Two Studies Call for Online Participants

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Have you ever felt interested in taking part in a study, but figured that you didn’t have enough time or lived too far from a research center to do it? Well, your opportunity to participate may have arrived. Two Web-based medical studies are looking for participants with diabetes, and all you need is Internet access to be a part of them.

The first study, which is being conducted by the Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies at the Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences in New Zealand, is looking at fatigue experienced by adults who have chronic medical conditions. The study seeks to uncover similarities and differences in the ways people with different conditions experience fatigue. Researchers hope to add to the medical community’s knowledge about fatigue management and to improve the quality of life of people with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes.

Through their Web site, the researchers are asking participants to complete an online survey and/or submit a personal story about their experiences with fatigue. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is open to people around the world and is completely confidential; answers and stories are submitted anonymously and will not be viewable on the Web site. The study will continue through September of this year, and a summary of results will be posted on the study Web site in October.

To learn more about this study or participate in it, visit

The second study, which is being conducted by the Stanford Patient Education Research Center at the Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, is a free online workshop and medical study for people living in the United States who have Type 2 diabetes. Designed to study how effective an online diabetes management program can be, the program will present information on day-to-day diabetes management skills over a period of six weeks. Special computer skills are not required, but participants will need to have access to the Internet and e-mail to take part. Participation in the program will consist of logging on two or three times a week (at times chosen by the participant) for a total of 1–2 hours per week.

People who are chosen to participate in this online study will be randomly assigned to either the workshop group or a control group, though both groups will ultimately receive the program materials. The workshop group will begin the online program right away, while the control group will have access to the program after one year. Both groups will complete four online questionnaires about their health over the full two-year study period; during the first year, members of the control group will receive a gift certificate each time they complete a questionnaire.

To learn more about this study or preregister for possible participation, visit

The researchers are also running an online workshop and study specifically for Native Americans living with Type 2 diabetes. You can learn more about it or enroll at

If you’re interested in getting involved with other clinical trials, either online or in person, check out for studies that are currently recruiting participants in your area and beyond.

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