Recipe of the Week: Banana nut bran muffins

Think you don’t have time for breakfast? Think again! You can whip up a batch of these fiber-rich muffins in less than an hour on the weekend, then freeze the leftovers for a delicious, microwave-and-go breakfast on busy weekday mornings. For more information on the benefits of breakfast, check out Amy Campbell’s blog entry this week.


Click here for the recipe.

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  • bailee

    About the banana bran nut muffins—It tells how much carbs, sodium, fat, etc but doesn’t mention what the sugar content is. I’ve noticed that many recipes do this. Bailee

  • Tara Dairman, Web Editor

    Dear bailee,

    The grams of carbohydrate listed represent the total number of grams of carbohydrate, including simple sugars, starches, and other carbohydrates. We do not list simple sugars separately because they affect blood glucose no differently than starches and have the same number of calories per gram.

    You may want to check out dietitian Amy Campbell’s blog entry “Carb Counting” for more details on this subject.

  • Devorah

    I modified the recipe using oat bran instead of wheat bran, and chopped walnuts instead of pecans. Also included non-dairy chocolate chips (antioxidants). They came out wonderful…a hit with fasmily and friends!

  • Karen

    Absolutely wonderful! Moist & very flavorful. Substituted Domino’s Splenda brown sugar. We’re going to make an extra batch to freeze. It took four average-sized bananas to get 1-1/3 cups.