New Guidelines for Treating Neuropathy Pain

The American Academy of Neurology, in collaboration with the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has issued new guidelines on the best treatments for pain from diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, is the most common complication of diabetes.


In people with diabetes, neuropathy is believed to be caused in large part by excess glucose in the blood infiltrating the nerves and interfering with their electrical signals. Sensory neuropathy impacts the nerves responsible for sensation, and typically affects the feet, legs, hands, and arms. Symptoms include pain, numbness, loss of sensation, tingling, coldness, and sensitivity to touch. (Another type of neuropathy, autonomic neuropathy, impacts nerves that control the functions of internal organs, and may cause complications ranging from gastroparesis to sexual dysfunction.)

According to the Academy, strong evidence shows that the anti-seizure drug pregabalin (brand name Lyrica) is effective for the treatment of neuropathy pain. Moderate evidence supports the use of a variety of other treatments, including the antidepressants duloxetine (Cymbalta), venlafaxine (Effexor), and amitriptyline (Elavil, Endep, Vanatrip), the anti-seizure drugs gabapentin (Fanatrex, Gabarone, Neurontin), and valproate (Depacon), and a variety of opioid painkillers. Capsaicin, derived from hot peppers, and transcutaneous nerve stimulation also appear to be effective for treating pain from nerve damage. The guidelines note that doctors should decide which of these treatments to prescribe on a case-by-case basis.

The Academy found that several types of treatment, including reiki therapy, magnetic field therapy, low-intensity laser therapy, and various kinds of medicines, do not appear to be effective treatments for neuropathy pain based on current evidence.

According to lead guidelines author Vera Bril, MD, FRCP, “When neuropathy strikes, it is painful and can disrupt sleep; because of this, it can also lead to mood changes and lower quality of life. It is estimated that diabetic nerve pain affects 16% or more of the more than 25 million people living with diabetes in the United States and is often unreported and more often untreated, with an estimated two out of five cases not receiving care… We were pleased to see that so many of these pain treatments had high-quality studies that support their use.” Bril added that long-term research is still necessary to see how well these treatments are tolerated over time, since neuropathy is a chronic condition.

The guidelines will serve as the basis for new tools that the American Academy of Neurology is developing to help doctors evaluate treatments for people with nerve pain.

For more information about the recommendations, and to see a chart showing all of the recommended treatemtns, read the article “New Guidelines on Best Treatments for Diabetic Nerve Pain” or download the full guidelines from the journal Neurology.

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  • Pat

    My concern is that diabetes affects the body so many ways, that doctors will not go further than the fact than you have diabetes. It has become an ‘explain-all’ diagnosis for so many ailments. I keep wondering if all my little complaints are indeed due to the diabetes, or if it might be something else causing the problems. I would just like to urge doctors to treat the person, not the disease.

  • Linda

    Lyrica definitely DID NOT work at all for me. And, it caused suicidal thoughts. An awful drug! Cymbalta also did not work but at least no suicidal symptoms.

  • John S

    I have been taking Gabapentin, 1000mg 3X/nite before bed. I have not been sure that it ever felt like it was doing a lot. When I first started it with 2X, it might have helped, but could have been a placebo effect. I then added 2 500mg Tylenol which seemed to help the burning sensation I would get 2-3 hours after going to bed. I have been told I can take up to 6 Gabapentin, bt I do not like the idea of taking that many horse-sized pills besides my other meds.

    The only thing new I have tried was Muscle Activation Therapy that I was getting for another unrelated issue. This technique palpitates the ligaments and muscles and the result of ywice a week sessions I found that the work on my calves and feet which increased circulation, seemed to increase the sensation and reduce the numbness. Has anyone else experenced this?

    On a recommendation of my pharmacist who has neuropathy worse, I have been taking B-12 2000mg/day. He takes 3000mg. It should be the slow release type as this absorbed better. I have also tried Metanx for a month, but did not feel any noticable changes, and it is rather expensive.

    Anyone else have similar experiences?

  • MARIA Alvarez

    I TAKE 300MG CAPSUAL 3 AT BEFORE BEDTIME, AND IT WORKS GREAT FOR MY PAIN AND IT LETS ME SLEEP , I FEEL LIKE I’VE HAD A BETTER NITE WITHOUT TOSSING AND TURNING. I USE THE GABAPENTIN.I ALSO USE B12, I FILL THAT IT HELPS I USE TOO have alot of pain it’s better now , at one time i thought it will never easy up and it has i still have the problem and i relize it’s not going to go away, but i have a handle on it .


    I treat my neuropathy pain with MUCINEX. I take
    3 1200mg timed release caplets a day. no neuropathy pain. I’ve kneed myself in the chest before starting this regiment. I found this by accident. MUCINEX helps your oxygen content in your blood. In 2002 my oxy. count was 79. after taking MUCINEX for that, one day I forgot if I had taken it for my oxy.count. So I took some more
    after a while I realised that I had no neuropathy pain. I’ve been pain free for 5-6 years now.

  • BMB

    For all of you suffering from Neuropathy, try
    Detox foot pads. My mom picked some up once while I was visiting her. Lo and behold, I used them on both feet,every other night for a week. I couldn’t
    believe that they took away the tinging!! Everytime the tinging comes back I throw on the pads. Are we getting to many chemicals in our system that is causing this crazy disease?? I tried the Lyrica also, it helped with the sharp
    pains for about 3 years. Last year started getting
    irritable and moody spells. My doctor wanted to put me on antidepressant meds. I researched found
    that Lyrica could cause suside thoughts. I guit taking it…..symtoms went away!!!! People please pay attention to what you put in your body!
    Please DO YOUR HOMEWORK! If don’t like your doctor
    fire him/her. Better yet go get you someone who
    specializes in Diabetes. Try the Detox Pads!!

  • Gwen C

    In 2009 I developed pancreatitis, had a cyst removed my pancreas and my gallbladder removed also.I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in 2010. The pain is excruciating. I have been on Lyrica, Cymbalta and Neurontin. All were failures at curing my pain and caused me to gain 70lbs that I can’t get rid of.I developed an allergic reaction to the Neurontin. Last month I was diagnosed with diabetes.I went from a 146 glucose count to a 476 glucose count in 2 weeks. I am on an oral dose and 2 insulin dosages. Nothing is relieving my pain. I am on ampitryptine 100mgs at bedtime and amben 10mg to try and get some sleep. It works sometimes. My doctors all shake their heads and look perplexed. Where do I go for help? I am at my wits end. I’ve applied foe disability and have been denied. I can’t work anymore. This is so depressing.

  • gail kohr

    i got neuropathy when i did chemo for breast cancer 6 years ago , but i could not take neurotin, or lyrica. so this nurse at baylor cancer center in dallas,tx , told me about tramadol, it is safe and you can take a tylenol with it if you need to and it is cheap. i pay 7.00 dollars for 100 . generic. she told me she had fribromyalia, and tramadol was the only thing she could take and work. and it does. the brand name is utram. but i take 50mg in the morning and 50mg about 6or7 in the evening. and it works. keeps my legs from hurting. now their is several kinds of tramadol mfg by different pharmacutial companys so sometimes you have to try different ones. tramadol is a anagelsic and its safe. i don’t even know i take anything . now i take the lowest dose. but if your doctor puts you on 100mgs it might make you sleepy. if so then only take 50mg , you can take it every 6 to six hours so it is better to take the 50mg i think. but thats my have to talk to your doctor. teva pharmacutial makes the best one generit, but my part d will not pay for it. its 45.00 dollars for 100. thats 3xday, so i use this other one that my part d pays for its still cheap, sometimes i just take a tylenol with it. i talk to my druggist and he said taking 1 or 2 tylenol a day does not hurt you. now their are a tramadol that has tylenol in it, so you always have to ask your doctor which one he is giving you so you will know if you can take a tylenol with it. but try it , it is safe , its for chronic pain and it is safe . this nurse said she would not be able to work everyday without it. have took it for 6 years and never had a problem. any time you do chemo for breast cancer you end up with neuropathy, everyone does. its not just people with diabetes. their are medications that give you neropathy. i have a very high pain tolerance but neropathy is the most painful thing i have ever experienced. your legs hurt so bad you can’t sleep or think straight, sometimes i will be cooking dinner and if it is time for my pill i have to just take my pill and sit down. my husband says i wait too long , but i get busy as usual. i only take 1 in the morning and one at night . i try to get by with just 2 a day. i hope they find a really good medicine for it. but they haven’t yet. i might try the metamucil that i read about but tramadol works for now. it does not constipate me but some people says it does them , so just take a stool softner, i never had that problem. i have had my gallbladder out and after that you are never constipated again. but try it everyone and let us know. talk to your doctors first. god bless everyone and i will be watching to see if anyone tried it.

  • Joyce

    I have diabetic neuropathy. I started out using Capsasin-HP, which worked very well. I became ill and had to undergo three days of dialysis due to acute kidney failure from antibiotics. Now the Capsasin-HP isn’t working at all. I am hoping the Neurontin and Amytriptyline will work.

  • Alan

    I was on Elavil (low dose) for many years, and I developed other multiple conditions described as “not uncommon in diabetics”.

    After a number of years, I ended up with SEVERE sleep apnea, which can lead to heart disease, which also happened. Did some research and found that a side effect of Elavil is sleep apnea!

    Been on BiPap therapy for a year now and noticed much improvement. Got off the Elavil, needless to say.

    What diabetics need to really be careful of is the tendency of the medical profession to medicate medications. I’ve gotten down to two medications from SEVEN PER DAY.

    NONE of the prescription drugs have cured the condition they were prescribed for, and several of them shared common side effects, which led to a later diagnosis and further unnecessary medication.

    If you’re diabetic, you need to become your own dietician, doctor, medical researcher and who knows what else.

  • Linda

    My husband takes Lyrica and it works great for him but he isn’t taking it for neuropathy pain, he is taking it for a pinched nerve in his back.
    On the other hand, my mother in law, who also has Diabetes is getting numbness in her feet. She isn’t complaining about any pain or tingling just the numbness. She doesn’t think there is anything that will help that so she won’t go to the doctor about it. The muscle activation therapy sounds great. Is there anything else that works for this?

  • Sally mettler

    I have pain in the bottom of one foot. Lyric 2 x a day has gotten rid of the pain when I accidentally skipped a dose, I notice slight burning pain in the bottom of my left foot. My sugar count now averages 113 so I think my sugar count is under control. Lyric has not affected me negatively so I will continue to use it. Sally mettler

  • Barbara Hollingsworth

    Just wanted to mention that I’ve been taking Alfa-Lipoic Acid to get some relief from the Peripheral Neuropathy that I’ve been experiencing for nearly 10 years. I personally think it helps.
    What are your views???

  • Heather


  • Brenda

    I think the real trick to ending most neuropathy pain is keeping your blood glucose around 80-120. When mine is high, I can’t sleep at night because of the pain in my feet. I’ve changed my eating habits and I’m doing better.

  • David

    When mine was bad. I was taking 400mg of Trental three times a day. It worked for me.

  • vicki evans

    this is first time i have been on this site & i must say it is informative. i found interesting the suggestions about tramadol & mucinex. I have tried both but only in low doses.i have several medical conditions incl. Diabetes & Fibromyalgia plus very painful degenerative disc disease. All these combined cause so much pain i sometimes feel i don;t want to go on. I am unable to tolerate many pain meds, sleepmeds(no narcotics). But i see my dr. this week & plan to tell her how desperate i feel. she just started working with me & is very open & innovative,so i feel more hopeful with her.she started me on cymbalta -60mg, which has helped me a lot with the neuropathy pain but not with the spinal & leg pain. so maybe the tramadol & mucinex????

    Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing more.


  • Pat Dahlman

    I have been taking Lyrica for over a year and it has been a miracle for me. Not only did my pain go away but my muscle pain also is much better. I would recommend patients give it a try to see if their body can tolerate it.

  • Lana

    I was diagnosed with neuopathy about 3 years ago. So far I occasionally take ibuprophen when pain gets severe. I see a massage therapist once a month and she focuses on my feet for about 10 to 15 min. and that has given me much relief!

  • Judy White

    The first symptom of diabetes I ever had was neuropathy in both feet. After a few years of sleepless nights and ice packs, I started trying various things. Elavil — no. Neurontin — no. Other things — no. But now, I am taking Cymbalta and Folast and sleep and walk well. What a relief!

  • Joann Hartig

    I can barely walk because of the pain. I take 800 mg of gabapentin 3X a day. It is helping some. To help me sleep at night I take 200 mg Trazodone and on really bad nights 1 Lortab. I do feel better when my blood sugars are lower. My doctor wants me to try Lyrica.

  • L.Broomfield

    There are a few basic and absolute preventative measures to be taken to avoid Neurapathy,and the best treatment I have ever experienced and have seen time and time again be successful with strikingly remarkable results, is to soak the feet in vinegar to cover the feet above the ankle, or even just a good amount in a bath where warm water is added just enough to warm the water and never to burn or overheat the feet. Within the first few minutes there will be an odd, and even almost uncomfortable pulling sensation in the feet, and this passes within a minute or so, just remain with the feet soaking for as long as you like, even up to an hour, but ten to twenty minutes will do the trick. It is so easy it sounds trite, but I assure you this works for some reason and it is amazing. Next, be absolutely certain to eliminate from your diet as many wheat and dairy products as you possibly can and the elimination of all sugars is an absolute must for a cure of this disease symptom. Xylitol is the only safe sugar on the market and will heal the body of yeast and other serious infections caused by sugar, and it is so far the only safe one , that is actually good for you with health benefits of promoting healthy teeth and healthful vascular properties throughout the body. It has been on the market although not advertized nor readily available since the 1960’s and is widely used in Europe and Russia as a treatment for Diabetes. Diabetes literally cuts off the blood supply to vital organs of the body from head to foot, as well as throughout the vascular system and every cell in between. Xylitol is expensive at this time, but it is imperative that anyone who wishes to see his or her ailments of any sort, or any disease, discontinue using sugar and absolutely any product that comes in a box that is pre-cooked, only whole grains can be taken and even then, the gut does not accept them well and should be eliminated almost to none. When this is done, the body will not have Diabetes any longer and in the meantime, the vinegar foot baths are absolutely imperative. Do not use Epsom salts as they negatively affect the Thyroid as does Soy which is so highly as falsely promoted. It has taken me over three years to make the full transition off of these poisonous foods, but I am now holding with my diabetic ac1 numbers at around 5.3, which is almost not read as Diabetic at all, and my cholesterol has gone from over 900 to below 200 and I am working on keeping it closer to the 190 mark.Rule # 1 is eat no enhanced foods. They tamper with the chemical of the natural order of the nutrients and cause diseasements. Rule #2 safely discontinue every possible prescription and over the counter medication, as they are very dangerous and cause side effects in drug interactions that are typically misdiagnosed by physicians and treated with more medications, keeping the cycle of illness going seemingly with endless new symptoms and treatments one after another more harmful than the last. Best of luck to all fighting this disease!

    • Kenneth Woods

      Dear L. Broomfield; thank you so much for your insight. I, am 73years old and have never delighted in doctor visits. I abhor medications. However, two years ago, I had a fall and incurred a C5 spinal cord injury. The injury left me without the ability to continue to guard my health without all the synthetics. I remain prayerful and hopeful for Recovery. The doctors, nor the pills tha t they prescribed are working. I will try what you have sujested. Again, many thanks to you. Also, my prayers for all who are afflected on this site.

  • Dennis Grover

    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (ALA) is also a safe, non drug vitamin, that when 300mg 3x per day or 600mg /day is also effective for reducing neuropathy, As soon as I ran out of my supply, within a week, the pain in my legs started up.
    I also found, that Quinine soda, alleviates pain, since it dilates the veins and arteries, especially in the lower part of the legs.

  • VIE

    To Vicki Evans, I am on Tramadol and take CVS brand of mucinex but I take both for different problems. I take tramadol for back pain and store brand mucinex for keeping the congestion down. I do have sleep apnea and diabetes. I stopped cymbalta after 5 years it did nothing any more.
    Going to try topical lotions for nerve pain and the detox pads anything to keep more meds out of my system I would rather have the pain than kindey problems

  • Isabella Rogers

    I have been taking B vitamin Biotin for nearly one year and the terribly painful neuropathy in my feet has all but disappeared, along with the numbness. I still get an occasional twinge but nothing that wakes me or keeps me up nights or keeps me from walking.

    The goal is taking 5000mg per day but you must start at 1000mg daily for one month, then 2000mg daily for one month, then 3000mg for one month, et cetera. The neuropathy results started to show up before I even reached 5000mg. (Do NOT start taking 5000mg right away; I tried it and it was truly awful – not worth it!)

    Side benefits are that my post-menopause hair thinning has been reversed and my eyelashes are longer and thicker than they were pre-Biotin.

    I told my doctor before I started taking Biotin and have kept him up to date on my progress throughout.

  • Delores

    Neurontin turned my life around. I had so much pain from a disc in my neck. After surgery the pain never stopped. My arm was numb, then pain in my back until I was in tears.

    The doctor told me “Of course, you are diabetic. Your nerves don’t know the pressure is off of them.” After that I used Neurontin for several months. I was able to get off of strong narcotics and finally get back to living life!

  • John

    I do not have Diabetes but have Peripheral Neuropathy and have been to the Neuroscience Center and was put on Neurontin 300mg 2 caps. twice daily,2 in the A.M. & 2 at bedtime.
    I still have tingling and pain at night so I decided to take two Tylenol 650mg. (Arthritis Formula) and No more tingling or pain!!

  • Mike Hackman

    I have had peripheral neuropathy now for nearly two years and have tried most of the drugs mentioned above. I have VA. Health care and they are going to try out a new drug called prialet( not sure on the spelling) we’ll see. If it doesn’t work I’ll be set back but will not give up. Next will be a 100% natural diet which I’m going to start working towards now anyway. Keep fighting everyone! I know how you feel.

  • Scott Hogge

    I have had type 1 for 40 year’s. i have had nuropathy for so long i can’t remember when it started. i have gastroparisis that caused me to go on disability in 2003. i see a psychiatrist once a month for depression, and after going threw all the medications above. “i was on nurontin and had to keep increasing it to 2800 ml a day, i was a zombie.
    i have degenerative disk disease and have had trouble sleeping for most of my life because of the pain. FINALLY my Dr convinced me to go to a pain management clinic. i was put on methadone for my nuropaphy and vicodin as needed for my back pain.
    i was astounded. i was close to pain free as i have been for as long as i remember. they watch you very close down to counting your pills and testing urine every month. you have to sign a contract saying you will do what they say to the letter. Even if you go in for any other issue to urgent care or hospital, you have to call and let them know what they gave you and the dose.
    i think that most of the conception of diabetics and pain is, you are never going to be pain free!!!!! but after all the time and money i spent this was my last resort. To look at me, unless you saw my pump. You could not tell i had anything wrong with me. i am at a tolerable pain level. my back is giving me the most problems. i have had mersa in my foot, and a severe staff infection in the other. both feet look normal now. the pulse in my foot is as strong as a normal person’s. but was still having leg pains like restless legs at night. my girl friend at the time, sells Herbalife. they have a product called Nightworks. one night my legs were hurting so bad, i went down and mixed a small glass of it. going back to bed it felt like someone was running their hands up and down my legs ?????? i got back in the bed and no more leg or arm pain !!!! it worked that quick. i tried the whole program and lost 40+ lbs. and 53 points in my bad cholesterol in 8 months.
    just remember, what you put in your mouth has to be absorbed by your body !!!! the Herbalife core supplements did it. the shake is the first thing I can hold down in my stomach. my cholesterol is normal, liver,kidneys,weight,heart and circulatory system, blood pressure all my blood work other than my A1c is better than my Dr’s.
    I’m not completely pain free, but i am looking forward to the rest of my life, rather than thinking, it will be a relief when i die.
    It’s been a long 40 year’s….almost 41 year’s, just hang in there. I hope to start a blog sometime soon, about my life as a type 1 diabetic. it was prehistoric times compared to now. good luck people, Keep yourself informed like you are doing now.
    I am a blessed man, don’t know why but to tell you to not give up.

  • Roxanne

    THANK YOU all for all the great information!
    I have been diabetic for 30 years and am on a pump now for 15. I have just started to have Neuropathy pain all over and now my feet. It seems any trauma like I had my teeth cleaned had pain all over for days….. I have foot pain now from walking in bad shoes….stupid….

    My Endocronologist has given me the gabapentin,but I don wanna take another drug. I’m going to try the Musinex suggested by Steven. And I wanna try the vitamin B also. Suggasted by Isabella….

    Thanks all!!!!!

  • Vera

    My doctor gave me a prescription for gabapentin and I took one before reading the side effects. The doctor told me the only side effect was drowsiness. People, read up on all pills before taking them. I wish i had. I took one pill and my lips swelled, my joins aches and I was up all night sucking on ice cubes for the dryness in my mouth. This was only a few of the side effects. The pills were thrown out and I will try the mucinex as recumbentded by a few of you. Thank you for this site it has been helpful.

  • Sherri

    I have severe burning (sometimes feels cold) in my feet and legs. I can do nothing. I go no where. The Dr. i had said she could find no nerve damage. I have tryed 3 different meds. Nothing seems to help. I had to quit my job because of the pain i am in, that means no health insurance. I need help. I have lost my will to live. If anyone has any ideas on what i can do that would cost very little PLEASE let me know.

    • Simnut

      First cold water soak for 20 mins. Air dry, Apply Vic vapor rub, put on socks . 2 Tylenol extra strength. Happy dreams.

  • June

    I am diabetic and have DDD and pincehd nerves. I have been diabetic since 2004 and have had neuroapathy since about 2008. I was first given the gabapentin but after a while that didn’t work I was taking tylenol3 w/codiene for all my pain. Eventually I was given topiramate/topomax which I started out with 50 mg and I am now up to 50 mg in the am and 100 mg at night, I also was taken off the tylenol 3 and put on the tramadol. the topiramate works very well and also helps me to keep my weight down as I had the bariatric surgery.

    • dino

      Help!! Ive been on gabapentin 1800 mg a day on oxycodone 40mg a day and xnanex for anxiety i cant stand the pain. What do i do?

  • Kari

    I have been suffering with diabetic neuropathy for about a year now. I was taking 400mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day. I was
    In agony every night when I would go to sleep. Tossing and turning, rubbing my feet together, and crying. I was in so much pain, couldn’t sleep, and extremely frustrated. One evening I decided to try something…..I filled up my bathtub with 3-4 inches of cool water. Just enough to cover the tops of my feet. I the”paced” back and forth in it for about 5 minutes. I let my feet air dry then went to bed. I have been doing this every night right before bed for about a week now and I havet been able to sleep throughout the night without the foot pain. Just wanted to share this. I hope it can help.someone else the way it has helped me. Let me know if this works for you.

  • Kari

    By the way, I still take the Gabapentin

  • Irma

    Hi Kari, I will definitely try the bath treatment and will share the result. I need to do something, I am suffering with pain badly! I take the Gabapentin as well although it doesn’t seem to be working! Hope this works, I need sleep!

  • Laura

    I tried the cold bath trick and it works. On really painful nights, I wear wet socks to bed. They help me fall asleep with much less pain.

    • Karen Oakenfull

      I do exactly the same. If I stop drinking and lower my blood sugar levels, have I got a chance of not losing my feet? I daren’t go to the doctors just yet as I don’t want to hear the bluntness of the truth if that makes sense. If it’s possible to make lifestyle changes first that will give me confidence to deal with my inward terror then I’ll totally go for it. I’ve let myself get into a unnecessary situation.
      I’m 47, 5ft 5, and weigh 13.5 stone.Thank you in advance to any one who answers to my plight.

  • Lynn

    Cold therapy booties help A LOT! LOVE THEM!

    Make sure you get the ones by naturacure that are “COLD ONLY” and NOT the ones that give you the option of cold or hot (those do not work as they will turn hot on you if you barley touch them).

    NaturaCure-Cold Therapy-Booties at amazon for $20.00. The only thing I don’t like about them is the cold does not last as long as I would like but they feel soooo good on my feet. You put them in the freezer to get them cold. You could buy two pairs if you can afford it and just keep switching back and forth. ALSO DO NOT WALK WHEN YOU ARE WEARING THEM, THEY WILL BURST!

    Also the vitamin b therapy has helped. The b vitamins should be the (methylcobalimin) type. I get mine at the vitamin shoppe dot com. Cheaper and good quality.

    Also the Alpha Lipoic Acid is highly recommended.

    I am so curious about the mucinex (most disgusting commercial of all time lol) but I will try it :-).

    I hope some of this might help someone.

  • Ozzy

    Hi, I got a question. How fast did you felt some improvement? And what dosage do you take? Also does anyone feels pain when touching skin on legs, feet, belly? It hurts even when I sleep under the softest and lightest blanked. I havent slept well in two months. I’m not used to be in such pain, and I doubt I will ever be.

  • Lloyd

    I was diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy 2 years ago. For the pain in my feet and legs I started out using amytriptilene and that did not work, then it was Lyrica next that also did not work. Since then my pain goes through both feet, legs arms,hands and now I cannot stand very long or walk very far as I now have the pain in my back. I now take 2800mgs of Gabapentin daily and Tramadol it only helps a little.
    I am seeing my Neurologist next week to see what can be done as I have a very low quality of life as it is right now.
    The thing is for a nerve disease that was labeled Autonomic Neuropathy the pain has spread through my whole body. I am only 55 yrs old. My Dr had me go on disability pension 2 years ago. I sit and do nothing because of pain. It really sucks to have to endure this.

  • Brian

    L I have DDD, spine injury, arthrhitus, fiber myalgia, diabetes, ….. and more. I am in constant pain even with meds and get very little sleep. For years I’ve wondered how much longer I can take it. Can’t stay in any position for !ong. Just got electric lift chair / recliner at Costco. LIFESAVER – even though I still can only sleep 1 to 2 hours before pain / breathing / needing to pee wakes me up, switching back and forth at night from bed to chair is better. Less standing / stretching / pacing. Also, for those who can’t sit without getting sharp stabbing pains electric recliner provides some short term relief. After tax price $518 but is worth every penny.

  • Johnny Appleseed

    My heart goes out to all of you I am 59 year old male type 2 in a living hell, currently seeing a MD with a hands off attitude, pain management every 6 weeks (Florida) Ugh! only thing I have found some relief for is the burning sensation in the feet which just drives me crazy, I apply straight from the Aloe Vera plant, wierd I was beside myself with pain one day and asked my woman to grab one from behind the house, applied the goo, in less then several minutes gone, relief for hours and hours, thank you Jesus.

    Note: TOO much is not better, moderation, test the waters do the homework also found out that this plant also dialates small blood vessels, hmmm, my 2 cents worth.

  • Jim

    Hi this is the first time I have posted any type of forum like this. I am a 48 year old type 1 diabetic that began at the age of 8. I now have comprehensive heart disease, severe asthma, diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, dyspnea, graves disease and the list goes on. I am usually hospitalized 3 times a year for the past decade. I have tried all of these drugs and the only ones that worked made me feel stoned or depressed/suicidal thoughts all day. I do take Trazadone 200mg for sleep, anxiety and depression before bed. So far it is the only thing that seems to work a little. For my neuropathy also. I’d like to hear from others that suffer from chronic disease. I am running out of energy.

  • Claudia Knaizuk

    I have had problems with my feet and lower legs for so long I can’t remember when it started. The last few years it has gotten so much worse that I started to research for myself. I have suspected I had neuropathy, but I don’t have diabetes. I was tested about two months ago, which was positive. My mother always complained and I am sure she had it also.

    The best things I have found that helps me is to soak my feet and lower legs in cold tap water 20-30 minutes as many times as needed. I am also taking Tramadol plus two Tylenol at night before bed. I rub my legs and feet when getting into bed, with a lavender lotion, making sure to get it between my toes. I am also taking a regular B vitamin in the morning with a nerve support B vitamin (capsule) and two at lunch. At bedtime I take 9 capsules and two mucinex since I read it in this column and I feel it has helped. I have been feeling much better the last two weeks.

    I have also just written down everything in this column that has helped anyone. If I have to I will try everything to see what works best. Maybe it will be one or two things for a while and then I’ll need a change. I would suggest you all try what works for you. I hope this helps some of you if not all. Pain is a terrible thing to have to live with. You are all in my prayers.


  • Jennifer

    If it wasn’t for a percocet. Id never get any sleep. The pain with neuropathy is unbearable.

  • Nick Alvis

    I was diagnosed with the onset of neuropathy 5 years ago and immediately ordered Nerve Support Formula online. Within a week all the symptoms had gone. I didn’t have any significant problems for two years until I developed plantar faciitis in my feet and had to go to the podiatrist and get a shot and that vanished. Now about two months ago with a job that requires walking on concrete floors, climbing ladders and working in sub zero coolers the plantar came back and after a shot, two days relief and I can’t shake it. Now the neuropathy symptoms have come back in my legs, a little in my arm and some across my face. In one of the entries it was mentioned to use the detox pads which I tried right before this started and my feet felt terrific when I got up, but after the fourth application my feet fell apart. Personally I’m going to a neurologist next month, but regardless of the outcome I’m sticking with B vitamins, alpha liponic acid, Vitamin C and cutting out sugar in my diet. You know what’s really amazing about all of us, we run here and there searching for answers and honestly…we all need to go to church and have people pray for us, because Jesus Christ is still in the doctoring business!

  • Carol

    Just wanted you to know that my sister and I both have neuropathy in our feet. I also have it in both legs. For burning or feet that become cold, we use PRUDOXIN cream 5%. Do not accept a lower dosage. PRUDOXIN 5% cream use to be used as an antidepressant, but it was prescribed fo me by a nerve specialist in Chicago. This HAS WORKED for over 5 years. I do not have burning feet. You need a prescription. My sister learned about it from me, and she just called her internist and he prescribed for her. It has not been expensive for me. I pay a $7 copay. It has not been a problem with our insurance. So please look into it, and I hope it is as helpful to you as it has been for me. Carol

  • BGFR

    I,m a 67

  • Nice Post! Some time normal pain in hands & foot is not an indication of neuropathy. Yes, But when you feel unbearable pain for a long time at the bottom of foot & hands then it could be the signs of neuropathy. At this stage you should concern your medical advisers.

  • Sarah LeAnne Thompson

    What do you do when you can’t take the pain any more? I want to chop them off


    • Sheryl Levine Weaver

      I feelove the same way!!

    • faye dobson

      Please try LYRICA,
      Ask your Doctor about this medication, It has made my life much easier.

    • Dawley Lawma

      I wish i could contact you somehow. I know your post is ten months old. So if by some chance i can find you on facebook or you should happen to get notifucation of my reply to you.

  • sharon

    i have a good friend that has the neuropathy in legs. his right is the worse. has had 2 sets of stints put in with no help at all. on disability but can not get Medicaid and wont get medicare for another 3 to 4 months, have been without any medical help for yr and half. pain has gotten worse. Don’t know what to do for him to help ease the pain. any advise

  • Sheryl Levine Weaver

    I am a 54 yr old woman. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about years ago. I pretty much kept it under control. They had to take me off of Metformin because it was making me sick. I have been very vigilant on eating as little sugar as possible. My A1C was 7 for awhile. Then in November I went in for a robotic hysterectomy. When they went in they couldn’t do it roboticaly and I ended up with a radical hysterectomy. All my organs were stuck together. my uterus was crushed. Just all messed up. In the hospital my sugar levels went nuts and they had to use insulin. Anyway, right after the surgery my feet started killing me. They are freezingall the time. I can barely walk and it’s horrible. Trying to get into the doctor is a PITA!!! I was wondering if I soaked my feet in warm water and ebsom salt, will I get any relief until I see my doctor?

    • faye Dobson

      Ms. Weaver,
      I have the same problem with Neuropathy pain. I asked my doctor about Lyrica and I’ve been taking it for about 3 months now and OH WHAT A RELIEF. Lyrica make all the difference when it comes to the stinking, cold, hot, pin sticking feeling. Also when my feet felt cold I would wear thick sock. I feel so much better now. Please ask your doctor about LYRICA, it will help your life get better.

      • robynquinn

        Doesn’t lyrica make u really sleepy?

  • Rick Turner

    How about we stop eating Sugar! I had neuropathy in my feet, cold and tingling. I am diabetic and did not start taking any medication. I noticed that the neuropathy would be reactive to consuming sugar or processed carbs like pizza. I stoped consuming as much sugar and processed carbs as possible and the neuropathy has completely stopped. Type 2 diabetes is completely sugar related and when I say sugar I am including processed carbs.

    • Mariana Peimbert

      Excellent advice, thank you.

    • Kaine

      Type 1 here. Yeah sugar affects the pain unless controlled. I’m a sweet tooth and after day ice-cream or something my legs might hurt but only if I’m not being smart ands don’t cover it right…. I can enjoy sweets bit like you said it should be maintained alot more.

  • Kaine

    I’m only 18, I was diagnosed at 7 with juvenile diabetes and through my whole rebellious phase I selfishly destroyed my body whilst on a insulin pump. Now I have blood pressure problems as well as neuropathy. Listen to Stacy here and take care of yourself… if not for you then for the ones that love you.