Pops! Blood Glucose Monitoring System Gets FDA Approval

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Pops! Blood Glucose Monitoring System Gets FDA Approval

Pops! Diabetes Care has announced that its Pops! one Blood Glucose Monitoring System has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clearing the way for the product to be available for purchase in early 2019.

As shown on the company’s website, the Pops! one System includes a slim blood glucose meter that can be attached to a mobile phone (but doesn’t have to be), and communicates with the phone to display and store blood glucose readings.

In addition to showing and storing blood glucose readings, the Pops! app is designed to coach users to manage their diabetes as effectively as possible. This includes reminders to check blood glucose, as well as pointing out trends in levels.

As with most apps that sync with blood glucose meters, Pops! allows users to share their stored blood glucose readings with family members or health-care providers.

“Pops! has made it much easier to manage my blood sugar,” says Lonny Stormo, CEO of Pops! Diabetes Care, who notes that his HbA1c level (a measure of long-term blood glucose control) has gone down while using the system.

Stormo adds that the system “makes it possible for me to check my blood sugar standing in a movie theater lobby or hiking in the park, and the app helps me in anything from simple reminders to easily looking at my trends.”

For more information, visit the Pops! Diabetes Care website.

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