Product Review: Hex Performance Laundry Detergent

You’re doing it! Whether you’re a long-time exerciser, athlete or newbie to physical activity, as of January 1, you’ve turned up your exercise routine and been improving your health, helping your diabetes, easing stress and maybe even sleeping a bit better, too. Great job! Now, about your workout clothes…they maybe aren’t smelling as fresh as you’d like. It’s no surprise, either: the majority of fitness clothing is made from synthetic materials, including polyester, nylon, polypropylene and spandex. The plus side of these fabrics is that they move with you and are durable. They also wick moisture and dry quickly (no more soggy cotton t-shirts!). The downside is that the regular detergents you use to wash your clothing, sheets and towels aren’t really designed to clean and deodorize your exercise clothing. End result? Funky smells from bacteria and mildew can get trapped in your tanks, shorts and leggings, leaving them smelling like the inside of a school gym locker room.


Problem solved with Hex Performance Power+ Laundry Detergent! Hex’s formula is totally unlike other detergents. For one thing, it’s free from dyes and fillers, and it pours like water. For another, it totally eliminates odors, and it’s safe for all of your clothes (not just your gym gear). Speaking of odor, Hex’s formula not only gets bad smells out, it helps prevent them from coming back AND it protects your clothing from stains. That’s a plus, since workout clothes can cost a pretty penny. But it gets better: Hex’s formula is also free from heavy perfumes and phosphates — it’s safe for the environment, and 93% percent of the paper in its packaging is sustainable. You might say that Hex laundry detergent is mean, clean AND green!

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