Product Review: Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender

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Product Review: Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender

Eating healthfully is a key part of managing diabetes. But challenges come along with all that healthy eating, and one of them is time. Who has time to drag out the blender or food processor? And cleaning those gadgets? Forget it! It’s so much easier to order take-out, right? Not anymore! Meet the kitchen tool that you soon won’t be able to do without: the Mueller Ultra-Stick 9 Speed Hand Blender.

Sometimes known as an immersion blender, this Mueller hand blender will make it possible to whip up tasty — and healthy — delights, such as smoothies, soups, tomato sauce, pesto, hummus, salad dressing, nut butters, and scrambled eggs in no time at all. This handy kitchen tool has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy hold, plus an S-shaped stainless-steel blade that makes blending super-fast and easy. And unlike many other immersion blenders on the market, the Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender has a 500-watt European, high-quality copper motor that holds up, use after use. It also comes with a whisk attachment, which is perfect for beating egg whites or whipping cream. Finally, clean up’s a breeze: just detach the blending arm and rinse with water or pop it into your dishwasher. Healthy eating just got a whole lot faster!

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