Try This Quiz for National Nutrition Month

Joslin Diabetes Center isn’t the only organization that’s spreading the word on National Nutrition Month: Insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk has partnered with three food banks around the nation to emphasize the importance of a healthful diet with an interactive quiz.


The five-question quiz tests a person’s knowledge of the role of nutrition in diabetes prevention and management and serves as a way to raise awareness about diabetes. For each quiz completed, Novo Nordisk will make a donation to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, and Northwest Harvest in Seattle.

To try your hand at the quiz, and to share it with friends and family, visit

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Gee

    I have type 2 AND reactive hypoglycemia–Dr said not uncommon. Tried Metformin–nothing worked right–w/the rigid diet & excercize. Now am on Dimepleride 1mg day w/bkfst. The readings are all over the place. Between bkfst & lunch the #’s drop dramatically low and then waaay up by evening. Can the pancreas be healed without medicine?
    A family member took Glyberide for 4 yrs & the Dr took him off the medicine completely??????
    Posted by Gee Mar17, 2013

  • joan

    The quiz on amount of carbs and sugar was interesting but not entirely based on facts via the FDA according to their Nutritional web site.

    The amount of carbs in any fruit or veggie depends on the time of year; In season means sweater and more weight per oz than later in their season. It depends on the time of year as to how many carbs.

    The REAL answer to all three questions is what works the best with our individual system.