Product Review: Eucerin

In the summer, skin-care hazards are everywhere, from bright sunshine to chlorinated pool water to poison ivy. While skin problems don’t always come to mind as a complication of diabetes, high blood sugar can in fact lead to a number of skin issues, some of them serious. To help stop skin troubles before they start, Eucerin offers creams, lotions, sunscreens and cleansers designed to moisturize, protect and heal.


Founded more than 100 years ago by German pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf, the company, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, uses a research-based approach, working with pharmacists and dermatologists to test and refine its products.

Eucerin products are designed for many skin types and needs, such as soothing dry and itchy skin;

protecting against UV rays;and relieving eczema. Whether you’re trying to repair damage or keep healthy skin in good shape, Eucerin has an option that can help.

For more information, visit, and check out their line of products on Amazon!


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