Thinking About Insulin

Do you have Type 2 diabetes? Have you been considering taking insulin to maintain your diabetes control? Then you may be interested in trying out a free online program from insulin manufacturer Sanofi.


Using eight cognitive-behavioral exercises, the program guides users through “identifying and addressing common barriers to starting insulin.” The course includes four sequential sections — Am I Ready?, Defy the Myths, Taking Small Steps, and Making the Move — which are broken down into two subsections each, such as “Explore My Emotions” and “Adjusting to Injections.”

Each subsection contains an introduction to the topic; a set of interactive activities, such as rating the strength of emotions like anger and worry or practicing guided relaxation techniques to prepare for injections; and concluding remarks to tie everything together.

To learn more, or to start using the program, visit the “Thinking About Insulin” section of Sanofi’s Web site.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • jim snell

    As one who spent too many years on pills -glyburide, starlix, actos et all, I am very glad I am on insulin.

    That said though requires more thought, care and measurement not to overshoot the doses.

    A properly running body really doesn’t care if pancreas overshoots the meal bolus’s as a properly working liver is sitting there to add more glucose to make up any shortfall.

    In a type 2 diabetic and many of those the liver has a bad habit of overloading the glucose release due to poor/faulty signalling on the insulin. One then ends up cycling from high of highs to the depth of lows.

    Therefore it is extremely beneficial to estimate required insulin dose as accurately as possible bearing in mind the to live time of the injected insulin while also watching run time of gut/intestine/liver glucose output ( load burn time).

    Should the food glucose output run out before the ciculating injected insulin time to live does and one can have a low from light to serious.

    All that said though, having got that under control, the flexibility of the liquid insulin dose really beats the pills – and especially if one is trying to manage weight loss/gain.

  • Joe

    For me it was as simple as hearing, “The meds aren’t cutting it anymore. Time to start insulin if you want to keep your feet.”

  • Giesela Schmitt

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    Could you give me some information on it?
    sincerely Giesela