Product Review: OakRidge Sharps Container

If you have diabetes and check your blood sugar or inject insulin, you might be using sharps on a daily basis. “Sharps” refers to devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Lancets, syringes, insulin pen needles, insulin pump infusion sets, and glucose sensor insertion needles are examples of sharps that are commonly used by people who have diabetes.


Used sharps are a real danger to people and pets if they’re not disposed of safely and properly because they can spread serious infections, including HIV and hepatitis B and C. It’s important to have an appropriate, designated container in which to place used sharps. OakRidge sharps containers come in packages of three, making them perfect for use at home, at work, and when traveling. They’re made of puncture- and impact-resistant material that meets Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, including OSHA and EPA regulations for biohazardous waste collection. In addition, the clear lid on each of these containers allows you to see when it’s getting full; once the container is full, you can lock the lid before disposing of the container. Additionally, each container is clearly labeled with instructions for use, plus a biohazard warning.

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