Oprah Reveals She Had Prediabetes Prior to Weight Loss

Prior to losing 42 pounds through her commitment to a healthier lifestyle and WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Oprah Winfrey was living with prediabetes[1], she has revealed[2].


Prediabetes — a condition in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis — increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes[3] and affects an estimated 84 million people in the United States[4], about 90% of whom don’t know they have it. In a letter she shared with People,[5] Oprah, 65, divulged that she was diagnosed with the condition: “I haven’t shared with many, but I will share with you, that I was diagnosed with prediabetes before WW.” Her mother Vernita, she says, had type 2 diabetes and was taking insulin.

Fortunately, there are steps that can help reduce the chances of prediabetes developing into type 2, including increasing physical activity[6], eating a healthful diet[7] and losing weight[8]. As a result of adopting a healthier lifestyle, Oprah says that her blood pressure[9] “is now stabilized and in a healthy range,” and her blood sugar[10] “numbers are back to normal too.”

Want to learn more about prediabetes? Read “Prediabetes: What to Know”[11] and “Stopping Prediabetes In Its Tracks.”[12]

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Diane Fennell[13]

Diane Fennell

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