Sanofi Offering Insulin at $99 Per Month

Insulin manufacturer Sanofi SA announced today that it will cut the cost of its insulins to $99 per month for patients who are uninsured and for those who pay cash for the medicine. Beginning in June, patients in the United States can access up to 10 boxes of pens and/or vials per month with a valid prescription.


The move represents an expansion of Sanofi’s Insulin Valyou Savings Program that launched last year, which has resulted in roughly $10 million in patient savings, according to Sanofi.

“By giving those who require both long-acting and/or mealtime insulins or use more than one box of pens or one vial per month access to their insulins for one flat price, we aim to help limit the burden on the individuals who have high out-of-pocket costs at the pharmacy counter,” said Michelle Carnahan, Head of North America Primary Care at Sanofi.

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