Study Examines Impact of Type 1 on Family Members

Are you the parent or sibling of a child with Type 1 diabetes? Then you may be interested in participating in a new study being conducted by researchers at Palo Alto University in California.


The investigators are seeking to learn about how much support is available for parents of children with Type 1, which sources of support are the most useful, and how siblings of children with Type 1 are affected, as well as to develop recommendations that can help improve the lives of families touched by Type 1 diabetes.

The study is open to parents or caregivers of children with Type 1 and to children ages 6 to 17 whose sibling has been diagnosed with Type 1. (If there is more than one sibling, the brother or sister closest in age to the child with diabetes should participate.)

Parents and caregivers will be asked to complete an eight-item questionnaire asking about perceived social support, stress levels, and the effects of the child’s diabetes on the family’s functioning. Siblings will be asked to complete a six-item questionnaire that evaluates matters such as their quality of life, behavioral and emotional functioning, and perceived availability of their parents. The questionnaires will take approximately 90 minutes for parents and caregivers to complete and roughly 60 minutes for siblings to complete.

For more information, visit the official study Web site or contact the researchers by using the online form, sending an e-mail to [email protected], or calling (828) 338-9731.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Amber

    Im 19 years old with type one diabetes i have lived with it for seven years now im currently on the insulin pump and i love it. if anybody out there has diabetes just know that your not alone. a little bit longer and all us diabetics will be fine. diabetes has taught me to appreciate life more to be thankful for what i have and it has taught me to be stronger each day. yes i have my highs and lows but it teaches me that diabetes has changed my life by telling me hey i can fight this and i will win this battle. so i just want to give a big thank you to jdrf and ada for trying to find a cure for all of us diabetics. like i said a little bit longer and we will all be fine. and thank you nick jonas for writing that song you have told me that i will be fine no matter what life has ahead of me. god bless