Product Review: Taylor Long-Stem, Digital Food Thermometer

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Product Review: Taylor Long-Stem, Dual-Scale Digital Thermometer

Cookout season is here! Whether you grill outdoors or indoors, grilling is easy and, for the most part, a healthy way to cook meals. The downside of backyard barbecues is the very real risk of food-borne illness, especially when the temperature is soaring. Burgers, hot dogs, pork, chicken and fish all need to be cooked thoroughly to limit the risk of bacterial infection from nasty bugs like Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli and Listeria. If you have diabetes, you may have a higher risk of contracting a food-borne illness, which means paying extra careful attention to how well your foods are cooked.

One of the best tools for keeping you and your loved ones safe from infection is a food thermometer. Don’t rely on the inside color of your steak, burger or chicken to determine if it’s cooked — instead, use the Taylor long-stem digital thermometer to ensure that your foods are safe to eat. This must-have thermometer gives you a five-second response and reads temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Prefer to use Celsius? The Taylor digital thermometer can easily switch into Celsius mode. When you’re done cooking, store the food thermometer in its antimicrobial sleeve. Taylor Precision Products have been around for 150 years, so this is a brand that you can trust. Happy grilling!

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