Share What It’s Like to Live With Diabetes: Walk With D

Have you ever felt like other people don’t truly get what it’s like to live with diabetes? The new “Walk With D” campaign is a chance for you to raise understanding of how it feels to have the condition.


Walk With D is based on the old saying that “you can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” It aims to build bridges between people with and without diabetes and to encourage connections between peers. “Together,” the website says, “we can create a collage that shows people both in and outside of the diabetes community the reality of life with diabetes.”

To take part, simply use blog posts, photos, tweets, status updates, and videos posted on social media to share your story. Tagging your stories with the hashtag #WalkWithD will ensure it is collected on the Walk With D Tagboard.

To learn more, visit the Walk With D website.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • joan

    I feel no need to let others know what it is like to have diabetes. If it comes up, fine. But I like to just fit in, not go around wearing a sign “I have diabetes.” It is my responsibility to select right foods at a restaurant, even in a friend’s home, not their responsibility to select the “right” place for me, “She has diabetes, you know.”

    We all have something.

  • Redneck Angel

    The problem is not so much that ‘other people’ don’t get it, it is that they don’t want to get it! Any time I try to explain how it works &/or feels, people want to tell me how I could do it better, or how it would ‘go away’ if only you’d….(fill-in the blank with the latest “finding”). After over 40 years of diabetes & still having all my pieces & they all work reasonably well for an old woman, you’d think that that alone would give credence to what I know about it. Not to mention being a RN with an advanced degree n community health. But “No!” everyone & almost anyone knows better or has the ‘fix’! I have given up explaining, no one really wants to listen anyway. It is a waste of time.

  • Ferne

    That’s the last thing I want to discuss with others. Most aren’t interested anyway.