Random Thoughts on My Diabetes and This Blog


What follows in this week’s blog entry is — for the most part — a nonnarrative about a few things regarding my self-management. Often I write about what’s happened in the past week or so, but the last week has been rather uneventful in my diabetes[1] life. This morning as I took the dog on her hour-long walk, I tried but could not think of anything to write about this week. It’s a problem that doesn’t happen to me too often, because I can usually take a seemingly insignificant aspect of my life with diabetes and spin it out into a good thousand-word blog entry.

Today, however, it’s just not happening, in large part due to late nights with a new video game and some foggy-headed mornings. I keep wanting to write about my insulin pump[2] basal[3] pattern and how I try to hold it about 20 mg/dl lower than recommended, and why I do that, but I can’t find a way into that entry. Maybe next week?

So here are three bullet points for my blog this week:

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Eric Lagergren: Eric Lagergren was born in 1974 but didn’t give much thought to diabetes until March 2007, when he was diagnosed with Type 1. He now gives quite a bit of thought to the condition, and to help him better understand his life as a person with diabetes, he writes about it. Eric is the senior editor for the Testing Division at the University of Michigan’s English Language Institute in Ann Arbor. (Eric Lagergren is not a medical professional.)

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