Product Roundup: Tools for Traveling With Medications

Looking for useful tools for traveling with your diabetes medication? Look no further for portable, insulated cases to take everything on the go!

FRIO Insulin Cooling Case

This cooling case keeps things simple and is the ideal light, compact pouch to throw everything in and take with you. It keeps insulin (and other temperature-sensitive medications) safe without the hassle of ice packs or refrigeration. The wallet’s inner dimensions are 5.5” x 7”, which holds four insulin pens or six 10-milliliter vials and syringes. Since the wallet doesn’t require refrigeration, it is helpful for emergency preparedness, camping and traveling. It is activated with water and must be soaked for 5–10 minutes, after which it keeps the temperature of its contents under 78°F for a minimum of two days. The FRIO pouch is lighter and smaller than traditional medication-cooling cases, making it easily portable and no-fuss.

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Diabetic Travel Organizer Plus

Diabetic Travel Organizer Plus[2]This travel organizer will be your best friend when traveling for a long weekend or during the holidays. It will help you ensure that all your supplies are in one place and that nothing gets lost at the bottom of a suitcase. The case holds enough supplies for three days and includes refreezable cool packs so everything stays at the perfect temperature. It can fit up to four bottles of insulin, a meter and assorted other supplies, and comes with loops to snugly fit pens and syringes.


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TAWA Insulin Cooler Travel Case

[4]This temperature-controlled case provides insulation, a long cooling effect and is stylish and portable. It comes with two reusable gel ice packs, can carry a variety of medical equipment securely and is water resistant. The case is compact and can fit inside luggage or a purse, making it a great travel companion for flights and short road trips. The cooler travel case is lined with padded layers of specialty material that provide a thermal insulating barrier. The product also includes a 1-year warranty.

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