Statin May Reduce Benefits of Exercise

The generic cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin, previously sold under the brand name Zocor, may diminish the positive effects of exercise in overweight and obese adults, according to a small new study from the University of Missouri. Statins are the most widely prescribed type of drugs in the world and are taken by 56% of people with Type 2 diabetes.


Statin use had been linked with muscle damage and reduced function of mitochondria (the energy centers of cells). Because these medicines are often prescribed along with lifestyle changes, including exercise, researchers sought to determine whether statin use would have any effect on the positive physical changes that typically result from exercise.

The researchers measured cardiorespiratory fitness in 37 obese, sedentary adults with low levels of fitness and at least two risk factors for the metabolic syndrome. The participants were then randomly assigned to 12 weeks of aerobic exercise training or 12 weeks of aerobic exercise training in combination with taking 40 milligrams daily of simvastatin.

At the end of the study period, those on the exercise-only regimen had increased their cardiorespiratory fitness by an average of 10%. In those taking the statin, however, the improvements were blunted, resulting in an increased fitness level of only 1.5%. Additionally, in those on the exercise regimen alone, skeletal muscle mitochondrial content increased by 13%, while in those taking the statin, it decreased by 4.5%.

“Statins have only been used for about 15–20 years, so we don’t know what the long-term effects of statins will be on aerobic fitness and overall health. If the drugs cause complications with improving or maintaining fitness, not everyone should be prescribed statins,” noted researcher John Thyfault, PhD.

Dr. Thyfault suggested that future research investigate whether lower doses of simvastatin or other types of statin drugs similarly affect exercise benefits. Beginning a statin regimen after obtaining a higher fitness level through exercise might reduce the medicine’s effects on fitness, he suggests.

For more information, read the article “Cholesterol-Lowering Drug May Reduce Benefits for Obese Adults” or see the study’s abstract in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. And to learn more about maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, read the article “Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol.”

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  • Mary G

    This is very interesting…the “standard of care” today is to have all diabetics take statins regardless of their cholesterol levels. It’s refreshing to read that someone is actually made a study showing they are not the “darlings” the pharmaceutical companies make them out to be.

    Exercise and lifestyle changes–such as ditching sugar and processed foods– do more for your health than these dangerous drugs could ever do.

  • Jim

    See for the effects of statin drugs. My side effects, as an exerciser, included muscle pain, muscle weakness, torn tendons, not to mention impaired cognitions, impaired memory, lack of motivation, increase in blood sugar, lack of energy. Also, read “The Cholesterol Myth” by Steven Sinatra. I didn’t realize my problems were related to statins for five years, when I could hardly take a step up. It took 8 months for the muscle pain to go away, once I stopped the drugs.

  • Howie R

    I feel the Same way!!!! I’m also wondering if it is affecting my ED. My legs get so sore, I can’t even walk around the block… I am going to get off the “Statins” and get more natural ways to improve my Health. Thanks for the Good direction…. I Hope it doesn’t take me that long to get rid of the pain…

  • Airborne mom

    I had been prescribed this drug and within one week I had such muscle pain I stopped the drug and told my doctor I would not take any statin. I am type II and my sugars were not in good control and my doctor suggested actos, byetta, etc. I told her that we may as well go right to insulin as it has been used for way many more years than these new meds. My sugar is under control and I am feeling better. My cholesterol numbers went under control by walking 30 minutes a day and it took about a year.

  • Diane Fennell

    Hi Howie R,

    Thanks for your comment! I hope that you can find an approach that helps control your cholesterol while keeping your pain at bay. As always, be sure to speak with your doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen.

    Thank you for your interest in Diabetes Self-Management!

    Diane Fennell
    Web Editor

  • Deborah Rener

    After being on statins for five years, I decided to stop them. Since I have stopped, my blood glucose is stabilized, instead of waking up to horrendous leg cramps, my legs seem to be getting stronger with no cramps, and the clinical depression has vanished. The muscle pain is still there after five months, but I seem to be able to function better. I am a CABG survivor, and the propaganda for statins still frightens me but the pain of every morning cramping, and all the other symptoms are reminders that poisons are not the best medicine.

  • Tony

    I have been on a statin for 8 months. Although my total cholesterol has dropped from 220 to 183, my exercise routines have hit the skids: no motivation, no energy, terrible eating habits, worsening memory. All since starting statins. Luckily, no muscle pain. But it is a struggle to hit the treadmill, etc. 3 or 4 times a week.

  • Anthony L. Summers

    Thank God I don’t have diabetes, but I have been
    taking statins for chloesterol for about 10 years.
    My last chack for my chloesterol was 157 LDL which
    I am diligently working on to lower. However, my
    desire to go and exercise has diminished and I
    feel that it would go a long way towards my goal
    of somewhere around 60LDL. I don’t think I said
    but I’m 64 and in fairly decent health. I also
    take several vitamin supplements to give my body
    what’s missing from my diet. I want a better quality of life and am willing to do what it takes
    to accomplish it. One of the supplements I take is
    COQ10 to counteract some of the effects of the
    statins. I hope this is beneficial to someone that
    maybe in the same condition. God Bless!!!

    Posted by Anthony-02/29/2013 @12:45pm

  • Onoosh

    No way I’d take a statin, and my doctor knows me better than to say more than “…now, I don’t suppose…” Fortunately I have my nurse there, supporting me with “I wouldn’t take those, either! ” ūüôā There are plenty of reputable studies detailing the dangerous side effects of statins on the general population, and not just us vulnerable diabetics. It’s all about drug company profits, folks, and NOT about our health and well-being.

  • Steve R.

    I can attest to the fact that Zocor can CAUSE ED, at least in my own case. My ED went away shortly after discontinuing Zocor. Cialis and Viagra seemingly were invented to sell alongside Zocor as far as I can tell. I had other muscle related issues while taking it. Statins are like poison to me. I have tried several with the same negative results in muscle pain & function. When waking up in the morning to an ordeal just to get out of bed being sore all over like I had been working out intensely all night long, I decided the “cure” was not worth the pain (Yay, my cholesterol numbers are great, but I feel like hell). I’m now statin free and my cholesterol is not high anymore either.

  • Takayuki Harada

    I have been experiencing muscle pain and painful bone joints pain for a couple years now since taking statins. What are the non statin options for people whose cholesterol is difficult to control because of family history. I really appreciate these articles that focus on statin use and its painful side effects.

  • Jeff H

    I started on Simvastatin about 4 years ago. I’ve always been active cycling (mountain biking and road biking) about 3000 miles per year riding 4 to 5 days a week and hitting the gym for some weights and 30 minutes of cardio on my “off days”. Before Simvastatin I was down to 185 lbs but my regimen of Red Yeast Rice and Niacin wasn’t doing the trick anymore. Since Simvastatin I’ve creeped back up to 200 lbs. I’m not diabetic, though it runs in the family and I expect at some point I’ll have to deal with it as well. I track what I eat and try to stick to a good diet but I just can’t seem to shed the pounds now.

    I have talked to my doctor about it, he seems OK with the weight, I’m 6’1″ so the weight isn’t terribly high for a 52 year old man. I just know I’m a lot faster on the bike when my weight is at 185 than 200. The younger guys I’m riding with are kicking my butt now. I can’t say I’m experiencing any more muscle pain than before I started simvastatin. Part of riding a lot is you do get sore. Before simvastatin we tried pravastatin but my liver functions weren’t great on that one. Simvastatin does seem to be keeping my cholesterol in check.

  • Daniel Arnold

    I went through this with all the cholesterol medications. I was losing muscle regardless of exercise I did. I was getting extremly tired with muscle aches, cramps, dark urine, my urine smelled bad, there was protein in my urine.

    I quit the medicine, the Doctor did not want me to. It was like someone turned on the power again. My blood sugers were better too. I could eat less and exercise more. I lost weight, but obviously gained muscle too. I lost four inches around the waiste.

    I now take 500 mg of Niacin and my cholesterol is normal for a non-diabetic. I use to have too little of the good cholesterol and higher triglicerides.

  • Don M

    Mary G is SO right. Sure, your mileage may vary, but statins can FOR SURE sap your ability to get in a good run, a long bike ride, etc. A longtime friend and training buddy of mine found that out recently, mostly as an unfortunate accident. Ran out of his Rx of statins while training for a century bike ride (100 miles) that we ended up doing together. All during training he was one of the slower rides and kept complaining of muscle pain that didn’t seem related to training (i.e., not located in muscles under heavy stress on long-distance rides). The last two to three weeks of training before our ride, he was off the statins and far outriding the pack! This is a fellow who, like me, is type 1, super-athletic, and an endurance athlete. I could give other examples from friends who are triathletes, marathoners, ultramarathoners, etc., and say the same thing. Bottom line: NEVER let your doc prescribe something “just because.” There should ALWAYS be a reason you’re taking a medication, or don’t take it!

    It’s funny that many in the medical establishment want you to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program but think nothing of telling people to take meds “just because.”

  • Mary G

    I was put on Zocor 5 years ago when I had a stroke and was found to have diabetes. My cholesterol levels were normal as well as my heart study and carotids. It was “standard of care”. I was already weak, dizzy, and in pain from falling from the stroke.

    Within three days my “normal” cholesterol total dropped to 151. At the time I did not know what a statin drug was or did. It was not explained to me by anyone..not the neurologist, cardiologist, diabetic nurse or even my PCP. All I knew was I was so weak I could hardly move. I remember telling my sister I thought I would never feel normal again and was wondering how I would be able to do rehab and all the exercises required to recover. I was lucky that they forgot to prescribe this drug when I went home. I was better within two weeks and successfully completed my rehab and was back to work in 8 weeks.

    I found out later through reading books, articles, and blogs such as this that statins can affect someone negatively after only one dose!!! In fact, taking my “normal” levels to 151 could have caused me to have a bleeding stroke…which could have been fatal!!! I have changed doctors 4 times due mainly to their insistence that I go back on a statin drug because of my diabetes. Now we find out that statins can CAUSE diabetes!!! When will the general public be spared this medical scourge? It should only be given to those who may benefit…like the people who have the genetic familial form of high cholesterol!!!

    As for starting a statin AFTER gaining a certain level of fitness seems like an oximoron approach to me!!! This will not “prevent” muscle damage. Why not add a healthy habit like cutting out sugar and wheat products to the aerobic exercise and watch cholesterol levels normalize? Cholesterol is our FRIEND…wrong way thinking is our enemy!

  • Marge Pierce

    I have taken the statin drugs Lipitor and Vytorin. I have even been on Welchol, a different type of cholesterol-lowering drug. They worked quite well lowering cholesterol. However, my muscle function deteriorated vastly. I got so bad, I had to CRAWL up stairs. My balance was non-existent. I could not sleep on my side because my leg muscles pulled down too much. My muscles burned and throbbed after shopping for just one hour. I even did therapy. My doctors prescribed co-Q-10, calcium, Vitamin D. I went through tons of Aleve, the only non-prescription pain reliever that actually dulled the pain. Since stopping the cholesterol-lowering drugs (over a year now), I have greatly improved. I can WALK up and down stairs, and I can go shopping for more than an hour. My “Aleve bill” has drastically reduced. However, I have not regained all my muscle strength. I used to be able to open jars that most other people couldn’t, but no more.
    Has anyone heard about a new cholesterol-lowering drug that is coming out shortly, as hinted by one of my doctors?

  • Henry

    I do not experience aerobic issues while taking statins. I have been using statins for more than 5 years, recently had to recover from a back operation, and completed thereafter, and after building up my aerobic capacity again, a 94.7km road race well in time.

  • David Portillo

    I tried many different brand of statins and all od=f them without exception make my joints ache and I feel tired most of the time. I stopped taking them since last November and I feel a whole lot better.

  • Diane Fennell

    Hi Takayuki Harada,

    Thanks for your comment! You might be interested in the article “Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol,” by registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Amy Campbell, for more information on nondrug ways to decrease LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

    Diane Fennell
    Web Editor

  • lenny

    I am off statins and feal better , told my doctor give them to his kids

  • gmb

    I agree with so many of these postings!

    First: The majority of doctors are prescribing all these drugs to diabetics and not looking at us as the whole person with a disease. They are just treating the disease.

    Second: Speak up to the doctors. Half the time they dont know the new finding. I take things in to my doctor and if he/she gets an attitude..well guess what? YOU ARE FIRED. Remember the doctors work for us not the other way around

    Third: If you are having severe symptoms to a drug, file a complaint with the FDA. I had renal problems with Lisinopril. The doctor refused to take me of it stating “if I take you off of it, what will protect your kidneys?” REALLY???? My report of the drug is now with the FDA and I did it on line…google “FDA”

    The more we give feedback whether its an unethical doctor or meds that are harming us, the more change we can make and we can all help each other.

  • Russell Stratton

    I take Crestor and I have exercised my whole life,but since I have been taking Crestor, my energy level is not what it should be . I exercise regularly and at times I have to force my self to do this. I eat properly and my sugar is under control. Lots of fruits and veggies and very little red meat. I have reduced the quantity of food I eat and as a result I have lost 20 lbs.Can you recommend something to replace Crestor. I will take it to my Doctor who sometimes doesn’t like to replace medications that have worked for me.

  • Ken Zeleny

    It seems to me everything I take is in some way bad for me. I am ready to give up.

  • Eric

    Since I started taking simvastatin about 17 months ago, I have been more fatigued during my nightly walks. Where I was once walking about a 16 minute mile, I am now pushing myself just to make a mile in 20 minutes. Weight-bearing exercise is becoming more difficult, also. I have exercised regularly all my life, so this is very frustrating and stressful.

  • Pam Schmidt

    I just got a call from my primary care doc yesterday about this problem. I’m told to lower my statin dose from 80mg per day to 10mg. Until I get the lower dose pills, I’m off Simvistatin completely. After only being off a day and a half I’m already noticing how much better I feel! As a type 2 diabetic, I thought I was doing everything right to manage my diabetes and reduce my risk of heart disease by taking this drug, eating a low carb/calorie diet and exercising at leat 30 min. 6 or 7 days a week. I have been plagued by aches and pains for so long, that I thought that was my normal! Now I can see that it’s not. If the 10mg simvistatin doesn’t cause the pain to return, I’ll continue it, but not if it’s not controling my cholserol and causes me too much pain.

  • M. Dodson CMA AAMA

    Have been perscribed Statins on several occasions. Statins give me headaches, nausea, lack of sleep. In general will no longer take them period.

  • Harvey F

    I too have noticed muscle cramps in my legs. I discontinue the use when the pain appears after a week or 2 of lipitor use. I was very glad to read about other peoples experiences with the satin drugs. I have lost weight by diet and excercise by walking daily.

  • David A Williams

    My doctor prescribed three different statins before I told her to stop; they were killing me. My liver enzymes went through the roof; I ached from head to foot; my muscles and joints hurt and weakness took over my whole body; all of a sudden, I felt old. I was/am diabetic, perfect weight for my height, a regular exerciser/walker/swimmer. I have never been seriously overweight, and weigh 163 now. After the failure of statins, I tried Red Rice Yeast as a natural remedy; it did the same thing.

    After a low-back injury last year, I acquired a ‘dumping syndrome,’ and the ortho prescribed a powder named ‘Cholestyramine;’ it has stopped the dumping and as of last week my Cholesterol is perfect. My doctor was amazed. Wala!!!

  • Elaine

    I’m type II diabetic and have been on statins for 5 yrs or so. My energy /ambition level has been ow,but thought I was just getting lazy. Since I’ve been lazy my muscle tone is gone. I’ve had joint problems, but I’m getting older. My very large problem is not being able to breathe well. All sorts of lung/heart/circulation yeast have returned normal, and I’ve never smoked. Muscle play a large part in breathing, so I’m seriously thinking of discontinuing the simvastatin.

  • Laverne

    I also have alot of muscle pain. I take Lipitor. I read somewhere that it can raise your blood sugar too. I would like to go off of it but am afraid I might have a heart attack or a stroke. What is a person supposed to do????

  • Rita

    I was taking simvastatin @40mg for 6 years, and now i have been taking lipitor @80mg for a little over a year now. I also take a lot of other meds. I figured it was a combination of medications, and reading this I now understand why I am having all this trouble, it is hard to work out when i feel like i have been working out for hours. I am a heart patient so it normally takes me a while to walk a mile kinda like and hr, but most of the time i am slower, and tired, i want to sleep a lot, i feel like i am being choked by my meds, my weight is very stagnant. i feel like my working out is in vain. I eat ok, but i am not sure, and i need a dietician that will help me, for my diabetes and my heart and my cholesterol, i don’t eat a lot of bad things, my favorite is beans. and i am not a big meat eater.

  • Don Ross

    I notice it, thought I was just lazy. There are days when I go big time, and other days when it is hard to do anything.

  • Linda Truesdell

    I have been taking 20 mg of Zocor for the last 15 years. I am 69 yrs old. I have read that problems exist at higher doses. I noticed the SMALL study involved 40 mg. I have no noticeable problems with Zocor.

  • Julia Vaughn

    I have taken different statins over the years.I
    am taking Pravastatin 20MG daily since 4/16/13.I
    also have had pre diabetes for 9yrs.I control it with diet and exercise.I had my A1C ON 5/21/13.
    It had gone from 6.0 to 6.9.I had been eating basically the same however,I have been having a
    problem exercising.I am not motivated to walk but
    I walk 20 a lower pace no matter how I feel.
    I walked three times today.My reading this morning
    was 138.After exercising it was 118,111,and 96.I
    did not take my medicine tonight.My sugar has not been over 6.4 in years.The going to recheck
    it in 3 mo.instead of 6 mo.I am really upset over this because I will have to count carbs and exercise until I drop.The big problem is that I don’t feel
    like exercising.

  • Rich Hughes

    I have been on every statin made, all leaving me without energy, and muscle weakness. Could barely get out of a chair and my LDL levels stayed above 120. My doctor put me on Crestor (2.5mg/day) and sent me to the gym (5 days a week/1 to 2 hours a day). For about 6 months all was fine, lost about 10 lbs, built up strength, LDL in the 60’s. Then I started to lose strength, had to drop the weight on all the circuit machines to maintain my reps . Dr took me off the Crestor for 90 days and the strength began to slowly come back but my LDL jumped back to 126. Six monthe ago I went back on Crestor taking 1/2 pill twice a week, continue to gain strength and LDL at 90. I will see if the lowered dose continues to work without side effects.

  • Bear Varine

    I am saddened at the present state of affairs in the statin drug debate. All the anecdotal evidence presented by hysterical opponents of statin drugs does nothing to promote the necessity of determining dosage, efficacy and side effects scientifically.

    A truly impartial observer is hopelessly confused by competing claims and accusations between the pro- and anti- groups. This kind of debate does not do much to serve the public interest. We need the facts, the science, the evidence, not the hype. I am frustrated and disillusioned by all the emotional non-science being dragged into this. The truth is out there somewhere, but it is drowned out by the paranoid ravings of partisans.

  • ElaineG

    This article says that statins have been around for 15 to 20 years. Some have been on the market since 1987 when Mevacor was approved. My mother has been on a statin since then and has made it to 92 years of age. I have inherited her genetically high cholesterol levels, well over 300 without medication. I have been on them since the mid to late 1990’s. I don’t believe my mother and I would be alive without them today. Heart attack or stroke for sure. My dad didn’t take them and he needed quadruple coronary heart bypass surgery in his early 80s. He’s on a statin now. There are tradeoffs for any medication. I think there are those whose doctors want them on a statin and the patients look for side effects so they can go off them. I hope they don’t regret it one of these days.

  • Lynda Silver

    I was taking Atorvastatin for about a year, and found myself having leg cramps at night, they would wake me up. My lower left leg kills me when I walk. I saw on Dr. Oz show he was speaking about “Plant Sterols” a natural remedy for lowering Cholestoral. I bought a bottle in the Vitamin Shop(60 pills for $10.00) I have been taking 2 a day, one in AM and one in PM. My problems with my legs have stopped, I feel I have more energy and can walk without pain. I have been on Plant Sterols for only 2 weeks and notice the change. Next time I go for blood work I will see if cholesterol numbers have gotten better.

  • Gerri

    I am diabetic and I just switched doctors because of being told I was too complicated. She gave me one statin after another even after I complained of muscle pain. She nor the pharmacist told me about possible side effects of statin but I read the full information sheet from the pharmacy. My new doctor has prescribed niacin RX but the side effects possible are almost as scary as statin so I have not taken it yet. The RX gives you a 24 hour hot line to call regarding side effects which costs monthly/5.00 but I still have not decided to take the RX!

  • Charlie

    Statin drugs are evil. I was on them for 7 years and the effects finally caught up with me, I could barely walk and had extreme pain in my feet, ankles, and calf muscles. I have been off them for 6 months now and have regained about 90% of where I was prior. My 85 YO dad had a similar experience. Got him off them too.

  • Laverne

    Are you taking cholesterol meds along with the plant sterois?? I have alot of muscle cramps at night also.I still have alot of energy so I have not been affected that way. But the muscle cramps are really painful.

  • Tandi

    What is one to do? I have been on a statin for 7-yrs. Initially Vytorin, then Simvastatin & most recently Dec 2012 Lipitor 10mg. My PCP took me off Simvastatin due to recent negative information. I am type II w/ most recent A1C of 5.5, fasting glucose in the 90’s & take Metformin 750mg BID. The statins have improved my LDL/HDL/Tri/total, all in acceptable ranges.

    I am chronically fatigued, lack the will to exercise, primarily walking w/ some strength training. But I have become significantly weaker, especially my legs. Walking has become painful, my legs feel like wood. I have thought this was due to my peripheral neuropathy in my lower legs/feet, but am beginning to think it may be due to the statins.

    Am seeing my PCP on June 4th for follow-up after neck surgery in March, but my main topic will be ‘statins’ & if I can discontinue. I need to get my strength & energy back as I care for my 1-year old grandson daily.

  • Marlene

    My parents have been taking statins for the past five years. Now they both use canes to walk, both have lost most of their muscle mass and strength. I tell them the statin is to blame but they listen to their doctor and refuse to stop taking the statins prescribed. Now my mother says one side effect of one of her high blood pressure meds is loss of muscle strength. Why do doctors continue prescribing medication that has muscle strength loss to seniors who need what muscle strength they have just to move around? My own doctor wants me to take statins for my cholesterol and I refuse.

  • Laverne

    Yesterday I worked in my yard for about 6 hours transplanting my hosta’s. When I finally came in the house I felt like someone ran me over. I decided to take a hot bath with some epsom salts. They worked great. I woke up the next morning feeling great. No aches or pains.

  • Mary G

    Interesting comment by Bear Varine. I’m sorry he’s saddened by this debate. He almost sounds like a pharmaceutical rep by his comments. he’s entitled to his opinion, just as we all are…

    I hope he does not think that the people commenting on this blog,reporting they suffered real and serious side effects from statins, are “hysterical” and somehow being “paranoid raving partisans”. I agree with Bear that, yes, the truth is out there somewhere. However, I can assure him that my reaction to statin drugs was not at all HYPE!!!

    I agree that some people can benefit from taking statins, but not everyone should automatically be put on these drugs “just because”. Besides, I know for a fact, that all too often the doctors do not do a close enough follow-up to make sure there are no serious side effects, and/or the patient is scared to report any side effects or thinks that feeling terrible is “normal” because they are not told otherwise. Reading blogs such as this gives everyone a chance to learn from each other and gives us a voice and a choice on how to proceed with improving our overall health and well being.

    Where are patients going to get the unbiased information they seek as to “dosage, efficacy, and side effects scientifically” as Bear so aptly says on any drug they take? If Bear or anyone else wants to take a statin, I say “be my guest…!!!” The rest of us are looking for answers to our questions and our doctors on the most part have not been able to help because they get their information from the drug reps who are biased.

    I would like a doctor who has suffered side effects from statins to weigh in on this issue. One doctor already has…Dr. Duane Graveline..see

  • Virginia Bair

    I found this article very inciteful! In April, I had a right total knee. (I am a non insulin dependent diabetic.) Two weeks prior to the surgery, my GP started me on Simvastatin 20 mg daily. Following a uneventful recovery from the surgery, I began to experience severe muscle weakness and pain which persists to this day despite attempts at exercise. I wake up in agony, generally in my shoulders, hips and legs. I went off the simvastatin several weeks ago with my doctors OK, but I’m not recovering as fast as I hoped. I do feel this is related to the use of Simvastatin.

  • Tandi

    I am late to post a comment, but still hope that someone might read my remarks & perhaps find value in them. When diagnosed w/ Diabetes 8-yrs ago, my lipid levels were out of range, but not terribly so…yet I was Rx’d a statin regardless of what my dietary changes might have been in responce to the diagnosis of diabetes…..initially Vytorin, then Simvastatin & now Lipitor 10mg for the past 5-6 months. The changes in meds were due to lack of coverage in current formulary through MediCare. Since taking Lipitor 10mg, my lower legs ache so terribly in my usual walking routine….I walk 1-mile 2-to-3 times daily. But since on Lipitor this is very difficult. Met w/ my PCP on 6/4/13 & she agreed to d/c Lipitor & obtain new lipid labs in 4-6 wks to see where I am & if a statin is still indicated. I hope that I have made the necessary dietary changes that will negate further use of statin drugs. My PCP told me that she has ‘gentler’ statins in her arsenal to use if my lipids do go out of normal ranges. I am on too many Rx’d meds, each & everyone to serve a purpose….yet I am trying as best I can to eliminate them when possible. This perhaps is very unusual, but my PCP really likes the fact that I am very pro-active in my medical care & that I educate myself w/ the most current medical information available. All of my medical care is through the University of California, Davis, Medical Center. My PCP is a resident in Internal Medicine & it is very refreshing that I can take to my appt a list of information I want to discuss & she is very receptive to my discussion & is willing to work w/ me. So rare to find…

  • Tandi

    So in review of previous postings, I am not so late in coming to this forum…having posted on June 1st & now June 7th. In reading the end of my post, the most important thing in one’s medical care is finding the physician that is willing to work w/ you & actually listens to you. I have worked in the medical field for the past 40-plus years. Finding the ‘just right physician’ for one-self is key, yet quite difficult. So far in the University system of medical care in California has actually worked quite well for me. I am blessed!!!

  • MPJ

    I take provastatin and have for many years due to type 2 diabetes. I do notice a decrease in get up and go (even though I make myself do so) but have just blamed it on age (over 70).

  • patricia

    5 weeks on low dose Zocor was enough for me! no energy, leg and tendon pain. took about 10 days to regain my strength.

  • Brian

    I’ve been on statins for several years.
    I’m a type 2 diabetic.
    My lipids are not great, my doc “wishes he jhad my levels”
    I have had no problems with my liver, muscle pains, lack of energy, memory loss or any of the other possible side effects.
    Not every drug is for everybody, even if it works well for a magority.
    All I can say is try to find a good doctor who will work with you and you with them to inprove your health.

  • Brian

    Correction to my last post:
    My lipids are great.

  • jim snell

    I am a little surprised about a statement here that statins reduce effects of exercise. What – statins help burn off the glucose in the skeletal muscles.

    I do not dispute the other concerns and issues raised but exercise is crucial to offload glucose out of the skeletal muscles.

    I do not see that other connection and negative action at all.

    What statistical exercise is proposing that nonsense?