Second Insulin Pumpers Retreat

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Insulin Pump Retreat

If you use an insulin pump to control your diabetes, then you won’t want to miss the Second Insulin Pumpers Retreat, taking place this September in Ontario, Canada.

According to the organizers, the retreat is “a professional, social forum of engagement for individuals living with the challenges of diabetes using an insulin pump.”

Featured topics at the conference will include “Healthy Living and Activity,” with leading Canadian experts on exercising with insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, “The Economics of Pump Therapy,” about the most efficient ways to manage ongoing pump-related costs, “Pumping Gluten Free,” “Technology: 2005-2015 and Beyond,” and more. Additionally, vendors will be available to showcase their current technology.

Family members and other supporters are welcome to the conference, and may choose to either attend the sessions or to participate in alternate activities such as a guided walk along the waterfront trail or a wine-tasting tour in Prince Edward County.

The retreat will be taking place September 18–19 at the Belleville, Ontario, Travelodge. The registration fee, which is $175 plus $125 for each accompanying participant, includes participation in the full conference program, a barbecue dinner and reception on Friday overlooking the Bay of Quinte, and a buffet lunch and refreshments on Saturday. (Overnight accommodation and activities outside the conference program are not included.)

For more information on the conference, including how to register for the event and any necessary hotel accommodations, view the retreat brochure.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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