These Past Two Weeks…

Yelling? Who was yelling?[1] Certainly not I. Nope. When I said “Lady, you’d better be handicapped” in the bathroom of Walmart a couple of weeks ago, it was in a normal, “indoor” voice.

For those of you who missed it and don’t want to read the blog entry[2] now, the short version is that I was in a bathroom at Walmart, empty except for a little girl running around unsupervised and somebody — presumably her mother — in the handicapped stall. After waiting for some time, and after the woman indicated she’d be a while longer, I said, “Lady, you’d better be handicapped” and added that I really needed to use the facilities.

She came scurrying out of the handicapped stall and into another to do her thing, and I was able to go into the vacated stall to do mine.


I don’t believe I’m that militant about who may and may not use the handicapped stalls. Had the child been in with her mother, or had all of the regular stalls been filled, no issue. But the child wasn’t, and the regular stalls weren’t, and the only one I could use was occupied by somebody who didn’t need it.

What constitutes need? I can’t tell you that. There are plenty of hidden disabilities. For example, I have arthritis and, on some days (like when it was about to rain), I needed the higher toilet and the grab bars. Others may have situations we don’t realize causes them to need the higher toilet/grab bar/extra space/sink in the stall. Educate me. I can assure you I’m running into all kinds of things now I didn’t have a clue about until it affected me.

Now on to other things.

Sorry about not posting last week. There’s this really nasty virus going around and it came to visit. In fact, it stayed w-a-y beyond its welcome. Actually, it’s still hanging around; its presence just isn’t as onerous.

It brought with it gifts of high fever, chills, aches, and just enough of a touch of gastrointestinal distress to make life interesting.

The fever was frustrating. It wouldn’t go down. Oh, very temporarily after taking acetaminophen, but it would then pop right back up to 102-point-something.

I didn’t want to eat but, if I didn’t, my stomach hurt. On the other hand, when I did eat…my stomach hurt. I might have fed it an entire half a baked potato. Such gratitude!

Even worse (oh, yes, there was — and is), my blood glucose leapt into the 300s and 400s. To illustrate how uncommon that is for me I present Exhibit 1: My last HbA1c[3], taken in December, was 5.9%.

My blood glucose levels are lower now. Like, in the 200s and 300s. That’s after increasing my insulin dose considerably. Guess I need to increase it some more.

And to think that, just two weeks ago, I was working at trying to get my blood glucose levels up!

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