Product Review: Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages

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Product Review: Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandages

No doubt you likely had your fair share of cuts, scrapes and skinned knees when you were a child. Those same cuts, scrapes and skinned knees are much more serious when you have diabetes. People who have diabetes are more likely to develop an infection from a cut or sore, especially if that occurs on the feet. High blood glucose levels and circulation problems, in turn, can hinder the healing process, and a small cut or blister can quickly become a serious problem. That’s why checking your feet daily for cuts or sores that aren’t healing is a vital part of foot care.


Fortunately, if you do get a cut or scrape, Nexcare waterproof clear bandages will come to the rescue. These bandages won’t budge until you want to take them off. They’re waterproof and they really do stay on, even if you take a shower or a bath, go for a swim or sweat heavily. The 360-degree seal around the pad keeps out germs, dirt and water, helping to lessen the chance of infection. Nexcare waterproof bandages are ultra-thin and breathable, making them comfortable to wear all day. Plus, they come off easily — and there’s no sticky residue! Do your best to avoid those cuts and scrapes, but if you get one, reach for Nexcare waterproof bandages.

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Amy CampbellAmy Campbell, MS, RD, LDN, CDE

A Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator at Good Measures, LLC, where she is a CDE manager for a virtual diabetes program. Campbell is the author of Staying Healthy with Diabetes: Nutrition & Meal Planning, a co-author of 16 Myths of a Diabetic Diet, and has written for  publications including Diabetes Self-Management, Diabetes Spectrum, Clinical Diabetes, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation’s newsletter,, and

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