Stem Cell Research Restriction Lifted

On Monday, March 9, President Barack Obama signed an order lifting the ban on federal funding for certain types of embryonic stem cell research — a move that is being commended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).


The order will now allow federal money to support research on lines of stem cells that were created after August 9, 2001. Under President George W. Bush’s previous executive order, federally-funded research was limited to 21 stem cell lines created before this date so as not to promote the destruction of new embryos. Now, research on stem cell lines that have been created since then (using private funding) will be eligible for support from the federal government.

The ADA issued a statement on Monday applauding President Obama for “lifting existing restrictions on the use of embryonic stem cells, while maintaining strict ethical guidelines.” R. Paul Robertson, MD, President of Medicine & Science at the ADA, said that the move “brings hope to the nearly 24 million American adults and children with diabetes” (you can read the full statement here).

Stem cell research may have the potential to find a cure for diabetes and many other diseases, possibly through the production of “replacement tissues,” such as beta cells that could help people with Type 1 diabetes produce insulin again. You can listen to a National Public Radio (NPR) segment about how stem cell research may be able to help people with diabetes here.

What’s your opinion on this news? Do you think it’s a step in the right direction, or do you think that the research that was already going on was sufficient? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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23 thoughts on “Stem Cell Research Restriction Lifted

  1. Obama himself was once an embryo. Each and
    every embryo is a life whether they are born
    on earth or grow up in Heaven. And all
    babies are first born in the Heart of God.
    I pray for Mercy for these people. One
    day we will all answer for our deeds. We
    have a loving God and out of His love, He
    has given us a free will.

  2. I think it’s disgusting. Using babies for experimentation? They have a right to life, too.

    There is on-going research on adult stem cell research (maybe not in diabetes yet) that has shown promise without the ethical issues. Please unsubscribe me from your magazine.

    It would be very ironic if we find out one day that one of the babies aborted would have turned out to be the one to find the cure for diabetes . . . ethically!

  3. I think lifting the stem cell ban was great!!!! It was too bad it was signed in the first place wasting 8 years of research. The potenial for improving health and lessening suffering is by far the greater good.

  4. Thanks to President Obama for lifting the Stem Cell Research ban. We have already lost 8 years in research to cure Type 1 diabetes thanks to the Bush Administration. Maybe now we can move forward to find a cure.

  5. Just another case of politicians playing on the real needs of people with a problem, in this case those of us living with diabetes. There has not been one successful treatment come from the use of embryonic stem cells — but many failed and even fatal treatment attempts (which spawned malignant cancer.) Adult stem cell research on the other hand has led to many successful treatments without the moral/ethical questions attached to the embryonic stem cells. This is a step in the wrong direction by Obama — if he wants to help diabetes research he should increase funding to the adult stem cell programs or other ongoing research areas. It may just be politics to the politicians, but its life or death to us.

  6. Well, I think it’s a remarkable thing to have someone(the president) care for the 3rd leading cause of death in the US today. I have or suffer from this horrible disease and I do not feel optimal everyday because of the ups and downs of blood sugar readings.I do not like to test my blood nor inject insulin everyday. It is still very inconvenient and interruptive in my daily activities. I’ve had it since 1991 and I’m sure that complications will show up soon and I could benefit from the stem cell research. I was looking into becoming a candidate for the Islet transplant and I followed all their rules such as quitting smoking and excercising regularly just to be turned down for the injection of this beta cell.
    So in conclusion, I support this research for ongoing treatments. Hopefully one day the next generation followed by the next will have at their disposal the cure for this disease and me too.

  7. I am sorry, I do not believe in stem cell research due to my religious belief and Obama should know better! Isn’t he supposedly a Christian? It is not right and it IS controversial, it’s no better than cloning it’s insane! But to each their own belief and right, but I deffinitely will NOT support this.

  8. I fail to understand how anybody could object to use of embryonic stem cells for research for religous reasons. If you don’t accept the practice practice, don’t follow it, but don’t prevent medical progress which will benefit others because of your beliefs. I applaud Pres Obama for this act even tho I am a Republican.

  9. Federal funding was only being withheld for embryonic stem cell research. Adult cell reseach could be funded. My question has always been, If embryonic stem cell was such a hot deal how come private drug companies were not heavily into that reseach? Could it be it isn’t such a hot area for reseach but if the taxpayers are going to fund it, why not do it?

  10. I looked at the definition of embryo on This is what I found: “the young of an animal, esp. of a mammal, in the early stages of development within the womb”. An human embryo is simply a human being at at an early stage of development. I fail to see that using our young to develop possible solutions for those of us who are older is logical. To me it seems barbaric.

    There are other ways to find solutions. Adult stem cell research has shown extraordinary results and is and always has been legal.

  11. All life is sacred. It is wrong to use embryos for research. An embryo is as human as a full-term baby. I would hate to think that a cure for diabetes or any other disease must come from the destruction of a life. How many babies have already been aborted that might have found the cure for diseases ethically?

  12. Is there an available source for information regarding the possibility of entering a clinical study related to using stem cells for reversing peripheral nerve damagae caused by Type 2 diabetes?

  13. My grandson is 10 yrs old and suffers from Type 1
    diabetes. He is currently on a insulin pump and is doing well. However, I have prayed for a cure for him and thousands of other that suffer from this disease. My faith in God is strong , but I believe we must use every resource available to us to cure this dread problem. We are so close, If we could get the funding for the research, we could possibly help so many people. How could you not want to help my precious grandson and others like him.

  14. I would never want a cure for my diabetes if it meant that an unborn baby had to die for it.
    I believe stem cells from other parts of the body are possible cures and these stem cells are readily available without taking a human life form.

  15. I have a precious husband who has diabetes. Our deepest desire is to grow old together. Do I want a cure for diabetes…absolutely. Do I want it at the cost of another’s life…absolutely not. No person’s life should be bought at the price of the life of another person. There has to be a way to find answers without harvesting the cells of our unborn children.

  16. I do not believe that creating life or cure life is our job. God is THE ONLY ONE that can create life and is THE ONLY ONE to cure life. In this day and age of obese children and adults, high fat intact by all, local government cutting costs in schools by eliminating PE, and medication given to “help” one health issue that may result in another health issue, it is or should be of no surprise by anyone that the human body is under attack, and the only way to heal our bodies is to treat it the way God intended it to be treated, as a temple. Marilyn H. Diabetic since 2005

  17. I have diabetes and ethically speaking I don’t want to take another life to save my own when I know that adult stem cell is making great strides to cures. Where is the success in embryonic stem cell research anyway?

  18. I have Diabetes and most definetly won’t support use of stem cells being used to test for a cure for diabetes. I would gladly continue having diabetes in order that a babys life wouldn’t be taken!! I am most definetly a christian and would hate to be in anyones shoes that allowed this to happen as these babys are alive from the time they began to be formed and I will never understand how people don’t realize that and Obama claims to be a christian!! Unreal what is happening in the United States.!! In God We Trust isn’t even used anymore!!

  19. Lifting the ban on stem cell research is vitally important. The living breathing human beings who might be helped to live a decent productive life are far more important than the might be embryo’s that are used and discarded.

    How many critics of this action are in wheelchairs?

  20. The emotion of this disease sometimes overpowers insightful thinking. The vast majority of the research and confirmed breakthroughs have been with adult stem cells. The use of your own skin to make stem cells from your DNA and not some other source is much safer. We act like since the president lifted this ban everything will be cured from paralysis to diabetes. Researchers all over the world with FUNDING using embryonic stem cells for years have not had any major breakthroughs. They have some pretty smart researchers too.


  21. welcome all researches help human to live without suffering, if i am right i don’t think using stem cell will harm the new coming child , as this stem cells is taken from the cord which will be cut off and the newborn is no longer need it, is it correct? for those who relay on religions on rejecting this scientific researches i say God is kind and he never hate a thing the humanity will benefit from.

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