Product Review: Planet Wise Reusable Sandwich Bags

You’ve started bringing your lunch — and maybe some snacks — to work to help you eat healthier and better manage your diabetes. Great job! Now, about those plastic sandwich bags…chances are, you buy a box, use one or several and throw them out after you’ve eaten what’s inside. Problem is, those sandwich bags aren’t so great for the environment. According to the website Statista, 11.5 million Americans used 21 or more sandwich bags within 7 days in 2018. Like many other plastic bags, those sandwich baggies can’t be dumped into your curbside recycling bin. Many of these bags end up in landfills or in the ocean.


Keep yourself and the environment healthy by switching to Planet Wise’s reusable clear sandwich bags. Made in the U.S. from PVC-, phthalate-, BPA- and lead-free food-safe materials, these bags can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher, time and time again. Use these bags for sandwiches, snacks and leftovers. They’re also great for carrying non-food items, too, such as cosmetics and toiletries. You get three reusable bags, and you can choose from clear, pink, green or purple. Stash your snacks in these Planet Wise bags and do good for the environment while you do good for yourself!

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