1.8 dose, threw up daily for 4 days then better right after. also woke up with a headache for a few weeks. Better now. blood sugars down about 30 points, and appetite is gone. Yay!

  • romaya

    Hello to everyone and thank you for all your comments I do feel slightly better after reading them. I was started on insulin in August, Novorapid and Levemir and for the first couple of days was ok, then the pains started in my stomach (really bad) and was told by the Doc to stop Novorapid as I was allergic. I had to then increase Levemir to 22 twice a day plus 1000mg of metformin (which I have been on for years). I started to get very hard red inflamed lumps on my legs, so I went back to the Docs today have been told that I am now allergic to Levemir! Doc has suggested that he puts me on Victoza and has given me time to read up on it and make my decision. Of course the fact that I have allergy problems worries me, as the side effects of Victoza do seem to be quite a lot, and obviously the Cancer part really scares me. My other alternative is to try the animal insulin, but as I am already overweight I don’t want to gain more. Do I take a chance with the Victoza, I really am unsure and in the meantime I am not on insulin and my sugar levels are very high. I just don’t know what to do.

  • marylu

    the first two and half weeks of taking Victoza it was working great, I lost weight. Then I started my new pen and seems like the Victoza is no longer suppressing my appetite. Help.

  • Diane

    I was put on the Victoza regimen along with 20 units of Levemir and twice-daily 1000mg Metformin, also with 45 mg Actos — quite a potent cocktail of drugs. Very sick for 5 weeks until I decided to go back to the .6 dosage after a particularly horrble night while on vacation. I have been increasing the injection by one click every three days and have improved dramatically. Food has no appeal for me and I have a great deal of difficulty finding things I can tolerate, even in small amounts. I have lost 12 pounds while on this regimen. Doctor is no help at all! I think we must be very well-informed by any means these days, so these postings have been very helpful for me.As I am quite short (4’10”) I have wondered if the full dosage is excessive for me anyway.
    Thanks to all of you who have posted comments and suggestions!

  • Diane

    I forgot to add in my previous posting that my fasting blood sugars are in the 65-90 range now, very much better thatn the 160s I had been experiencing!

  • Darlene

    I have been on Victoza since early June also taken in conjuction with Metformin. Let me tell you the side affect I am having currently. All was going well but did notice that since beginning the drug I have been to the doctor for chronic UTI. Now I am in pure agony with Bladder issues which my GYN cannot figure out why I am having the issues which I have, chronic, constant urination (BS is not high) pain in my bladder, and other issues. I have been doing research over the last week and have found that bladder pain is a side affect of victoza. Believe me when I say if this is what is causing my current condition with my bladder I will officially not take this drug anymore. As a trial run I have not taken this shot today, and will not take it for five days to see if there is an improvement in my chronic bladder condition. Please has anyone out there had any of these problems, if so would like to know.

  • Tina

    I have been on this for 4 days. I have lost weightbut I am very sick. I have been throwing up. Did anyone eles actually throw up or has most everyone only felt sick? Help! I want to make it threw this!

  • Diane

    I noticed in an earlier posting that someone’s doctor prescribed victoza for Type 1 patient — I thought it was specific that it was not to be used by Type 1?

  • Everlost

    Started on Victoza 0.6mg Oct 11,2010 with nausea and headaches,2nd day the same with joint pain,day3 running nose,aching joints and feeling awkful,awkful along with cold chills. Day 4 better,day 5 better with extreme weakness. Day 6 and 7 much better with slight nausea. Oct 18,2010 Victoza 1.2mg worst week of my life. Told hubby if this is what chemo and radiation feels like, forget it. How can a person invent something to make one feel so bad. Only thing help was my hubby got me up out of bed,went to flea market using wheelchair riding and talking (DISTRACTION)
    Today, Oct 25,2010 I will not increase nothing, no 1.8mg will go into this body at this point. Lost 32lbs in 2 weeks and blood work returning to normal. Also, feel alive today, I assume it to fool me into taking the increase,but no fool is in this house (smile) MD appt Oct 26,2010. I only take 4mg amarly daily with victoza. Starting weight 278lbs and as up to Oct 24,2010 weight is 246lbs. Sound like a joke but its reality. Hubby said I never seen it thing like this in my life.

  • Diane

    Darlene — have you improved since stopping the victoza?

  • Sheila

    Day 3….down 2.5# feeling great! Looking for a good meal plan for a diabetic on V. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  • Everlost

    Went to MD October 26,2010. He was so pleased with the result blood sugar results and weight loss and told me I looked so good, yes I did feel good about the comments. I told him what Victoza was during to this body. I also, told him that 1.2mg were all I am going to take unless I absolutely has to, he said if I had to increase up to 1.8mg and hypo, decrease to 1.2mg. I will return in December 2010 for lab work. My body is trying to adjust to this medication because yesterday I felt better with less nausea,continue with weakness. I will try to increasing energy with bicycling at the park soon. My am blood sugar 120mg/dl but not stablized yet. I take Victoza at 0900am with amarly 4g daily at the same time no exception and follow with bkf,not wanting to eat but eat anyway. Purchase 5pounds weight at Ross for arms to decrease flabs hope it works not started using them yet but will soon. Yes, this medication make me so ill, I just refuse to give up. My MD said everything has side effects including life.

  • Camille

    Hello All,

    I started Victoza October 3, 2010 and to date, I have lost over 12 lbs. The weight is coming off but I could still eat if I wanted to. My appetite has changed but my cousin in North Carolina Started Victoza on June 28th and as off October 27, 2010 SHE HAS DROPPED 71 LBS WITH NOT SIDE AFFECTS. She is not exercising just reduced and intake and doesn’t eat if she is not hungry. We all could learn a lesson, don’t eat if your not hungry and monitor our exercise. Everyone’s body acts differently/

  • Ray

    I have read all the postings in amazement at some due to some using insulin with V … according to some of the literature, that will increase risks possibly. I guess I am one of the lucky ones with mild nausea and some diarrhea when I started, nothing now. Banannas word well on occassional diarrhea! I was on Lantus (20) & Humalog (5 – 15) and of course Metformin, experienced low BS issues and a bad temper. My wife has told me that life is MUCH better on V, I am much easier to live with now … just poorer! I have been using Victoza (1.8) for over 6 months now and my BS is in check 100 – 140 in AM depending on what I ate, my A1C is down to a non-diabetic’s level, I think it was 5.1 last time, and I have lost 20 lbs. I am like one of the posts, I like to cook and am very good at it, so I have to watch what I am eating. My apitite is a little smaller, but no problem enjoying a normal meal. I was never not wanting to eat, but I am satisfied with less if I will just wait instead of over-eating real fast! Like some say above, it is all a matter of self control, V, nor anything else is a magic bullet, you have to try to get better. I have apparently hit a little plateau with my own weight loss, so I am going to ramp up my effort & exercise. At 6’4″ and 307 lbs currently, I have plenty of room to lose.
    I also have sleep apnea, hope the guy above had the same experience I did … first time I actually had REM sleep … WOW, what a wonderful experience!
    May God be with all of you, keep praying and trying to beat this disease!

  • Thomas Stanley

    I have now been on Victoza for approximately two months. The first couple of days I had a slightly upset stomach, and I would wake up in the early hours of the morning with a headache. The upset stomach stopped after 10 days, and the headaches went away after another week. I also take 1000mg Janumet, twice per day, and my sugars have dropped from the mid 170s down to the mid 110s. I have also noticed that I eat fewer snacks after a meal. When I started with Victoza, I weighed 206, and I am now down to about 198

  • Diane

    Posted earlier about reducing the dosage to the starting .6 + 3 clicks beyond. My energy has finally returned and I’m down 14 pounds since Sept. 1st with 30 more to go — some heartburn still but it’s livable. Very small appetite and capacity, but that isn’t a detriment after all. All the postings have helped me stay on course — Thanks, everyone!

  • Emily

    I’m glad most of you have had a great experience with Victoza. My levels are higher now, but I have lost 10+ pounds while on Victoza.

    This level increase is extremely frustrating since I’m eating a smart low carb diet and exercising way more than before. (Not to the point of insanity, though.) And, yes. I’ve contacted my doctor about the changes and was told to give it up to 8 weeks. (Eight weeks of cooking my body. Woot?)

  • Dianne

    I started Victoza on 10/26. So far, I have lost 4 pounds. My appetite has decreased, but I still could eat. I have to learn to stop when I am full. I do feel nauseous after eating and have a slight headache. I take a couple of aspirins and I feel better. The best thing is my BG levels — they have never been this low! I’m talking about 100, when mostly they have been high, 180 plus, plus. I am also taking a good deal of insulin — 130 units of Humalin 70/30 before breakfast and dinner and 100 units of Levemir at night. I’m hoping that these can be decreased soon. I’ll put up with the problem with the V if it continues working!

  • Melanie

    Hello All!

    I started taking Victoza on October 30…I am very tired, cranky, with a near constant dull headache and the worst heartburn of my life! I do feel like I have lost weight…but have not weighed. After reading all of your posts..I am going to hang in there and up my dose on Saturday. Nausea has been only slight….sugar craving are GONE..actually turned down a cupcake 2 days in a row and only ate half a pumpkin muffin…that has NEVER happened before! I took Byetta for almost 2 years…lost a TON of weight (60 pounds) but after having gall bladder surgery…I started gaining. I went on vacation and forgot the Byetta and felt great! Attributed it to the climate, because once I returned home the sluggishness returned…I had a constant ache in my kidneys…and decided to stop taking the Byetta. I felt better, but my weight ballooned!!! I gained approximately 1 pound a week! Even in the Summer. So, I am hoping my blood sugar levels will improve and my weight will go down. Thanks for all the great information!!!

  • April

    Yesterday my doctor gave me this. Mind you for 2 years i have been wanting to try Byetta and well no one would give it to me. So yesterday with me being on max amounts metformin and Amaryl and two daily shots of levemir. he hands me The Victoza. He tells me to take it WITH my levemir and other meds
    well he started me on highest dose on the pen and I was in the 45 to 75 range all day and so nauseous I could not bear to eat I sipped soda to keep me from slipping into a coma calls to his office are still not returned.
    On a good note today i adjusted my own meds
    i took te lowest dose of the Victoza nad my metformin in the morning. No levemir no amyryl
    my number has not been above 165 and that was 2 hours after dinner and it went right back down
    it has been about 125 to 145 for the most part.
    i took only one metformin at dinner as i am scared of comas if i oplunge at night.
    I feel Wonderful i do not want to snack like i usually do and I am really HAPPY. i do wish my doctor was more attentive and wish i had option to another but sadly i do not
    also the meds are covered by my medicaid with pre authorizing Byetta does not need pre auth
    I think in all honesty this is worth the chances
    Mine you i am 46 have several health issues and this diabetes has been uncontrolled since i was diagnosed 5 years ago. I am disabled and well this really looks promising.

  • Patty

    I started the Victoza on Oct.5th, I started off at the low dose and increased it by a click every two to three days. I’m now at the 1.2 dosage and am doing well. However I went through a rough period where I felt like I had the Flu and extreme weakness. Some days I had nausea and headaches, and also bad reflux and heartburn for a couple weeks.
    It all seems to have subsided now. I have lost 8 lbs. since starting the Victoza. My blood sugars are the best ever, AM readings are 80-110, night readings are around 120-140, two hours after dinner. I haven’t had blood work done yet, but can’t wait to see the difference. My cravings for sweets have almost completely gone away. I too cannot eat as much as I use to. I take my injections in the evenings, but my doctor told me, it doesn’t matter what time you take it, as long as it’s once a day. I also worry about the side effects of this drug, but I figure it can’t do any more harm to us than the high blood sugars were doing to our organs and bodies! It’s nice to hear everyones experience with the Victoza. Good Luck to all, let’s keep up the good work!

  • Margaret

    Started on October 19 and have lost about 7lbs. I started on .06 and a week later increased to 1.2.

    I have not experienced any side effects, except loss of appetite (which is a great thing) since I have to lose about 60lbs! My BS before breakfast is always around 98-103-down from 140.

    This seems like a great solution for a very deadly disease.

  • barb

    hi there
    i have been a type 2 diabetic for over 3 years. My a1c in canada has always been high, the highest being last fall at 9.5. I got it down to 7.9 and was jumping for joy. Then life happened in the summer and my a1c was back up to 8.8. I am on 2500 of metformin a day, and was on januvia. the januvia caused some major issues with nausea and throwing up, even blood. Victoza was introduced to canada about 3 or 4 months ago. I was introduced to victosa 10 days ago. I experienced major nausea the first week, while my numbers were coming down., however Now no more nausea, have dropped 9 pounds, and my numbers are almost in the 7’s in the a.m. They were always about 11 in the a.m. I am holding my own during the day, have no appetite and for the first time feel wonderful., and positive about the disease. Thank you victoza. Fortunately my drug plan n canada covers the cost of Victoza.

  • Rose

    I have been a Type II Diabetic since I was 11 years old. I have never been more the 20 lbs overweight. When I got pregnant with my son I was insulin and have never been able to get of inslulin since. I started taking Victoza about 6 weeks ago. Even on Byetta I still took insulin nightly. For the first time in 16 years I do not have to take insulin at all! My A1C is still 6.1 and I have lost 12 lbs. I find myself forcing myself to eat because I have no appetite. It is nice that I now only have to take one shot a day instead of three. For me, Victoza is worth any potential risk just to get of insulin.

  • Judi

    I have been taking Victoza for approx. 2 1/2 weeks along with my regular diabetes meds (Metformin ER 500mg BID, Glipizide 10 mg BID). I started with the 0.6 and the nausea was pretty bad. So..I cut back a little. I am now about 3 clicks past 0.6 and again having the same issue. It has become debilitating and I am not even up to what my PA wants me to be which is 1.2. I have been taking Phenergan for the nausea (which knocks me out). I have no appetite at all, when I start eating I get a sick feeling. Lost 8 pounds since starting. Has anyone else had this reaction? Also, my am and afternoon BS ar stable, but at supper i am running anywhere between 150-200??

  • Diane

    I have now been on Victoza since Sept. 1st, and have been unable to progress beyond the initial .6 dose plus three clicks. Still have acid reflux and soemtimes severe stomach pain. No appetite at all, nor any interest in eating. Blood sugars low in the morning but inexplicably high (150+) four hours after eating a very small meal. So I suppose the side effects will remain. Have been in touch with Novodisk about this issue.

  • Phyllis

    Have finished 1 Pen of Victoza at 0.6 dose daily, one hour before dinner. I was a big night snacker, it has made a big difference. I have lost 10 lbs so far and some nausea, but I take tums for the nausea and it is much better now , almost gone. I feel much better now, my AC1 was over 9 . I also take metforin 2 times daily. My blood sugar is usually 105 now two hrs after a meal instead of 200. Love this medicine.



  • Delvin

    I just started taking Victoza today, 11-17-10. Starting dose .6. I am type 1 diabetic, have been on insulin pump, and CGM for last 2 years. A1c’s have been 8.7-9.1. have been diabetic for 37 years, was excited when began pump therapy, due to no more daily shots, until now. Current wt 225 LBS, will keep posted on wt. loss, and A1c’s, my Dr. says I am only one of two patients with type 1 taking Victoza. Slightly concerned about possible side effects, but with A1c’s as high as they have been and length of fight with diabetes, if this helps a little it is all worth it.

  • Judi

    Ok everyone….This med is great at controlling BS,and the weight loss is great, but is it really worth the constant nausea? I have been on it a month now was progressing to get my dosage up until last week. I was so nauseated all week. Cut back to 0.6 today since family coming for holiday’s. Does the nausea ever get better? If not, I think I am going to stop taking V. Wish you all the best of luck!

  • LittleStephySunshine

    Hi all!

    I’ve been Type II for 5 years… I’m 35 now… tried Byetta for a while a couple of years ago and it did help a bit with cutting back appetite, but I got really huge lows, especially in warm weather, for some strange reason… so I’ve been on Metformin alone (Metformin ER 500mg) for the past year or so. I lost about 40 lbs. slowly over the past three years, through diet and exercise, but have been REALLY frustrated that I’ve been plateauing for the past few months despite rigorous regular exercise and watching what I eat very carefully. I still have about 30 lbs. to lose to get out of the overweight range. I voiced my frustrations to my endocrinologist two weeks ago, and he gave me a sample pen of Victoza to add in with my Metformin.

    Within the first week on the .06, I noticed an appreciable decline in my appetite, and once I went up to the 1.2 dosage last week, it all but disappeared. It’s so WEIRD. I have always loved food… been a woman of appetite… now it’s so strange to just have this major force in my life *gone.* I know it sounds strange to not just be over the moon about it. I tried to explain this to my mom this weekend, who also struggles with weight issues, and she looked at me like I had three heads. It’s sort of a miracle, but it’s also kind of sad. I feel totally flat around food… eating is a bother. I have no appetite except from maybe 4PM to 7PM, when my empty belly finally kicks up and yells (I’ve been injecting between 6PM and 7PM every day). I have to be careful to make myself eat SOMETHING… small snacks a couple of times a day, because I know my body needs fuel.. but most food is just a turn-off. Not disgusting, just a total nothing.

    I haven’t been nauseous at all, but I have felt really low energy all day… I finally forced myself back to the gym today. I don’t know if it’s because of the medication in and of itself, or because I’m not giving my body the proper fuel it needs to function at full speed. I need to be more diligent and focused with this and give it a proper assessment. I’m a seventh grade teacher, so I need every bit of energy I can get!!

    I’m moving up to 1.8 tomorrow, and we’ll see how that goes. I got on the scale today and couldn’t believe it… I’ve lost 5 lbs. in two weeks… and that IS thrilling! Definitely motivating enough to push through until I get a bunch more weight off. But I miss living and eating with a bit more gusto… I don’t think this will be a long-term solution for me, but definitely a super-helpful tool to help me get to a much healthier place that I’ll be able to maintain for the long haul.

    Blah blah blah.. I’ll stop for now… 😉 Let you all know how the 1.8 goes! BTW… my numbers are down from about 135 to 100. WOOHOO!!! Thanks all for your info and advice and sharing your experiences…

    -Steph C. 🙂

  • nelli

    I’ve was diagnosed with type 2 in 2006. Started with 500 mg metformin 2x day; soon added glimeperide. Did okay for quite awhile. Last Alc was 10….Dr. says that means my sugar is running an average of 300 a day. Whoa! Started on Victoza 10/26. Titrated up from .6 wk 1, 1.2 wk 2 then 1.8 week 3 and continuing. Also take Metformin 1000 ER twice daily. Dropped the glimeperide. My sugars are gradually dropping….nothing dramatic as I thought it would be normal almost immediately. (they tell me 110 fasting and 140 2 hrs after a meal are my current goals) I always have high morning readings. Dawn syndrome perhaps they say. I have yet to reach my goals by far. I need to exercise. I have watched my carbs much more carefully, and portion control. But the usually low appetite pretty well takes care of portion without trying. I have lost 16-17 pounds since 10/26/10. So in less than a month. I’m thrilled with the weight loss. BUT–Hope to see much better bg readings soon; I know exercise will help and must do.

  • Debbie


    My doctor told me about Victoza a few days ago and I am researching it to see if it is right for me. I am overweight and my blood sugar has been out of control lately. I am not on insullin shots but I take Metformin twice a day and my numbers are 200 which I know is high. I am worried and concerned about the tumor and PANCREATITIS as I fear I will get that while trying to control my diabetes. I would love to lose alot of weight and eventually get off of all meds for it. Can anybody relate to this fear and how did yall overcome it to began Victoza? if this is not insullin then how does it work?


  • majic

    I started victoza 3 weeks ago and i lost 6 lbs, but my mind and my heart still debating whether to continue ot not ,I have strong Hx of cancer in my family including thyroid but if i take metformin as prescribed before I always keep gaining weight thru the years and victoza work on my appetite now and eating less ,Im confused next week Illl visit my doctor and ask him for sugestion re; my confusion but if my mind will dictate I want to stay in victoza till my weight go down and have my doctor followed my thyroid and risk for pancreatic cancer or let say just pray hard that nothing will happen except the good one only. to all viewers lets just hope this is the answer to our problem thanks to the product of victoza

  • Maria E

    When I had Victoza at night I woke up everyday with a severe sore throat because overnight reflux while I sleep. Not a problem when I have it in the morning. Just in case someone is experiencing waking up with a sore throat switch to morning injection instead.

  • JOSE

    I have been on Victroza for about 6 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. As of yet I have not seen a difference in my sugar levels yet(my sugar levels are always around 100-180). Probalby because I am on Metformin (1000mg) twice per day, 3 shots of Apidra (10-20mg) with meals and Lantus (70mg) before bed. Nasuea side affect sucks, but the vomitting is the worse. For me about 1 every other day or so. With a little luck it will pass and I will slowly be albe to reduce my medications. Small price to pay if it works. It gets very tiresome injecting yourself 5 times daily.

  • Diane

    I have now been on Victoza for three months. AFter two months of really bad stomach pain and nausea, I have settled into taking the lowest dose plus four clicks. The results? My A1C is down from 8.2 to 6.2, cholesterol great, and I have lost 20 pounds. I would now have to say that it’s worth the effort if you can survive the first stages. Good luck, evrryone!

  • Harry

    Used Novolog 3 times a day and Lantus at night.
    Asked Dr. to use Victoza early October with 0.8 and after 1 week 1.2 each morning.
    Stopped all insulin and lost in 2 months 20 Lbs.
    Sugar level in morning average 135, before lunch average 130 and before dinner average 134.
    Never had any side effects and now feel great and much better than taking insulin.
    Under constant Dr. care and checking each day.
    Not much of a problem to stay away from cookies and other sweets….. or over eating.
    My A1C is at 6.2 after 1 month and will check in another 2 months again.I’m on my way to 76 years and aim to do more walking than at present.
    For me Victoza has been GREAT and I’m very happy not using insulin injections anymore.
    December 08 2010.

  • Jaime Laracuente

    I am happy for those of you who have had success with Victoza. My new endo put me on V in Sept’10 and I too had great results with minimal queasiness. I was happy with the lower gls, weight loss, and the improved meal-time control. I just didn’t feel that hungry and I got fuller faster. I thought V was like a “miracle drug”. The bad news is that my heart rate increased alarmingly by 20-30 beats soon after I started Victoza. The endo was not aware of any heart-related problems associated with Victoza. In November my primary physician directed me to stop the Victoza to see what happens. Not surprisingly, the heart rate returned to the pre-Victoza level within 24 hours of stopping Victoza. Of course, my sugars have increased and the weight is creeping up. I do have a history of an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure and wear an ICD(pacemaker + defibrillator). I’m very disappointed because Victoza had given me high hopes of better gl management and weight loss. I’m not sure that the FDA is aware of this possible connection between Victoza and tachycardia(have ekgs to show it). I filed an online report with the FDA alerting them to a possible link between Victoza and heart arrythmia. My primary doc advised me that V is new and that not all possible side effects may not have yet manifested themselves. I am also worried that stopping Victoza has caused a severe backlash of spiking gls,high AM gls, and increasing meal-time insulin doses. I will meet with the endo tomorrow and try to plan a new strategy.

  • Joy

    Hello everyone
    I have been taking Victoza since August. I have went thru the nausea, sores on my tongue, and flu symptoms. I started taking V in the AM 0.6 and Glimpiride 4mg in the PM. After a couple of months I switched them, thought it may help the side effects, it did! I now take Victoza 1.2 in the PM and I still have to back off on the V dosage at times when it makes me feel so sick I can’t go thru a normal day. I lost about 10 lbs total since August. My a1c is now 5.8…it was always in the 8’s so Victoza is working for me. Other than my energy level being lower ….I wish I could take a nap every day….but can’t, I am pleased with the plan I am following. Now I need to get back to my previous workout schedule!
    Best of luck to all of you. ONE LAST THING..

    Sounds to me like some of you are on way too many diebetes meds to me. I can’t understand how you or your Doctors know what’s working and what’s not.
    Thanks for all the support and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  • Ruth Yaskovich

    Started V in July lost 10 lbs after losing about 28 on Byetta. I had the bad nausea from Byetta not the Victoza. I vomited so much I ended up with a prolapsed bladder from the Byetta. I feel so much better my numbers are better. I’m type 2 but I’m rare I’m allergic to Insulin. Now I’m not eating enough and my Endo doesn’t want me to lose any more weight I’m 5 foot 114 lbs. I was up to 144 lbs. on Insulin that was four lbs. less than when I was 9 mos. pregnant. I hope this works I need to work on exercise. Still crave the sweets but not much else. Good luck to everyone.

  • Kelo

    Hello all,

    I just started my first week on Victoza and so far so good. Currently I’m taking one 500 mg tab of metformin in the morning and two tabs in the evening and at night .6 of victoza. I haven’t noticed any nausea, upset stomach or heartburn. I have notice a slight decline in my appetite. My readings have looming at 260, as of yet I haven’t notice a change but I’ve only been on the shots for going on my fourth day. I’m still keeping my fingers cross.

  • Denise Bailey

    I started Victoza, and am on the 3rd day. It seems to decrease my appetite. But I have had severe pain in my back & the doctor told me stop & see if the pain goes away! I was excited to have someting to help loss weight & control my high sugars. Do not know what is next!



  • Colin

    I am a new patient to Victoza having been on it for about 1 month. I was diagnosed type 2 in 1994 and put on insulin in 1996. My weight increased and so did my insulin injections.My new young diabetic nurse suggested that I try victoza she arranged an appointment with a diabetic specialist who arranged for me to start on it. I am now off insulin and just inject 1.2mg victoza once a day. My sugar levels are low and I am loosing weight. In the UK if you are type 2 diabetic your prescriptions are free, you are also looked after very well by a dedicated team of specialist Doctors and nurses. I am 70 this month (Jan) and only wish that this treatment was available years ago. I feel great I swim half a mile a week and feel fitter than I have felt for years. Victoza is relativly new in the UK many doctors are unaware of it and it is unavailable is certain health authoritys. Thats my story.

  • rscrugham

    I have been diabetic since 2005 and was on insulin then took myself off. My most recent A1C in November was 10.9. I started with a new endocrongolist. She mentioned Victoza and I decided to try it. I started it on Dec 7 on the lowest dose. I stayed on that level for one week, went to the next level and stayed there for a week and then went to the highest. I have not had any real problems and the weight has dropped off. I went from size 18w to size 12 pants. My sugars have gone from the 400’s down to normal ranges. I used to be over 250 in the morning and am down to anywhere from 90 to 118. My doctor is very pleased and is going to do bloodwork on 1-17-11. She feels my A1C should have dropped some. I don’t have much of an appetite and cannot eat very much at all. I am very lucky that I have prescription insurance thru myself and my husband and do not have to pay anything. I did notice the cost of the drug for a 90 day supply was 1309.99. I am feel very blessed.

  • Greg Mendoza JR

    Hi my name is Greg Mendoza I’ve been using Victoza since November 19,2010 and my weight was 428lbs and my A1C level was at a 9.9 as of to day Jan 17,2011 my weight is 384lbs and my A1C level is 6.8. I’m very pleased with Victoza at this point in life. I will keep my progress updated reguarly!!!! I say it’s worth a try. Good Luck

  • Audrey

    I’ve been diabetic for seven years and last September started on Byetta. Persevered for three months – but despite losing 21 lb, the regular bouts of vomiting got too much (along with all the other side effects)! Stopped and symptoms went away. As of this week, have now started on Victoza – immediately started losing weight, depressed appetite and just a little nausea (perfectly manageable). However, diarrhoea has been a daily occurrence. Has anyone else had real problems with this? I’m hoping it’ll settle once I get used to the Victoza because the weight loss is brilliant (I’ve got a long way to go to reach ideal weight!).

  • Steph

    I’ve been using Victoza since October 2010. I lost weight and my numbers went down. I just went back to the endocrinologist again and I lost 6 pounds more over the holidays. And something went down from 24 to 17 (normal is under 10). Forgot what that is. We are upping my dose by one click a day from the 1.2 to 1.8. Again, I am losing my appetite and not needing to eat 3 squares a day. I love this medicine. I am on Neurontin as well for some peripheral neuropathy, so I am dealing with swelling from that medication, but actual weight is dropping. The doc has even mentioned that stopping Metformin could be in the near future. I would love to lose about 60 pounds more. So far, I’m having good results. It’s pricey, but worth it. I just hope to get better and better. Then maybe the neuropathy will get better too.

    Peace and wellness to you all!

  • Anita Faulkner

    In April 2005, as a non-diabetic, I was 208 lbs at 5’2″. I started making healthy eating choices and exercising regularly and lost 45 pounds in 18 months. In Dec. 2006 I was diagnosed Type II Diabetes that was bad enough it was affecting my vision (which is what led me to the doctor in the first place). I did my research before that appointment and demanded Byetta with no other medication. I did this based on the research that it prevents further damage to beta cells and may, in fact, restore beta cells. I am one of those people that did not get any weight loss help with Byetta but I continued making lifestyle changes. In 2009 I had to add 1 500 mg Metformin ER to keep my BS at optimum. In June 2010 I gave up all grains (even “healthy” grains – including rice, pasta, breads, etc.). I dropped 20 pounds in eight weeks! I now weigh 138 – a seventy pound gradual weight loss in less than six years…. with a goal of 23 more. The only reason I switched to Victoza a month ago was because of the convenience of one shot, not tied to meals. I work night shift and take mine around noon each day. I have federal basic BC/BS and my co-pay is $376.00 for a three month supply of 1.2 mg. I have found that the 1.2 mg, combined with the 500 mg Metformin ER (10 – 12 hours after the Victoza) has saved me the added expense of the higher dosage of Victoza. My fasting BG’s average 89 – 99 and my 1-2 hour post-meals are never more than 125 as long as I am careful to have protein with every meal and not overeat. While Victoza has not helped me with weight loss – that has been a battle I’ve had to fight on my own – it has made it easier to keep to a medication regimen and keep my BS in a non-diabetic range.

    I am going to add that, from experience, there are really much better ways to lose weight for good other than strenuous dieting and medication. One change to your health a month, one month at a time. I have found one can do anything for 30 days and then it is easy for it to become a habit. As I went down each size (from a size 22 to a 12), I donated all the clothes in the larger size, never giving myself permission to be that size again.

  • kelo

    hello all,

    i posted back in dec when i first started injecting victoza. so far i’ve lost five pounds and haven’t experienced any side-effects. i count my blessings, especially after reading some of the posts. my readings have improved, but not as much as i would like. this is my fault b/c i haven’t be as diligent with my carb counting. i’m taking part in a vegan diet research in the following weeks to see how that will effect my blood sugar. its very strict which might be what i need to jump-start my better eating habits. i’m kinda excited and did some research and found most people not only lost weight, but came off all the medication and feel better. my doctor is supportive so we’ll see what happens.

  • rscrugham

    I posted before about starting Victoza in Dec. On 1-20 I got blood work done and my A1C 6.7, down from the 10.9 it was at in November 2010. Am very pleased so far with the medicine.

  • Cindy C.

    I began Victoza in Nov 2010. Almost immediately I noticed a sore throat. Very mild. I told my doctor and he gave me meds for it. I still have a mild sore throat almost daily. I have lost about 6 pounds. At first the stomach problems were pretty bad. But now I am constipated some and I feel bloated a lot. My blood sugar readings are so much better. I have not yet increased to 1.8 but will do that and hope the constipation goes away. I also have heartburn if I overeat even just a little. I have found that I do not have much of an appetite. I don’t crave anything so it is hard to get satisfied from eating. I tend to eat a little bit of this and that all day. This is not good, but I hope it changes as I go. The food just doesn’t taste the same as before. Overall, I think this is a good medicine. I have been helped by reading your post and encouraged to hang in there.

  • Mirta

    I have posted a couple of times. I started Victoza in the summer 2010. I got sick at first, but I am way passed that, I have lost 20 lbs,(need to lose more)I loved being on it and I felt secure, sugar #s were excellent, in the 90’s, however I have had a couple of blood tests done where it shows my pancreas are inflamed quite a bit,and those numbers continue to go up, so as of today, Saturday, February 5, 2011, my doctor has taken me off of Victoza and schedule another blood test in a couple of weeks and sending me to my gastro dr also to see if any of my other meds are helping to cause this problem. Vicotza does work, but like everything else, there are side effects, keep getting checked.

  • Lisa

    Anyone else had symptoms of nasty stomach virus with this med? Belching nasty taste – throwing up and diahrrea? Just started and wondering if virus or meds? Was almost like things had been sitting in my stomach for a very long time and not digesting at all…..

  • Keena

    Lisa, Victoza slows down the emptying of food. So It really is just sitting in your stomach and not digesting. That is why V gives you the full filling thus helping with weight loss. My Dr just gave me some samples and I will start in the morning. I am a little concerned about the effect it has on the pancreas, but I am really needing to get my BS down. Good luck to everyone out there that is struggling with high blood sugars

  • Mirta

    I am writing in continuation from my Feb.5 posting. Although I liked being on Victoza, I am totally off of it now, as my doctor did my bloodwork again to check on my pancreas, and the lipase numbers were still up, he told me we only have one pancreas and the Victoza was definitely hurting it. After being off of it a couple of weeks, he did the test again and I am all better so last night I started on insulin, Lantus, it is a pen just like Victoza, and I will be doing it at the same time every night. I was on Victoza 8 months, I did not want to be on insulin, but I want to live. Please, do yourselves a favor and have doctor ck. your pancreas…

  • Gail

    I tried Byetta last summer and was sick as a dog the entire time. I tried to tough it out for 3 months. I only lost 6 pounds in the first week, then no more. I would have frightening lows during the night and could not get BS to come back up. Was puking and trying to eat/drink something. I quit it. Now my Dr. has suggested Victoza. So far, 3 days, no naseau or bad feelings. I hope I can take it. I am type 1.
    I need to lose 80 pounds. Have heart issues.
    I’m really hoping it works for me like some of you. I have noticed already, I don’t want a night time snack. I ate 1/2 BBQ for supper tonight. I also take Janumet and my doctor has high hopes to take me off my insulin one day!
    So giving it all I got! good luck to you all!

  • Lisa

    Sometimes it is pretty gross, backed off on the amount of Metformin and at least that stopped me from throwing up anyway. Could be bulimic on my own if that is what I wanted LOL! How’s it going for you Keena?

  • Karon

    I have been on Victoza for 3 months now. Seems to work well. Weight loss was very minimal which was very disappointing. I have a question about the best way to travel on a plane with Victoza. Carry on or checked bag? I hate to take a chance of putting it in my checked bag and it getting lost.

  • Victoria

    Thank you all for your comments. I have been on Byetta for one year with no impact. Have been on V for two days. Appetite is gone — that is a good thing. Nausea is mild, but ever present. Two days only. I will write in as I go along.
    Thank you, for all the comments.

  • Charlene

    I started on Victoza mid-January – low dose then increased to 1.2 each morning. first week bad headaches – second week no problems. Appetite was diminished during first couple of weeks – lost 7 lbs. – now appetite is back – gained back 5 of the 7 I lost. It’s not really doing a good job of lowering my BS either. I was on Actos for several months and gained 25 lbs. so endo took me off of that. Take Apidra (insulin) before each meal and Levemir (insulin) at nighttime. Somedays like today I feel like just throwing everything out – sick of injections. I hope Victoza will help me in the long run. Going to talk to my endo this week and see if I need to make adjustments. The other problem I have had with Victoza is constipation while was easily resolved by eating some prunes every couple of days. Thanks for reading.

  • Lisa

    Just very frustrated today, seemed that Victoza was going to help me in the beginning, still no appetite so I guess that is kinda good but am using 1.2 Victoza daily, 1000 metformin and 15mg Actos, and BS have been 200 + since yesterday! Eating right and very small amounts, just sick of it all today! See endo again on the 14th, guess we will talk about it again then.

  • Roy

    I have been a type II diabetic since 1992. Before I started Victoza I was taking 70iu of Lantus insulin twice a day, along with 1000mg of Metformin twice a day, topped off with one pill of Januvia. Started V two days ago at .6 after stopping the Lantus and Januvia, so far morning BS range between 165 and 192. Before starting V morning BS ranged around 125. Hope numbers improve once I increase dosage to 1.2

  • Gary

    Been on Victoza for a year now cost is 50.for 3pens had a time getting insurance to pay.On metformin at four 500pills a day also humalog 75/25 at 80 and 50 have had just about all the side effects . Has droped sugar and weight . The side effects still come and go once in a while the rash came just once.Hope the tumors don’t happen or problems with my pancreas .

  • jody

    so about 7 mos ago i started taking victoza,was on metformin for 2 years and the massive diarhea was killing me!started at 1000mgs a day to 500 mgs and stillthe same.dr had me try the first it was great!! dealt with the neasuea ok.! felt like i was pregnant again with that! but moved past it.get it once in a while.but i only lost 5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! appetite went away and now the last month or so??? i dont feel like its working bs is great! but thats it!!
    ive tried taking it a t different times of the day and still could eat a ton of food!!im about 100lbs overweight,i go to the gym and workout the best i can.(had total knee replacement in july of 08,)my mobility is still bad!! b ut do what i can!! i am seeing my dr on the 21 of mar and will discuss gastric bypass next!!! i am so sick and tired of always worrying about what i eat and what other people see me eat! i will go thru a driv thru before a sit down rest!its very depressing to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    started taking Victoza 15 days ago. started at the .06 for first week then went up to 1.2 I feel sick in my stomach most of the time and can only eat small portions of food. My blood sugars have went from the 200 two hours after meals to 120 – 130. Cant complain about that. Still worried about the side effects that I hear about. If I can loose 50 lbs Im sure I can get off meds again.

  • Robin

    I’ve been on Victoza for several months. The initial nausea was pretty bad, but I started taking my shot at night before bed and it doesn’t affect me much anymore.

    I had been on Humalog at mealtimes, but it wasn’t working. Also I take 5 pills of Metformin a day, and 45 units of Lantus. (That was 55 units up until last month.)

    I’ve lost over 20 pounds, and have joined a gym. My numbers are always below 120 in the mornings, and as long as I watch what I eat, rarely above 130. Hooray!

    The only bad thing I can say about Victoza is the cost. $780 for a three month supply! That’s from my mail-in service, which is supposed to be cheaper. Yeah, right. The price went up recently, and it’s about doubled. Along with the Lantus at $400 a quarter, this diabetes stuff is expensive.

  • Mabel

    My doctor has prescribed Victoza for me because the metformin I was taking was doing harm to my kidneys. Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Does anyone have any advice on the best way to give myself the injection? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Laura

    I just got my first Rx filled of the Victoza. My doc had supplied me with my first 3 or 4 pens and I was really worried about the cost. My doc gave me that discount card but others had said it would still be about $300…no way I could afford that! So, first time I got it filled I asked how much beforehand 🙂 and was told, just as my doc said, $25. I was semi-ok with that, then when I got my prescription home I was amazed to see that there were actually THREE pens inside, not just one. So then, yes, the $25 was OK :). Hopefully others can take advantage of that as well. Not having as good of results as most of you seem to be. Someone mentioned changing of taste buds, and yes, I also experience that. At first it was difficult to eat but now it seems like regular. Not sure what the doc will say when I see her in April…we will see…


  • Sonia

    My Dr. prescribed Victoza for me, in helping to alleviate some weight I put on. I’m on Lantus Solostar and Novolog Flexpen. I noticed that directly on the pen there was a 1-877 number to call and ask for a savings card which they say is for up to 24 prescriptions. They also enrolled me in a Customer Service program that they have for this particular drug (Victoza). It is not covered by Medicare, and the cost to me would be around $1500 if I paid cash for one box. Which at this time I would not be able to afford it. I just started and was told to take this particular medication prior to the noon meal, because if you use it at bedtime it really isn’t helping you lose weight (my Dr. said this). I’m also wondering if the cost is too great, would the pharmacies in Canada be any different. I’ve looked at the prices there and for 3 boxes it costs about $845 dollars, not that I’d wanting to purchase any medicine from them since I don’t know how true to the medication it would be. I’m not one to take chances. I’m hoping that this will help. My last A1C was 9.8, but everything else was good. Just thought I’d put this on here if anyone wanted information about this drug.

  • Sonia

    Oh, I forgot to mention that they have two websites to look at concerning this medication. They are: and

  • Neftali

    HI: I have been using Victoza now almost for a year,my Aic went down From 7.7 to 6.5 in 3 months really good!I am taking metmorfin too . And walking daily my sugar level went down and I feel a lot better.1.2 Mg at day in the morning.Walking 1 hour daily help.

  • garnetrose

    I want to thank you for this post. I am thinking of asking my dr about prescribing Victoza because I really do need to lose weight and my craving for breads and sweets is sometimes overwhelming. I am trying to learn more about this drug. One of my friends takes it and it is helping her with her diabetes and weight loss. My dr.has not mentioned it yet but I am thinking of asking him about it next month.

    I have a problem with tendons. I think it may have been caused by some meds I was taking or am taking. I had a torn tendon in my left knee two years ago and last year had a ruptured Achilles. I think I should try and find out which meds have caused it.
    thank you for this post.

  • Tammy

    My husband has been on victoza for 2 weeks. He has lost 10lbs and has had the nausea. His sugars are not really coming down. How long should it take?

  • David

    My doctor had given me 2 sample pens for Victoza and started me off for a week at 6.0 and then switch to 1.2. It worked great and nmy sugar came down and I began to lose weight. I thought, I have finally found a product that works! I then went to get the prescription filled; with my insurence or their discount card my out of pocket for 2 pens was still $275. If I had added this to my other prescriptions it would have pushed my total to over $600 a month. I am going to have to give this great drug up because the manufacturer can charge these outrageous prices, very sad.

  • Nadine

    I’ve been reading all your comments about Victoza and have a few comments of my own. I have been on Metformin ER 500mg x2/day for diabetes of about 5 years standing. Also had a TKR (total knee replacement in May ’09. Gained weight of course. My A1C was 6.8 when I met my new doctor and 3 months later, despite about 18 pounds lost, it was still 6.8. So he has asked me to try Victoza. It will be 6 weeks 4/6/11. I am also on his diabetic diet plan. This is a very limited low carbohydrate diet and not the American Diabetes Diet. He believes that it is not possible for people to lose weight on the diabetic diet of 45 carbs per meal and 2 15 carb snacks. He has me on 2 meals of 15 carbs and on of 25, no snacks! By limiting my carbs like this, (almost like Adkins induction) I have actually lost weight, by my scale another 9 pounds. This totals 27 so far. I am lucky that I haven’t been very nauseous, and my desire for sweets has diminished. My blood sugar readings have gone way down from around the 140’s in the morning and 110′-120’s during before meals, to 89-103 generally. I take Victoza at night before bed and have had no stomach troubles. My doctor also stressed that types of food can raise your sugar so he forbids rice, potato, and wheat(pasta) although I use a very high fiber (8 g/slice) bread) and had no spikes in sugar. I have found even that even measuring the exact amounts of these foods to stay within the 15g -25g allowed, raised my blood sugar quite a lot. So far I am happy with my results. Diabetes is a DEGENERATIVE disease and anything that will save my pancreas and other organs from sugar poisoning is a good thing. I am worried about having to be on it for life and hope that I can get my 100 extra pounds off and find out if I can maintain on my own. ALSO there is a race to make this drug an oral medication according to my son who works in a diabetes genetics lab at a university.
    Only one thing more. My doctor first gave me 2 pens and I bought needles for them – 29G needles which are LONG! He also gave me a 3rd pen of Victoza and for some reason, this one came with needles – 32G, 1/5″ long!!! What a difference! I usually inject in my muffin-top, the overhang fat under my belly button. This is a good place which has less feeling and bruises less than the belly itself. Also, I hold the pen in there for a count of 10 to make sure all of the medication goes into the site. Then I rub the area. I do not use alcohol except to wipe the pen off before putting the needle on it. SO far, hardly any bruising and now little pain with the 32G needle tips. I am going to ask for an Rx for them.
    Good luck to us all. I think there will be an oral version soon.
    Nadine (posted 4/1/11)

  • Diane

    I originally posted in October 2010 about the side effects of Victoza. I am now tolerating the 1.2 dosage qquite well, though with occasional stomach pain and GERD. The Levemir dosage I was prescribed has now been reduced to 6 units once daily – a big improvement! Now down 34 pounds and feeling more energetic and in control. I still get spikes in my readings after meals, even when I have watched my carbs carefully, but my fasting readings are still in the 80s. So keep going, fellow diabetics — there is hope around the corner for us all! I have appreciated all your postings and shared experiences.

  • Mike Johnson

    THanks for all the info, Nadine!

    !! Thanks for reminding me that even tho its painless, diabetes-2 is degenerative-
    I have to lose the 150 lbs from 350 to get to 200, + it’s not good for all the organs, even though I have been lucky with organ functions so far!

    My new endocrinologist just put me on Victoza and it immed dropped my AM glucose by 40 points!
    (Fortunately my insurance picks up most of cost!)

    I noticed on the Victoza pen instructions, it says not to rub the area afterwards, if a drop of blood appears. Maybe this is to minimize bruising?
    I got the feeling from some instruction in there, that it’s bad to rub in any case. Maybe some drug fluid might come back out of the inj site? Does rubbing help distrib the drug?

    I did get a moderate bruise from one of my 9 injections so far. It’s ugly, but painless.
    I hit a small blood vessel, and had a drop of blood at the site after injecting. Now its a big 1.5″ greenish-pink circle, seems to be going away after ~ 3 days, so hopefully I won’t look like a crop circle much longer!

    I think one good way to lose weight, is do 1/2 hour of stationary biking (low speed, aerobic) before breakfast ea day- the nurses tell me you burn fat directly this way, since your liver is empty of glycogen after sleeping all night, and you have to get the energy somewhere!


  • Barbie


    I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 10 days ago, and was given Victoza. I was devastated about my diagnosis because of all the additional health problems associated with it. I took my initial injection in the doctor’s office and felt nauseated within 30 minutes. I was instructed to remain at the 0.6 dose for a week and increase to the 1.2 dose, and I did. With the exception of the nausea, I’m impressed and looking forward to increasing my dosage to 1.8 on Thursday. I really love the loss of appetite which helps me to make a “healthy” choice when I do force myself to eat. When I got my prescription filled, there were (3) pens in one box, but after doing the math I realized that (1) pen would only last for 10 days, at the highest dosage of 1.8! Fortunately my doctor prescribed enough for (3) months, so that I would only have one co-pay. However, I had to get the necessary supplies to test my BS from a medical supply provider. I chose Sterling Medical and they sent me enough test strips, lancets, alcohol pads for (3) months, in addition to a free meter.

    I know I’ve lost weight because my wedding ring is extremely loose, and I usually have to use soap & water…LOL! Although I am concerned with the thyroid cancer possibility, I intend to request the necessary tests to ensure that I’m fine. I sincerely hope each and every one of you guys are doing well in controlling this “deadly” disease…Continue to be blessed!

  • Barbara Nunn

    I have only been on Vitoza for a week at 6.1 and I take it in the morning before breakfast. Nest week I am supposed to go up to 1.2 mg. If I have any bad sude effects I will try a click a day you have described here. This medication has improved my blood sugar readings a lot. Usually under 120 in the mornings,fasting. Later in the day sometimes lower. I also have been taking glymiperide 4 mg twice daily with meals. Since taking Vitoza I have gone down to 2mg glymiperide twice a day and will probably be able to stop it. The only side effects I have had are acid reflux at night during the first few days. I have not had actual nausea but just a rather strange empty feeling in my stomach. I do not crave sweets as well. My Advantra insurance will have to pre-approve this drug. My doctor gave me 1 pen to start out with. So, I will see if it is cost effective. I will not be able to stay on it if the insurance does not help with the cost. Good luck to everyone here and thank you for your comments.

  • Mike J.

    The many comments here are appreciated. I have been on Victoza at 0.6mg for three weeks now and my BS is FAR more stable and in the normal range after I also started taking 2.5mg *2 of Glyburide. Have also lost 10 pounds. The first morning I had a moderate headache but over the next four days it gradually went away. No other symptoms until a few days ago I started to feel a little lightheaded which continues to get worse, but not severe yet.
    I noticed there are ten pen clicks between 0 and 0.6 and ten between 0.6 and 1.2 and ten between 1.2 and 1.8. Today, I dialed the dose up to 0.6 and then backed off by three clicks to see if the lightheadedness goes away. I hope I don’t have to stop taking it since it is doing so well for my BS and weight. 18 years ago I had a kidney transplant and take many other meds, so I’m wondering if that may be affecting the Victoza dose. I’ll discuss with my Dr. on Monday.
    Have a great Easter time.

  • Barbara Nunn

    Well, I got good news today from the pharmacy at WalGreens. The Victoza will be covered by my Advantra insurance at a $44.00 cost. I also have a card for a $25.00 discount for a few months which will help. I did go up to 1.2 but had a lot of funny side effects and bad feelings in my stomach. So, I went down to 6.1 with 4 clicks and it is better. I will just keep on taking it and hope to tolerate it better. My best to you all.

  • Marc


    I start victoza about 4 weeks ago I thing my suger still to High

    or my tester dos not work

    after luch my suger about 355. i will continu with this druge to get resalt,

  • godsgift2

    Hi all,
    Been on Victoza for 5 months and have lost 171lbs. Love fact of weight loss and reduction in blood sugars. Still concern about possible thyroid cancer. This is one med that seems to work for me. Will keep update.

  • Manny-Texas

    I started Victoza this weekend. I had a rollercoaster ride of side effects. I started jittery in the morning and just crashed hard after lunch. I couldn’t stay awake and had flu-like symptoms all weekend. I felt a sharp pain in my upper left stomach area that shot towards my back. I stopped taking it and wonder if I gave it enough of a chance. I just couldn’t take it anymore I felt like I was on some kind of narcotic. Please advise.

  • Mark Baltimore

    I started Victoza 1 month ago. Like most of you, I did .6 for first week and then up to 1.2 for the remainder time. I have to remind myself to eat now since I have no hunger at all. I am loving this. I used to crave sweets and snacks, no more. I the 4 weeks, I have lost 25 lbs. I am 6’3″ (was 293) now 268. Already a very large build. So hoping to drop down to 240 or less eventually.

    My blood sugars have dropped from 200s to 100-120 in mornings. Doctor will be please when I see him in another month. Hope he does not take me off itif he thinks I am losing too much weight, lol. I would hat to have to buy it on the black market (diet crack).

  • Joe Amato

    The lack of medicare RX coverage for Victoza is confusing. Because I am a diabetic they pay to have my toe nails cut and for my eye exams, even free shoes, but a medicine that is controlling my blood sugar and helping me reduce weight to further control my diabetes is denied. Why?

  • Joe Amato

    Oh……………I forgot. If you have medicare (which won’t pay for Victoza) you can’t use a discount card.

  • Jan


    I have type II diabetes and have been on Metformin 1000 mg 2x a day. Also was on Avandia and Actos which made me gain 30 pounds and my joints ached terribly. I went to an Endo and he recommended Byetta, I was on this for 10 months and my A1C whent from 8.9 to 7.8 and I lost about 25 lbs. Then I started vomitting every other day all day long. I went to my endo and he switched me to Victoza!!! Hurray I have been on Victoza for 3 months, 1.8 mg once a day and have lost an additional 25lbs, my A1C is 6.0 and I feel fantastic. I have been slightly nauseaus and have thrown up a couple of times in that period. The correlation is when I don’t eat enough in the day and go too long in between meals. I try to eat/snack 5 – 6 times a day now. I am feeling great, the cost is the only deterent, but well worth my health.

    I hope you all find your successful combination and pattern in your life to getting healthier.

  • Brenda

    I’ve been on Victoza for 3 weeks now…the nausea has passed, I am eating less, my blood sugar is down…BUT…I have the most horrible stomach gas, intestinal gas and bloating of my life. I’ve turned into a “pack mule”. Is anyone else having this problem? Does it pass? How long am I going to be a gas bag?

  • steve

    I’ve been on Victoza now for about 3 weeks and I started at 167 pounds and am now down to 155 with ease. I think that 150 is where I’ll stop at 5’11”. No nausea, no upset stomach, no gas, no other effects but for the massive sleepiness that I continue to have. I am concerned about the cancer side possibility and the other side effects. Does anyone know how to tell if something is going wrong with your thyroid so you can catch a problem early if you are developing one?

    I’m a big fan thusfar.

  • David

    Still debating whether to go on Victoza or not. A few quick questions.

    What needle size do you recommend for the LEAST amount of pain?

    How do you deal with traveling when you need to refrigerate this medicine and the hotel room does not have a frig?

    Everyone seems to mention the cancer and pacreatitus risk. But no one seems to answer the questions as how to quantify the risk. Is it a 50% more chance of getting it (them) or what?

    • Tami Marino

      God I hope not that’s a crazy high number and pancreatic cancer isn’t good. I really feel like s lab rat

  • Mark Baltimore

    The needle screws onto the pen. Use a guage 32 and feel virtually nothing.

    This does not need to be refrigerated once it is used, meaning once youo start using a pen it can be kept at room temperature and is good for 30 days.

    Cancer risks were found in lab rats/mice only, not in any humans BUT your doctor can run a test on you periodically to see if your pancreatic levels rise or fall. I dont know much about it but my doctor is keeping an eye on mine. All is good.

    I have been on this for 3 1/2 months. Am down 49 lbs as of last Thursday. I am eating a tad more than I used to so weight is coming off much slower, 1-2 lbs a week. Any weight loss is great to me.

    I am now at 244, was 293 when I started.

  • Ana

    I just started victoza and have horrible flu symptoms. If you had them how long did they last? My dr says to wait 10 days. Thanks

  • Lee

    Ive recently started on the .6 dosage and had no real side effects. I can’t fathom how it could suppress my appetite, never dreamed it was possible! I was at my sons pizza party and was completely uninterested in eating. Who knew you could be uninterested in a pizza restaurant? Love it! My only issue is with the injection site. I’ve had small bruising and odd sensations following injections. Today, day 4, I’ve had a very weird cold/moist sensation, thought at first I was “leaking” or something but nothing there just cold. Anyone had similar injection incidents?

  • WooDy

    reading this Oct 2011
    Short story, I hope.
    After more than 10 years of treatment with insulin [it didn’t work and mase me feel yukky ] and being told ‘take your insulin and follow your diet!!!’. I finally found a Dr. who knew how to treat my diabetes. [ about the time retinopothy].
    Now that I have meds that work, Victoza, Actos/met, Januvia, when I hit the ‘donut hole’ I can’t afford them. Now looking into H C lans but NONE cover the hole.

    And to Jan, I might take you up on that,,,if the bridge was in SF. lol no not really. Never been there, never expect to. But seems like a great city.


  • Aru

    I started taking Victoza less than a month just for weight loss purposes. I had no side effects at all. Yesterday I started taking 1.8 and still no side effects. I exercise often and eat moderately, haven’t loose that much yet, will try it for a month and see how it feels. Once I lose the extra pounds I will stop taking it (hopefully in one month).

  • Frank

    DIABETES 2: always always always sleepy. Its depressing me big time!!! On metformin 2000 mg a day and now just started victoza. I pray I get better. Hard to stop eating sweets. Sucks!!!!!

  • Lina

    My doctor started me with Victoza, but I find out that the main side effect is a thyroid tumors including cancer, and I’m taking Synthoid to control my low thyroid…my question is I shouldn’t take Victoza or this has no impact in the use it of this drug? ….Please help me to understand this problem, and excusse my poor English, but I need help…My doctor said if I dont have history of thyroid cancer in my family it is OK….buy I don’t believed it..Please any answer I will appreciate…

  • Sherry

    I’ve been using Victoza close to a year now,not only has it helped bring down my A1c,but it makes me loose complete interest in food period.Foods that i loved before just don’t taste the same its almost like my taste buds work different:).I have noticed that if you forget to take your shot first thing,you will have your normal appetite though,so i try to take mine first thing in the morning:)The only side affect that has affected me ”sometimes” is low blood suger..but i don’t know if my oral meds”glimerpiride”or metformin”.could be the cause.I love Victoza so far!even have recommended it to family members.Good Luck to you all!

  • Gail

    I started Victoza almost a year ago. I lost 5 pounds the first week and 3 pounds a week for four more weeks. Then stopped dead. No more weight loss. Very disappointing. BUT my
    endocrinologist says it may kick in again for me. I have noticed that I do not GAIN easily anymore. I do not gain at all. I switched to the insulin pump and I love it! I take Victoza and Metformin plus use the pump. Been diabetic for 40 years and insulin resistant. I just wish victoza would kick in again and I could lose more weight!

  • Gail

    Also, yes I was sick from it at the beginning. Sometimes would even throw up. Just felt bad a lot of the time. But I stayed with it. Doesn’t bother me much now. sometimes belch a lot and awful tasting! And diahrrea , but nothing that I can’t live with. It gets better. On occasion, still, will suddenly need to throw up! But not so often anymore. Stick with it if you can, esp. if you lose weight because that is so important with diabetes.
    Also, my Dr. said that the amount they gave rats was WAY more than what we take. And not to worry about that.

  • Terry

    My doctor put me on this and I mused say it has been a game changer to me. I have lost 12 lbs in 12 days. No sickness at all. I used the second dose.
    My question can I stay on this forever. My co-pay is only $20.00 per month. I save twice that per week
    by not buying a big lunch every day.

  • kelly

    I started taking Victoza on Sept. 15.
    Here’s my story:

    I lost one pound a day for one week on the .6 dose. First overnight I woke up nauseous, but nothing since then. Appetite was very much surpressed and often felt like i overate Thankgiving dinner. Started the 1.2 dose after 1 week on .6; stayed on 1.2 since then.
    After a month the appetite creeped back up a little, but since then it comes and goes. More often than not I’m not interested in eating.

    But I eat 3 mini meals a day – or at least I try. I do not have the brain fog, sleepiness, or tired feelings that others have had, and this may be due to ensuring that I eat meals and make it count with veggies. I also take B-complex and D vitamin daily.

    I started at 246.8 pounds, and as of today I am at 225. So the weight loss is slower, but that’s just fine with me. Am I exercising? Nope.

    The bg control is ok for me; I was 5.8 a1c, and it dropped to 5.2. I was well-controlled before on metformin and glyburide; we are using victoza to give my body a break from glyburide. My control is just as good, and slightly better.

    Overall, the side effects were the worst for the first 3 weeks, and since then, not a single problem.

  • deb

    I have been on Victoza for 6 weeks now. I started at .6 for the first month and am now taking 1.2. My concern is at the same time I started the Victoza I found a knot in my thyroid. An ultrasound revealed a large and 2 small nodules. I just had a I123 Thyroid scan today. My concern is that the victoza will increase my chances of thyroid cancer. I was on Metformin for 2 years with a lot of stomach issues and little results. With victoza I have lost 5 lbs and my #’s have decreased 20+ points. I have an A1C scheduled in February. The victoza causes no stomach issues so far. I pray that the thyroid tests come back ok and I can continue on the victoza until I get healthy.

  • Shelly

    I have used Victozia in the past yr. It really brought my numbers down. Unfortuntely I stopped taking it because of the price. Our insurances do not cover it because it is a new drug! It is sad when a drug works so well is unaffordable! Have checked around and the price range seem to be the same all over. Come on drug companies LOWER THE PRICE!!

  • Sherry

    I must say this stuff is still working for me but..does anyone else have problems with foul smelling burps…lol I have never had this problem until using Victoza..:)..very gross..and i mean pretty gross..think i’m going to throw up from them sometimes..Could it be a side effect?

  • Janice

    I started on Victoza on Dec 13th 2010. I had a lot of nausea and was not hungry. Not sure if I was not hungry due to the nausea or the Victoza. I was given a sample pen by my doctor and so had time to read up on it and see what the side affects were. Also the price was not covered my medicare which I am on. I was also concerned about the Thyroid cancer and the pancreatitis. It is bad enough to have diabetes without having to worry that the medicine you are taking for it might kill you!!. When I returned for follow up visit I explained to my doctor that I could not pay the 499.00 that three pens a month would cost me. She went and called our local wallmart her self and explained how well it had helped me as I had kept a dairy. Walmart gave me three pens for $117.00.. That was a good price and my doctor seemed to have a deaf ear when I told her I did not want to take it due to the cancer and pancreatatitis scare. Well I will take it for the next 3 months at a low dose of .6. When I go for my visit I want to be tested every 3 months for throid cancer and a blood test for pancreatitis.
    After all we are kind of guinea pigs. They do not know the long term affects. We should be able to get the drug cheaper if we are going to be the ones who are testing it for the next 15 years to see how many people get pancreatitia and cancer from it..

  • Eva

    I must b the only person on the planet who gained weight on this! My digestion was slow before victoza and came to a complete hault once going on it. I’m going to ask my doctor if we can control my blood sugar with meteor in alone. My stomach feels so bloated and tight as a drim. It’s so uncomfortable!

  • Leonard

    Started Victoza 3 weeks ago. Glucose levels have fallen from a normal of 150 to 125-130. Very happy about that. I’ve lost about 4 pounds but don’t exercise at all. Have a friend who lost 30 pounds in 4 months and lowered her A1C by 2.0 points! My concern is that I will have to stop taking his after only using it for 9 months because I will be forced to go onto Medicare then and no drug company will pay for Part D for Victoza. Terrible, Terrible thing as I do believe this might be the diabetic drug of the future. Have had some stomach upset and gas but I can live with that for the great results that I’m getting.

  • Maureen

    to an earlier question, I take 1,000 mg of metformin 2x daily, 15-20 units lantus (morning) and low dose of Victoza at night, but am finding that my sugars are higher during the day while my early morning sugar readings tend to be low. Luckily I wake up when they’re dipping. I think it would be better to take the Victoza in the morning, like someone’s pharmacist suggested. Maybe that will be the trick. Have doctor’s appointment this week and I’m afraid of getting lectured.

  • Chels

    I have been using Victoza for about a year. Medicare Part D, rejected the prescription but my Dr’s office challenged it and wallah, Medicare is paying and I all have to pay is my co-ins. In the beginning I lost 8 pounds within 3 weeks, now have slowed down in the weight loss, but still watching my diet. My AIC dropped to 6.0. Can not complain. Will ask my Dr about the pancreatitis and what testing is involved. I feel fine, just wish I could loose weight more rapidly.

  • Janet

    Chels – Don’t forget about the Medicare “donut hole”. I have been anxiously awaiting to receive my medicare drug summary report and it came today. I went on medicare this past October so I knew I would be okay for 2011 but not for 2012. My plan pays 392.50 and I have a $45 copay. Just this medication would put me in the donut hole in approx 6 months and then I would have to pay full price for all my medications. I have been using Victoza for approx nine months and been very pleased with it. Had no side effects, lost 15 lbs but unfortunately found 5 of those lbs again so I am not a happy camper knowing that I will not be able to keep taking it because of the cost. There doesn’t seem to be any type of financial aid for people on medicare.

  • Anne Campbell

    Have been on Victoza for 1 1/2 yrs. It has brought my blood sugars down from high 200’s to mid or lower 100’s. My concern is since Nov 2011, my pharmacy is charging me an increased price each month, went from $85 for 3 in box to 87 to 94 to 117 now Jan 12 am paying 128, what is happening, the pharmacy states the wholesale warehouse is charging ever increasing prices. When will this level off? These are my co-pays each month, know price is close to $400 box of 3 if had to pay entire price, but this drug is so good,and my insurance company now has placed it on a Tier 4 level, so I have to pay bigger co-pay, why? it is FDA approved and does work well, so why the price hike all of a sudden? Seems a lot of parties are privy to this increase.

  • rena

    I thank all of you for sharing your experiences about this drug. Today is my first day of use along with Lantus and Humalog. The insulin amounts are 20mg twice a day for Lantus and 15mg before meals for Humalog.

    I have been diagnosed with diabetes since 2001. Sometimes I didn’t have to take meds because my sugar levels would drop too low and then I would eat what I want and the sugar would rise as usual.

    So I am hoping that VIctoza works because I love to eat. I can eat healthy but I like my junk food too.

    My sugars are over 230-260 and I believe that it is because that I did not take the insulin as I should. I was just on Humalog only.

    I’m serious now and I hope this works for me and continues to work for all.

  • Darrell

    I started taking Victoza about 4 days ago and am still on the 0.6 dose. I’ve noticed my resting heart rate has increased about 20 beats a minute and my Blood pressure is up just slightly. Is this a concern or will my body adapt to the medication. I haven’t read of anyone else having the incresed heart rate, so could it be from something else?

  • Anne

    I’ve started my 2nd week on Victoza and my dose is up to 1.2. I noticed in the first week my heart racing but I haven’t had any side effects really. Except, I don’t eat even 1200 cals. a day now. I’m just not hungry. It seems like work to actually eat. lol I have stopped taking my Lantus as my sugar was too low in the morning. My goal is after next week going to the full dose I will no longer need lantus. Good luck to all.

  • Rose

    I have been taking Victoza for six months. No side effects blood sugar are good 99to 70 in morning found that taking shot before going to bed keeps me from eating after 8PM. Have lost 10 lb. Am lucky my insurance & medicare pay for some. but it still cost me $112 for 2 pens. Am 74 and still working so it not bad now. but what happen when I have to quit working. Is they a way I can get if from the company at a cheaper rate.Did not become a diabetic till I was 64 old ppl kind. Hope this help

  • Clare

    Started taking victoza on the 1st of Feb. One week at .6 and then up to 1.2. I haven’t suffered with nausea very much but I have found that I have increased wind – the burping is quite distressing at times. I do not self test my blood sugars (in the UK and my doctor isn’t convinced it is necessary) and I haven’t got on the scales either. I have a follow up appointment in mid April and I will see the results then. I am going to start a food diary and see if there is a trigger for the wind – then I can avoid it!!

  • joe

    get your head out of your butt victoza has been helping alot of people maybe not you;but for others it s fine ; i think you read into it too much, plus, find a drug with out side affects; and your a millionare;

  • jim snell

    Here again, the search for the single whole field solution solving everything hits the wall.

    Victoza is one of a many tools in a tool kit to solve medical misfires. Whether that particular hoemone helps you may or may not do it.

    There is NO one Vampire killing silver bullit.

    Sooner we recognize the complex web that is type 2 diabetes and all the factors involved, the sooner we will make better progress. Old hunter gathere digestive system optimized for starvation that bypasses no glucose in a 24/7 refinned foods and grains times , low hearty exercise, heredity and gene issues, auto-immune issues, aging issues, medical mal-functions and chemicals in our environment and on it goes.

    WHile admirable in certain narrow contained situations, the dam the torpedoes and full speed ahead on type 2 issues with a news/press system and thinking using sound bites and we now have a royal mess on our hands.

    All data on patient explosions around the world do not suggest or back up argument we ARE FIXING the problem. Quite the COntrary!

  • Kay

    I started V on April 25. Morning BS have been between 120-135 down about 40 points. Also take 5mg Glyberide 2x day. Not sure on the weight loss but when I’m full it happens quickly. Will increase to the 1.2 dose this week but am nervous about increased side affects. Biggest issue I have is dyspepsia, bloating/gas. Seems to happen if I drink more than 8oz of milk in one sitting. Has anyone else experienced issues with dairy products? I might just need to drink less milk or not at all. My appetite is little to none lately as well but force myself to eat smaller portions more often instead of traditional 3 meals. Just wondering what else might cause this horrible gas and bloating side affect before I introduce into my diet plans. Are they any other foods that disagree with others taking V?

  • Robin

    Hi. I’ve been on ‘V’ for 19 days. I have been experiencing severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. I eat very little and I know I’m not drinking enough fluids. I have lost weight but I have no energy. My doctor told me to stop taking it. But I’ve continued hoping that the side effects will get better. I need to lose weight. I’ve called in sick to work. When do I say enough is enough? I had such high hopes. I feel like a failure. Does anyone know how long the side effects last? My doctor said up to 12 weeks……..

  • Jacob varghese

    I started on victoza 3 months ago because of my uncontolled blood sugar of 17 years.My doctor was equally scared as it could lead to end organ disease.My doc.prescribed victoza 1.2 mg together with metformin 1000mg Bid &Gliburide 7.5 mg Bid.MY HbA1c dropped from 7.5 to 6.3 & a weight loss of 173 from 184.What an amazing drug.Victoza did a wonderful job.I thank the drug company & the doc. who prescribed it.

  • Iffatr

    I was
    Diagnosed with type 2 am on Metformin 500 2x day and 1.2 ml victosa daily. Am doing low carb less than 50 grams daily. Walking 40 mins daily or workout video if I don’t walk. My sugars are better now averaging 6.7 (down from 13) but can’t seem to lose any weight no matter how hard I try. I’m so frustrated I want to give up. It’s been over 2 months. Can anyone advise??

  • Iffatr


    U sound like me but please. If u could answer what kind of diet u r on Is it low carb? How much do you exercise? Or was it just the victosa that did it for you?

  • Kay

    After a month on V, most of the side effects have subsided. I can’t have dairy (milk or velvetta type cheese) but that’s fine with me. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. My doctor keeps telling me to eat smaller frequent meals and that’s what I’ve done and have increased water, (especially when the upset stomach kicked in). Sugars have been under 120 and I can tolerate lower sugars more now as well which is what we want. Going to start weaning off the glyberide this month and if all goes well, will take out the pravastation as well! Hang in there if you’re in a rough patch on V. Go take a walk, ride a bike, tread mill anything to get you breathing and remember this is worth it! Stay hydrated too! This is a lifestyle change.

  • Sheila C.

    I started taking .6 of Victoza on May 14 this month. Within five days I was in the ER with extreme reaction of hives and itching on my feet, ankle and calf. I have never had such tremendous itching. Well the doc blamed it on Celebrex since I also had just started taking it and had only been on it for two days. I also developed a hoarse voice and upper respiratory infection that was not cleared up with 14 days of Avalox. Finally, fluid started coming out of my ear and I woke up with this condition of being totally wet from sweating and my hair was sopping we and my ears were leaking fluid. My doc told me to stop taking the drug on May 23. I am still sick. I called the people who make Victoza and the were rude. They did tell me it takes 65 hours to be removed from the body and it was up to my doc to heal the rest of any issues I may have developed. I took 1.2 mg of Victoza for about 10 days and it totally wiped me out and I will never take another “new” drug again. I am happy to hear that others are doing great, but for me it was a nightmare.

  • sally B

    My sugars have been higher on victoza over 200 in the morning with Metformin/at first had nausea and vomitting ,headache,.dialed dosage down below .06 was OK for a day. then severe pain in stomach no headaches.constipation. Quit shots because of severe pain and gas. since I quit I have severe cramping ,soft stools that float and am most uncomfortable also have high sugars no matter what I eat.back on Metformin and gliperide. don’t know what to do but the cramping and gad needs to stop.anyone have suggestions ?

  • Sandra H.

    I have been on 0.6 of Victoza for one week. Tomorrow I am supposed to start taking 1.2 and I am scared to death as this lower dosage has me so sick to my stomach, I cannot stand it. I cannot eat anything without severe nausea. I have Promethazine for the nausea but it is worthless. I have had that for awhile as I take so many drugs that sometimes I get nauseous from them. Before the Victoza, I used the Promethazine perhaps once a MONTH if even that….since the Victoza? I’m taking it every DAY and it makes me so tired. IS there any anti emetic that works far better than Promethazine? I am thinking of Compazine or Reglan…something stronger? I am calling my MD tomorrow about this drug..Victoza, and telling her that I am not going to continue taking it without a stronger nausea drug. She is a real witch and gets mad when I don’t want to take something that she wants me to take. So if anyone has ANY ideas here…I would appreciate it very much. I WANT to take the Victoza…I just cannot deal with the nausea and am scared to death about the cancer and the pancreatitis that I just now learned about. I had been sent to a nutritionist/pharmacist….she is the one who talked me into the Victoza…but she never told me about the Pancreatitis! She only told me about the Thyroid cancer and the nausea. I get really upset with medical professionals that do not tell you everything. Is there any anti nausea drug that anyone is using here that works really well? If so, please let me know what it is so I can try to get it from my witch of an MD…I can’t stand the nausea. The drug HAS dropped my blood sugars from an average of 240 to the 150’s….but I really do not want to start the higher dosage…so afraid the nausea will become vomiting which has not occured yet as I refuse to throw up. I haven’t thrown up since I was 10 years old….that was 50 years ago. I have a mental block against it I think, lol. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP me with any suggestions; I would really appreciate it…

  • Felesia

    Hi today is Thursday July 11th 2012. Our doctor prescribed Victorza for my husband on Monday, the 9th. He was 257lbs then and three days later, today he’s at 249 lbs. he said he experienced some nausea, but its working.

  • Jamie in Okla

    As of July 18th I will be on Victorza. I am being optimistic, but scared now I am reading the comments. I need to lose about 30 more pounds that i have carried for a few years. My blood sugar has been around 200-300 for a month or two. So I will update my findings.

  • mike

    i took victoza for 18 mos. lost 25 lbs then the victoza put me in the hospital with pancreatitus dr took me off of it and i cant beleave how much better i feel . back to the way i felt before 18 mos. ago.

  • Vickie

    In February of 2012, I went to my endocrinologist for the first time. I had been on Metformin for over two years, but my type 2 diabetes was anything but controlled. I weighed 305 pounds and was on a lot of meds. My AIC was 9.4, and he was thinking about putting me on insulin, but decided to try Victoza instead. I am so glad that he did. Since February, I have lost 45 pounds, and my AIC has dropped from a 9.4 to a 6.3, my blood pressures are consistently normal and my blood sugars are in the 95 – 110 range fasting most all the time. I have not had any of the horrible side effects that so many of you have talked about, thankfully, and my doctors have been monitoring my bloodwork faithfully to check my thyroid and other internal organs. As to the cost, I can attest, that yes, it is very expensive. But my doctor is very good to give me samples. He started me at the lowest dose, and I stayed there for several months. Ask your doctor if he has samples that he can give you. Can’t hurt to ask.

    As for me, I hope my doctor keeps me on Victoza for a while. I still have a lot of weight to lose and this stuff works! It curbs my appetite and keeps my BS levels down. In fact, I am telling all my friends that have Diabetes about it and telling them to tell their doctors to put them on it, too! Thank you for Victoza. I love it!!

    Vickie from Kansas, 8/14/12

  • Ken

    Last Friday, after being diagnosed diabetic five years ago at age 56, my doctor recommended I start taking Victoza or Bydureon for my elevated glucose levels. I was so freaked out about having to inject myself with a needle that I walked out of his office and decided to cut out every bit of jumk in my diet–which is what I should’ve done five years ago.

    Since then, the only thing I’ve changed is my diet. Admittedly, it’s only been 3 days, but this change alone has caused my glucose levels to drop from 260 to 185 on Saturday, 153 on Sunday and 148 this morning. My goal is to get my glucose down to normal by Friday.

    I’m still taking 2000 mg metformin and 8 mg of amaryl, but that’s a lot better than having to inject myself with needles–my main motivation!

    P.S. I’ve also lost a pound a day, going from 205 down to 202 in just three days.

  • vicki

    I have been on Victoza for 10 days now, I’m taking 1.2. I’ve had seevere nausea, abd cramps and constipation. Not able to eat more than a few bites for a meal. I’ve lost 19 lbs since starting, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see the numbers myself either!!! I have normal blood sugars. I have been taking antinausea meds which help and the cramps are almost gone. I’m going to stick it out for another while hopefully things will settle down. Must mention I also take 500mg metformin 3 times a day. I’m in Canada and I only pay a co pay of 7.50 for a 1 month suppply.

  • Barbara Ransom

    I have been on Victoza for approximately 2 years. I was pre-diabetic and on blood pressure meds also. Victoza has changed my life. I feel better than I have in several years. My blood sugar levels are great and so is my blood pressure….I have only lost 15 lbs, was hoping to lose more, but what it has done for my body is much better. I will say, I have not exercised, but am planning to start since I have more energy now. I have not experienced any side effects. I thank GOD every day for my doctor putting me on Victoza.

  • Mike A.

    Does anyone know if it’s better to take Victoza in the morning before breakfast or at night after dinner?

  • Darrell

    I’m not sure it matters, but I take mine in the morning, usually before breakfast, but sometimes after. I take NPH insulin at night as my glucose levels tend to run fairly high in the morning without it.

  • JAN

    I started Victoza several months ago, and taking 1.2 mg. a day. I also have IBS, so anything and everything upsets my stomach. Needless to say, the Victoza upset my stomach a lot. So I started taking .6 mg in the morning and .6 mg. at night. The smaller dose does not cause stomach upset. My doctor said he was going to recommend the .6 in the mornings and .6 at night to his other patients who complained of nausea. In regards to the cost of Victoza, if you do not have any insurance and you are not on Medicare or Medicaid, please contact me and I can show you how to get Victoza absolutely free !

  • kay

    I’ve been on 1.2mg of Victoza now for some time. Have lost over 30 lbs and have dialed down my glyberide from 10mg per day to 5mg per day. Had to do this because my tolerance level was getting too low. For example, my bs could be 61 and I wouldn’t have any indications. Dr felt and I agreed, that was too low because it wouldnt take much to bottom out and be in trouble. Have to say most of the earlier side affects are gone. I can tolerate dairy now but I only ingest small amounts. I can’t tolerate fountain pop but I can handle a can or bottle. (Yes that is bad but I’m not going to stop living on account of a soft drink.) I still take my meds in the evening after supper.

  • Melanie Simpson

    I started on this 4 weeks ago, and am on the 1.8 dose. I have only just stopped feeling nauseous, but my bloods have been great. The only problem I find is the sulphur burps. I am trying to pinpoint what it is that triggers it, but I’m not being very successful. I did try Alka-Seltzer, and that does help, but sadly does’nt cure it. Reading all of the problems you guys have in the USA makes me so grateful of the NHS here in the UK – and I NEVER thought I would hear myself say that!!! If anyone has found a solution to the wind problems, I would be so happy to hear from them. Good luck everyone!

  • manisha

    today . its a fourth day i started this medicine .cried a lot feeling all side effects.god is great.i will continue the medicine

  • Donna

    I have been a type 2 diabetic for almost 20 years. About 5 years ago, i had a medical issue that required me to take steroids, throwing my blood sugars totally out of control. Despite using an insulin pump with average insulin of 125 to 150 units per day, my HbA1c remained greater than 8. I was not able to tolerate Byetta. I started using Victoza in November. My HgbA1c was 6.9 in January. It has not been below 7 in five years. This drug has been a lifesaver for me. I can’t believe how much better I feel, and am starting to lose some weight, too.

  • Rita

    I have been on V for 1 month. Started on .6 for 2 weeks and then 1.2. At first I was okay. Little nausa and heavy feeling in my stomach. I thought it was just an adjustment period -i will deal with it. After 2 weeks of the 1.2 dose, I am not feeling well at all. I have severe abdonimal pain that doubles me over, fever, constipation and my pulse has escallated. It even hurts now when I drink and eat. I feel sore to the touch. I called my doctor to see if I should just take a smaller dose. He has demanded me to come in today. He may have to take me off V, those were his words. The loss of appetite was good and in 2 weeks, I lost 7 lbs. my blood sugars are doing great. I will know later today,if indeed my pancreas is having a reaction. Each of has a different body, so just be sure to listen to it. Usually, it will tell us what we need to know. Good luck to all of you. Rita

  • Jamie

    I started Victoza on January 21, 2013. I experienced very little side effects and was very pleased at how easy and painless the injections are. I am at the 1.8 dose and have been there for about 6 weeks. I have had no weight loss, but my blood sugars were in the high 200s to low 400s and are now around 150 in the morning and close to 100 by the afternoon. Thankfully I have health insurance so 1 month is costing me $25. So far so good…

  • Paul Washington

    I don’t know if this is related, but I was watching television the other day and a commercial can on about, “bad drugs.” The commentator said that the medication, “Janumet” was identified causing pancratic cancer. I am presently taking the medication, Janumet and this has caused me much concern. I have not talked with my treating physician, as I can never talk directly to him in the diabetic clinic. I am on a fixed income and cannot keep changing medications when I just had a new prescription filled. My next appointment is in June and I am concerned about the television ad.

  • Gail

    To Paul: I also saw the ad and am now concerned. They said there had not been enough long studies, which I think I agree with, but they were also giving the rodents 8 x the amount relative to the human does. I am going to talk w my Doc. I believe in her, even though she had me on Femera for a year and a half, which can cause breat cancer, and it did, but I was warned. So quit the drug, had treatment and I’m cancer free now for three years. So I guess you never know. I have had no problems with Victoza and I’ve lost 15 lbs, my sugars are way better, and Doc thinks I’m doing well. But I am still going to reconsider Victoza cause pancreatic, or Thyroid cancer scares me as well as Kidney failure! Take care.

  • Connie

    Looking for monetary help with Victoza. Do not want to quit taking this medicine. Has been a lifesaver. I have been taking for 2 months and have lost 22 lbs and my A1C is 5.5. I am very happy. Had a few side effects the first few weeks but it is all good now. I just have no insurance….so the cheapest Victoza I can find is about $360. Does anyone have a solution to the cost?

  • Dawn

    Been taking Victoza now for2 weeks, lost a couple of pounds , blood sugars have lowered and not taking as much humalog , and i still take lantis at night, I do have severe nausea and very moody and really tired though, im hoping it subsides. Mine is a sample for 30 days, so we will see if my insurance covers it. I do love the fact that that i dont feel hungry!! 🙂

  • Ellen

    Really enjoyed reading all these comments, going to endo doc today and want to discuss Victoza and Lipitor. I really need to get some wight off and get the fbg down more.

  • Constance

    The Dr. stopped the Victoza because he said it could cause pancreatic cancer.Also blood sugars have been getting higher and my A1C was high this time.
    I am starting on Levimir again.I used to take it and i blood sugars and A1C were in the normal range.
    I am also taking 10mg of glipizide twice a day.I could not take metformin.

  • Christopher

    Did my first injection today….my a1c was 9.8 yesterday. I hope this works. Also hope I have energy to function. Sounds like you get so tired and sick you don’t feel like eating….any rate will check back in.

  • Dawn Powell

    Hello, I started V and no problems. I think the different symptoms and complaints could have to do with what each person eats. After reading Eat Right for Your Blood Type and Live Right for Your Blood Type some food digests better depending on your blood type. It may be the answer to the stomach pain and gas.

  • Jason

    I’m Type 2, with a BMI of 40 and started using Victoza exactly 1 year ago. After 1 year I have experienced zero weight loss (my weight is within +/- 3 lbs of starting weight) and my blood sugars are no better off. (Validated through consistent checking of A1C results). I’ll be the first to admit my eating behaviors were not good (binging in the evening)

    However I started experiencing a lot of the side effects of this drug. The most critical being upper respiratory tract infections – an infection of the tonsils as well, GERD, fatigue, mild nausea, constipation to name some.

    After reporting these symptoms to my endocrinologist he made no mention of it being related to my Victoza, yet most of these symptoms have been chronic only for the past year.

    Given lack of results, the side effects and the risk of thyroid/pancreatic cancer I’ve made the decision to take myself off this medication.

  • Mary Gold

    I ve been reading all your posts !!!
    Surprising how ineffective standard diabetic therapy
    seems to be.
    For those with intense nausea, have you tried
    GINGER ?
    Ginger has some of the same components as the
    strongest Rx anti emetic drug that they give for chemo patients.
    You can buy Ginger capsules in the supplement section of a drug store or walmart
    If you have the spice in your cupboard you can
    put it into a capsule that you might have of something else, just dump the something else out.
    You can also get Ginger at places like Vitamin
    Shoppe there is even a version that is a Tea.
    Good luck people !

    • NY Nicky

      NOPE…Wrong…My grandma died a horrible early death on pork insulin…we ahve come a long way…C’MON NOW!

  • Mic

    I have been using Victoza since January 29, 2014. I had read a lot about it and knew the possible side effects.I began at .6 mg and in a week went up to 1.2 mg.Except for an initial problem with not knowing how to inject myself (Drs need to take this into consideration and give, or have a nurse give instruction),I had no side effects and no problems. I do feel a little heartburn evenings, Cimetidine helps with that.
    My glucose counts,which had been swinging from up to 200+ to 59, and worrying me at both extremes..settled down. My counts are normal now; 100 mornings, no more than 140 2 hours before bedtime.
    I have lost 5#. Though I was eating a healthy diet before starting Victoza, my appetite fell to about half of what I had been eating. I have never had food cravings, sweet cravings or junk food cravings..probably there were no junk foods for much of my lifetime.
    My belly fat, which was a concern, is changing shape and I hope will disappear.
    I did learn to inject easily, with the help of one of my Diabetic siblings. 4 of us are now using Victoza with varying results.
    I check my thyroid regularly and pay attention to how I feel for side effects.
    I feel very good. I am nearly 79.

  • Stozen

    My doctor prescribed Victoza for me when it was first made available.

    The first thing I noticed was the black box warning, which I was really unhappy about, but figured my doctor would know more about it, and wouldn’t have prescribed it if he thought it was a danger.

    I took my first injection the next morning, and thereafter as prescribed.

    I was hit with many of the side effects – including abdominal pain and cramps, extreme nausea, severe headaches, dizziness and extreme fatigue – at the same time.

    I found it extremely difficult to get up for work in the morning while taking Victoza. In fact, I would get to my office, struggle to do work in the morning, and then close my door and lie on the floor in a fetal position because I just couldn’t do anything else. I paid for a full month’s supply for Victoza, and threw it away after the second week because it rendered me unable to do much but stay in bed and try to sleep through the side effects. I also noticed no difference in my glucose levels or (while admittedly taking it for a short time) any difference in weight.

    When I talked to my doctor on my next appointment, it turns out he didn’t actually know about any of the side effects – including the black box warning.

    I found Victoza to be the worst medication I’ve ever had the misfortune of taking, and would certainly not recommend anyone else take it if they asked me.

  • Bobbi Smith

    I’ve been on Victoza for 1 month now the first 3 weeks at .6 and the past 4 days now at 1.2. The side effects since increasing the dose have been quite an issue. Severe nausea and vomiting as well as extreme fatigue! My fasting blood sugar seems to have actually gone up a bit and I have not lost any weight at all. I can’t eat all day but get hungry in the evening and end up with heartburn, cramping and diarrhea after eating. I keep hoping that with time things will improve and I too will get the positive results many others have posted but so far this hasn’t been the wonder drug for me. I will update in another month! Good luck everyone!

  • Jana B

    I was on Victoza for less than 2 weeks and developed pancreatitis. I have been off of it for almost 2 weeks and I am still not feeling well and still have pancreatitis. Vomiting,extreme pain, fatigue, diarrhea….It was the worst experience with a medication I have ever had. BEWARE!

  • Kat

    First, get a new doctor, preferably an endocrinologist who has good knowledge of diabetes management. You say “no, no, no” to multiple daily injections, but that is often the best way to manage diabetes, even type 2. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

    Your doctor should be telling you what your normal fasting sugars should be-usually between 70 and 100, but sometimes there are different parameters for different people. But fasting sugars aren’t the only numbers you should be looking at. See a new doctor.

    • Tami Marino

      Kat I get these reactive lows at night, have no clue what to do and yep I’m sure a new dr is a start. Just ugh but thank you

      • NY Nicky


  • donna

    Not true. The discount card cuts the cost to $25 only if insurance pays all but 125.00 of the total cost. The card only gives a $100.00 max discount. I am using the card for my husband and still paying almost $400 a month.the cost without insurance is around $700.00 a month.

    • cheryl

      I have BC/BS for insurance as well and our copay after the discount card is $25.00 as well. I am not sure what insurance you have but BC/BS would charge us 75.00 without the discount card.

    • NY Nicky

      Holy Moly

    • Bridget

      I don’t have diabetes, I have extreme hyperinsulinemia (way too much insulin) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). My pancreas cranks out off the charts amount of insulin while my blood sugar is fine or low. I don’t have diabetes, but I am prescribed victoza and metformin. My use for both is not for diabetes so I use them as off-label purposes because they are mainly drugs for diabetes. Victoza costs 600$/mo without insurance or 250$/mo using my deductible and insurance. Blue cross blue shield 1600$/mo 3 member family plan. So just to be clear, the price varies depending on what your use for it is.

  • Another guest

    I started on Victoza 3 weeks ago. I am pleased to say that my side effects have been quite mild in comparison to some of the posts. Yes I have some nausea, constipation and abdominal pain but no worse than before. I had to stop Metformin because of severe abdominal pain and ended up on Pioglitazone, gliclazide and Saxagliptin although once I started Victoza the Saxagliptin was discontinued.My hba1c results have been around 12 – 14 for a long time, the morning levels much the same, after the 1st injection they were down to 9 and by the end of the week they were down again to around 6 this time. They have not been that for years.
    I am pleased to say that where I live I don’t have to pay for my medication it is given free by our health service so I don’t know what it costs, all I know is that it is rated as expensive. We do however pay for testing strips and needles etc.
    There has been a small weight loss of just under 3 kilos but there is some swelling across the Middle just as if it is fluid retention has any one else had this. It was not noticeable on a .6 dose but is now that has been increased to 1.2

    • NY Nicky


      • Bridget

        I’m on the extended release and completely disagree. I was absolutely miserable for the first 3 months.

      • george allan bloom

        terrrible drug metformin – my dr took me off it due to kidney failure

    • Bridget

      Without insurance, victoza costs about 600$ a month. I am using it for off label purposes and with 1600$/mo blue cross blue shield 3 member family plan health insurance, it’s not fully covered for me. They cover some of it but it still costs me 250$ a month.

      • K

        Go to and you can download a co-pay card will lessen your out of pocket expense for people with insurance (not Medicare)- your doctor may also have the coupons/samples from their drug reps

  • Tami Marino

    Been taking this and it definitely works but seriously pancreatic cancer ! What are these risks?! I’m so freaked out by this and is it worth it? Are there better drugs out there? Scared!

    • NY Nicky

      sorry to say…lose our weight, eat well and excersie…Thats how U DO NO DRUGS..Can u Do that?

      • NotT1orT2

        I eat well, I am 5’7″ and weigh 119 pounds. Losing weight so I can get off of the 4 diabetic drugs I am on is not an option. I was just prescribed victoza 4 days ago, .6 right and increase to 1.2 after a week and if needed increase again after 1 week. I have no appetite, when I eat I get sick feeling. I was put on lantus 3 weeks ago, but had to be taken off because my joints hurt so bad it felt like I broke my wrist. Victoza was my endo’s replacement for lantus. Can anyone tell me if the nausea and suppressed appetite side effect goes away or stays?

        • Marsha Hendra

          For me the appetite suppression stayed, which was fine by me. The nausea and all the other side effects went away after the first week of initial use and after one week after increase.

  • Tami Marino

    Oh and why is everyone so calm about these risks?

    • NY Nicky

      IT WORKS WELL……But we have no choice…I hate it!

  • NY Nicky

    check more often…i do 4
    to 7 times a day…..and I have 5.9% HbA1c

  • Deborah Davis

    I started on Victoza at 0.6 for 6 days with Metformin at 2000 mgs a day. The first 6 days I lost 7 pounds. Ramped up to the 1.2 level for 5 days and was completely miserable and my stomach was so extended it was hard to breathe and my back hurt because of my stomach being so big and I also couldn’t have very good bowel movements at all while on the 1.2 level of Victoza. I took myself off of the shot for the past 2 days to see if I could have bowel movements and get cleaned out. By the way as soon as I started the 1.2 level, I gained almost 10 pounds in those 5 days!!! I was told that the metformin would keep me having bowel movements because it tends to give most people diarrhea. I have had to uses about 5 suppositories in the past 2 days. I am still miserable and haven’t lost any weight even after all the stool I have lost. As of tomorrow I am starting the shot at 1.2 with no metformin to see what happens. I have lost 75 pounds over a 1 year period on my own after quitting novolog and lantus and stayed on a protein diet then after a 48 pound loss I went to low cal diet. I have plateaued for the past year. I am not a happy camper. My doctor gave me the Victoza in hopes that it would break the plateau. I was on Janumet for the past 8 months and when he started the Victoza he changed me to metformin. I am very confused and I will be calling the doctor office tomorrow. I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO GAIN BACK THAT 75 POUNDS!!!

  • Tammy

    I have been taking Victoza for about 2 months. I have a lot of side effects fatigue, sore throat, dizziness, stomach pain, headaches and low urine output. I also just changed brands of multivitamins with no iron. I now have vaginal bleeding. I have been in menopause for about a year and a half now. I also take Metformin. Is all this stuff just messing with my hormones?? I don’t have any pain with the vaginal bleeding. Just annoying to have it again.

  • Laila

    My mother was prescribed victoza a couple of years ago, she was on insulin, slow acting metformin and other medications for her blood pressure and cholesterol. When she started taking victoza she complained of nausea and always having a bloated tummy, this eventually turned into severe abdominal pain over the course of a year. She then developed pancreatic cancer, and sadly passed away last year. I have read online and can see there are red flags everywhere about this medication, I am not saying it caused my mums cancer, but her symptoms started the same time she was put on it. We will never know what triggered the cancer, she was obese too so there were lots of risk factors but I don’t think we can ignore the concerns about this medication!

    • marcus nestor

      Your comment is what is called well poisoning. Its true your mother was at high risk for pancreatic cancer, while there is absolutely no good reason at all, based on the information you provided to be
      “concerned” that “this medication” was responsible for raising that risk, any more than any of the other medications shoe was taking, or her obesity, or her eating habits or genetics..Your “concerns about this medication” are the only ones supplied.