Product Review: Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

You know how being physically active is so important when you have diabetes. So maybe you’ve taken steps (literally) to get outside and be active, especially now that it’s summer. Whether you like to walk, jog, bicycle, or hit a few golf balls, it’s much more motivating to stay on the move when you have your favorite playlist or podcast to listen to. And if you use any kind of app to track your steps, heart rate, or even your blood sugar, it’s essential to have your phone with you. But carrying your phone in your hand or your pocket can be cumbersome.


Fret no more: Strap the Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband on your arm and you’re good to go! This water-resistant neoprene and polyester armband holds iPhones X, 8, 7, 6S, 6, SE, 5S, 5C, and 5, as well as Galaxy S4, S3, and S2. The no-slip design keeps your phone safely in place so that you can enjoy the activity of your choice. You can easily reach your screen to change tunes or make a phone call, as well. The band is adjustable to fit upper arms of different sizes, and it comes in eight colors. Bonus: The phone case sports reflective strips that provide extra safety if you’re walking or jogging in the dark, as well as a slot to carry your house key. Order your Tribe Cell Phone Armband today so that you can safely and easily keep your phone with you while you enjoy a fun — and active — summer.

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