Product Review: Chillpack Double Bag Diabetic Travel Organizer

Traveling with diabetes gets easier all the time. Whether you’re “flying the friendly skies,” setting sail on a yacht, taking a road trip, or hiking in the woods behind your house, you can safely manage your diabetes and still explore the great outdoors. But wherever you go, always make sure you have your diabetes medicines and supplies with you.


If you take insulin or non-insulin injectables, such as dulaglutide (brand name Trulicity), exenatide (Byetta and Bydureon), albiglutide (Tanzeum), liraglutide (Victoza), or amylin (Symlin) it’s important to keep them out of extreme temperatures. Heat and cold can spoil your insulin and your non-insulin injectables, and can even affect how your blood glucose meter works. The Chillpack Double Bag Diabetic Travel Organizer is a perfect way to keep your medicines, pens, syringes, meter, and other diabetes supplies safe and organized. This insulated cooler bag is double-thick for extra protection, and comes with two ice packs that will ensure that your medicine and supplies stay at the right temperature — without freezing.

The Chillpack Double Bag Travel Organizer is also ideal for sports, camping, and even going to work. Knowing that you have everything you need to care for your diabetes in one place will go a long way to give you peace of mind and manage your diabetes, whether at home, work, or abroad.

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