Now, If My BGs Would Just Stop Acting Up…

What a great birthday present I got last week. And that didn’t even include the deck, which is now usable, if not finished.

My friend Nancy, who is from Illinois but lives in Germany, called. “Would you please ask Bill and me over for dinner next Thursday?” she asked. Zowie! I haven’t seen her for a year and it’s not looking good for me traveling to visit her this year. Bill — her husband — has a meeting in St. Louis, and she’s tagging along. Amazingly enough, having Nancy come along and visit me was his idea. I never knew he liked me!

My husband keeps suggesting we take them out to dinner instead. You know, to save me from having to cook and do things like find the top of the dining room table. I want to stay home. My foot is healing[1], but it still tends to throb if I don’t keep it up for much of the day. Also, my dining room chairs are comfortable and I can move to the sofa for after-dinner chat.

Cooking is no big deal. I know how to fix things as I feel up to it and have them ready to throw on the stove or into the oven with little or no further work. For example, I’ve decided on barbecued brisket. I can make the sauce any time and stick it in the fridge. When it’s time, all I have to do is brown the brisket, pour the sauce over it, and stick it in the oven for a nice, slow roast. The same goes for other things: Make the coleslaw dressing in advance and then toss it with cabbage, carrots, and jalapeno peppers, for example. Piece of cake.

(Drat! I forgot about dessert! Got any ideas? Hmmm…did you know that if you put a frozen pie in your own pan, people think you baked it yourself? I keep a pie pan around just for that purpose.)

We could even have coffee and dessert on the deck if I had any furniture out there.

The deck is awesome. Actually, not the deck as much as the ramp. For the first time Sunday, I did not have to maneuver up and down steps to get in and out of the house. I hopped on my scooter in the house and rode it out to the van. My granddaughter put it in the van and off we went.

Monday, I went to a meeting all by myself. I couldn’t take the scooter with me because I didn’t have anybody to put it in the van (I can take it out, but can’t lift it to get it back in). I rode the scooter into the garage, used my walker to get to the van, and took off for a meeting. When I returned home, I used the walker to get into the garage, hopped on the scooter, and rode into the house.

If it stops raining today, I can even scoot over to the grocery stores to get ingredients for Thursday’s dinner.

Aside from those two wonderful happenings, life is a bit frustrating right now. I finished taking my antibiotics and my blood glucose shot up high. Again. It was high before I had the last surgery[2]. Then, the evening of the surgery, I crashed — and kept on doing so until I got my basal rates[3] lowered to where they needed to be to keep my glucose in a good range.

Now I’m doing just the opposite: Gradually raising my basal rates until I find the right formula to keep me going without too many high or low blood glucose levels.

People who don’t have diabetes have no idea just how much fun they’re missing. They think Type 2s only have to take a pill and not eat cheesecake.

Hmmm…cheesecake. That makes a good dessert, too.

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