Share Your Diabetes Tattoos

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Dealing with diabetes day in and day out is difficult, but inspiration to stay on top of the condition can come in many forms. For some, immortalizing the source of their strength in the form of a tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the good things in life.

Do you have a diabetes-themed tattoo? If so, website Healthline invites you to share a photo of your body art, along with the story behind it, for inclusion in the “Inspiring Diabetes Tattoos” gallery. To participate, send a clear photo of the tattoo (at least 285 x 285 in .jpg or .png format) to by April 3, 2015, with the subject line “My diabetes tattoo.” Also include a description, in 90 words or less, of what inspired the tattoo, and identify whether you would like your name to be published with the submission.

For more information, and to view tattoo submissions to date, visit Healthline.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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