‘Twas the Day Before Surgery

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“Happy birthday, you old bat!” Terry said (somewhat loudly) as I was waiting for my husband to get the scooter out of the van so I could go meet some friends for lunch. Including Terry, by the way.

It was last Friday and it was, indeed, my birthday. I’m now a couple of rungs up on the “60” ladder. Terry and Sally got me a book. In large print. You think they were trying to tell me something? (You just wait: They’re going to hit 60 in five years or so.)

We were joined by Dorothy, an octogenarian who was leaving from lunch to do a weekend-long program on the “F” word — Feminism.

It’s a great group. We’ve known each other since the 1980’s and our get-togethers are always full of laughter. Laughter is a good thing and I sure need it right about know, with life-altering surgery looming. (If you’re just reading this blog for the first time, about the bottom third of my left leg is being amputated because an infection I’ve had in my heel bone has spread to the rest of my foot and is traveling up my leg.) Luckily, my friends are concerned — but, at the same time, cut me no slack. It’s zings as usual. Not to mention as much disrespect as they can muster.

After lunch, my husband and I went shopping at the medical supply store. Never in my life did I think I would be excited about getting a potty chair! It’s one that can be used stand-alone or set over an existing toilet.

We have a full bath and two half-baths in this house. One of the half-baths is in the basement, so that one is out. Because of its (tiny) size, I won’t be able to get into the half-bath on the main floor using a walker or anything. Ironically, that’s the only one in the house with a raised toilet.

The one I will be able to ride my scooter into, use a walker for, or whatever, just has a normal-height toilet, so that potty chair comes in very handy. Not only does it have a raised seat, it has handrails on either side. No more using the windowsill and toilet paper dispenser!

I already have a transfer seat for the tub/shower, going back to when I had my original surgery, so that’s taken care of.

Your comments have been very helpful. Who knew I would need a bed tray? Bed Bath & Beyond, here I come! (As an explanation, I’m writing this on Monday. My husband and I are going to Indianapolis later today and spending the night. I have to be at the hospital at 7 AM tomorrow — November 16 — with surgery scheduled for 9 AM.)

A picker-upper. Yes! We have a couple here, but my Sweet Baboo only buys things like that on sale, so they aren’t very good. I didn’t know there were better ones out there. He will be opening his checkbook for a top-grade reacher thingy.

I must say something here about baling wire. I was reading that comment when I got to the part about baling wire. Then my husband came to pick me up for lunch. All through lunch I was wondering what baling wire was good for.

So off I go. I plan to wear my “rhymes with witch” socks — er, sock — into surgery. They were a gift from my friend Liz. You have to have a little love and fun with you. I’ll think of all of your thoughts, prayers, and kind wishes.

I plan to have everybody involved in the surgery sign my left leg so they know which one. I know I will undergo some initial therapy, mainly to learn how to transfer from bed to chair, to toilet, etc. I’ll do my physical therapy back home, which will involve a short hospital stay.

OK, then. Gotta go get packing. All of you please take good care of yourselves and I’ll “see” you next week. Hopefully. Depends on how I feel. At any rate, I’ll let you know how I did.

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