Survey for Type 2s

Have Type 2 diabetes? Eager to share your experiences with blood glucose monitoring? Then be sure to check out this survey set up by Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine. Amy is compiling an article for the American Diabetes Association journal Diabetes Spectrum on how people with Type 2 use their glucose meters, and she’s seeking your feedback on topics ranging from how much education you received about using your meter to how you feel about checking your glucose. The survey has roughly a dozen questions with room for comments. To learn more, and to take the survey, click here.


This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • richard

    eating four tablespoons of lowfat cottage cheese and some low fat cheese as bedtime gives you a lot of protein. This also helps keep your diabetes readings from becoming too low. Cottage cheese anytime of the day is a good snack and full of proteins. I was informed of this by a nutritionist.

  • Joe

    The survey reminded me of my biggest complaint about glucose monitoring: Interference by the insurance company. When I was diagnosed, my insurance gave me a list of approved meters and strips. I picked one, and six months later my strips were no longer covered. I got another meter from a different manufacturer, and in a few months that one was also no longer approved. I picked a third brand of meter, and sure enough in a year or so it was also unapproved, however my original meter (long since thrown out) was back on the list. In addition to this, I was suddenly innundated with “free” meters in the mail, so I have several extras I’ll never use. The good thing is when my cat developed diabetes, he got his own personal meter for free.