Product Roundup: Skin, Eye, and Mouth Care


Looking for products to help with diabetes skin, eye, and mouth care? Check out this roundup of some our favorite items that can be found on Amazon.


[1]Skin issues related to diabetes can cause itching, scarring, dehydrated skin, and change in skin tone. Here’s where Bio-Oil comes in. Bio-Oil is clinically proven and dermatologist-recommended to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. When used twice daily, it can help restore the skin’s lipid layer that prevents loss of moisture, and it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin soft, supple, and young-looking. This hypo-allergenic oil contains a blend of botanical oils and vitamins that is suitable for all skin types, and it won’t clog pores. Bio-Oil has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in 2018, along with multiple beauty awards, worldwide.

Bio-Oil is available in 2-ounce, 4.2-ounce, and 6.7-ounce sizes. Remember: If you do develop a diabetes-related skin condition, it’s important to see your provider for an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops

[3]It’s estimated that more than half of people who have diabetes also have dry eye. One reason for this may be due to polyneuropathy that can damage nerves in the eye, affecting the ability to form tears.

While there is no cure for dry eye, Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops can provide much-needed relief. The preservative-free formula contains flaxseed and castor oils to help restore the lipid layer in the eye and prevent tear evaporation. It’s been clinically proven to treat the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye, and is safe to use as often as needed. Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops comes in 30 single-use vials that can easily be tucked into your purse, briefcase, or pocket for fast relief, any time. And, these vials require no shaking prior to use. If you think you might have dry eye, talk with your eye-care specialist, and ask about using Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant Eye Drops.

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TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges

[5]Dry mouth[6], or xerostomia, is a common occurrence in people who have diabetes. The best way to avoid dry mouth is to focus on getting and keeping your blood glucose levels within your target range. In addition, drinking plenty of fluids, brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and sucking on lozenges, such as TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges, can also help.

Unlike other lozenges or breath mints, TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges work in three stages to combat dry mouth symptoms. During stage 1, unpleasant tastes and odors are eliminated. In stage 2, zinc and xylitol come to the rescue to fight the source of bad breath. And in stage 3, a flavor agent stimulates saliva flow to provide soothing symptom relief. TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges are sugar-, calorie-, and gluten-free[7], and come in two flavors and three package sizes.

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