Recipe of the Week: Pear and peanut butter breakfast stacks

Who says you have to eat traditional “breakfast foods” for breakfast? These easy-to-assemble pear, peanut butter, and graham cracker “stacks” make a hearty breakfast filled with fiber and healthful monounsaturated fat. For other creative breakfast ideas, see Amy Campbell’s blog entry this week.


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  • Duff

    Sodium 450 mg
    Carbs 53 g
    Fat 14 g

    Thsi should not be on any diabetics menu.
    I suggest:
    low fat, oil free,sugar free, salt free peanut butter

    There is lots of taste & ntural sugars in the pear and cinnamon.

  • Tara Dairman, Web Editor

    Hi Duff,

    As dietitian Amy Campbell mentions in her blog entry this week, it is common for men to have a diabetes meal plan that calls for 45-60 grams of carbohydrate at breakfast, a range into which this recipe fits. As I mentioned above, the vast majority of the fat in this recipe, coming from peanut butter, is of the heart-healthy, unsaturated variety. And if a person is following a lower-sodium diet, he can modify the recipe by using unsalted peanut butter, which would reduce the amount of sodium in the recipe by about 200 milligrams.