Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Not sure what to do with those inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers? Look no further! From turkey pot pie to a two-minute wrap to turkey and stuffing take two, these three Thanksgiving leftovers recipes are sure to keep the good feelings and flavors of the holiday going.

Easy Old-Fashioned Turkey Pot Pie for Diabetics[1]

1. Easy Old-Fashioned Turkey Pot Pie

If you’re trying to figure out how to use your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, you’ll want to give our Turkey Pot Pie a try. Ready in only about 30 minutes, it will fill your kitchen with delightful holiday aromas!
Get the recipe >>[2]



2. Two-Minute Turkey Wrap

Hungry but short on time? This light wrap takes just a couple minutes to prepare and can make use of your leftover turkey breast from Thanksgiving. Learn how to prepare >>[4]

Turkey And Stuffing Supreme Recipe for Diabetics[5]

3. Turkey and Stuffing Supreme

Ready in less than an hour and requiring only five ingredients, this creamy entree uses cooked diced breast as its base, making it the perfect encore for your Thanksgiving dinner. Find out the steps for preparation >>[6]

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