Readers’ Choice: 5 Most-Read Stories 2017

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Reader’s Choice: 5 Most-Read Stories 2017

This year was chock-full of diabetes news, cutting-edge research, nutrition updates, and more. In celebration of 2017, Diabetes Self-Management is looking back at the year’s most-read stories and serving up the news and information you found most helpful and useful.

 What is Normal Blood Sugar Level?

1. What is a Normal Blood Sugar Level?

The primary goal of diabetes treatment is to bring blood sugar (or glucose) as close to normal as possible. But what is a normal and how can normal blood sugar be achieved? This how-to-guide highlights the American Diabetes Association recommendations for proper blood sugar management and includes a must-keep blood sugar chart and more. Read the guide >>

         Turmeric and Diabetes: 10 Ways Turmeric Can Help

2. Turmeric and Diabetes: 10 Ways Turmeric Can Help

Did you know turmeric, a root-based medicine derived from the ginger family; may lower blood sugar and cholesterol, protect your eyes and kidneys, relieve pain, prevent cancer, and improve your sex life? Read the list of 10 ways turmeric can improve your health >>

 Healing Numb Feet

3. Healing Numb Feet

Diabetes is hard on feet. Because the feet are farthest from the heart, problems with blood flow can leave you with poor circulation, numbness, loss of foot strength, or worse. Read our tips to effectively heal and protect your feet >>

 The Power of Potassium

4. The Power of Potassium

Potassium plays an important role in diabetes management and overall kidney health. The mineral’s primary function is to help nerve conduction, regulate heartbeat, and help muscles contract. People with diabetes who have kidney disease need to be especially careful of their potassium intake. Learn more about potassium and find out why too much potassium is just as dangerous as too little >>

 High Blood Sugar Symptoms

5. High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Common indicators of high blood sugar are increased thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision, slow healing of cuts, and more. What prompts these symptoms and why do they occur? Read the blog >>

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