My Drinking Problem

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I don’t wanna play diabetes any more. Sometimes it just gets to be too much trouble.

OK, what is it now?

In a word, drink choices. (Two words, then.) Once in a while, when traveling, I like to skip the water and get a soda or an iced tea. In the soda realm, there is generally one choice of sugar-free beverage: cola. I don’t like cola-flavored drinks. Actually, I pretty much don’t care for soda. Sugar-free iced tea? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Now, this is when we’re traveling on the interstate and hitting the vending machines at rest stops. On the road, when we stop at convenience stores, is another matter. And, on long trips, we generally pack drinks in an ice chest.

But think about things like flying. You can’t take a drink through security, and you’re pretty much limited to diet cola (and, of course, water) on the other side. Trains also have their limits.

In this case, however, the feeling hit while I was browsing through the drink choices for my single-serve coffee pot. Which doesn’t limit itself to coffee. As it happens, I like Half ’n Half, which is half lemonade and half tea. There was a Half ’n Half choice in the company’s store. It was not sugar-free. Grrrrr. You’d think with 583 1/2 choices of drinks, they’d have a sugar-free Half ’n Half.

Yes, it’s a petty reason, but sometimes I’d like to be just a “normal” person (whatever that is) and pick a drink without thinking about carbohydrate content. In the meantime water is good for you.

I’ll be testing the “getting drinks on the road” bit over the next month or so. At the end of this month, my traveling bud and I are headed for Chicago — picking up the college kids on the way — to see Wicked. In case you’ve been living in a cave, it’s a multi-award-winning prequel (of sorts) to The Wizard of Oz. Perfect for Halloween.

As an aside, I have to get tickets in accessible seating. In this case, the theater gave me two tickets in the premium seating area for less than the cost of the regular seats. For my granddaughter and grandson-in-law to be, I got seats in the balcony. Very good ones in the lower balcony: They’re not schlock.

When my granddaughter found out where traveling bud (aka companion) and I were sitting, she did a bit of good-natured ribbing, so I shot back: “You know the expression ‘that cost me an arm and a leg?’ Well, a seat like that literally cost me a leg. If you want to make the same sacrifice, feel free.” She declined.

A couple of weeks after that, my Sweet Baboo and I are headed to Cincinnati to meet friends halfway for the weekend. While there, we must go to Jungle Jim’s. It’s a HUGE international grocery store. It isn’t totally “you want it, they’ve got it,” but it comes mighty close. You can come home with the most amazing foods from all around the world.

In between, there’s a “Dinner and a Movie” Sisterhood fundraiser, for which I’m half of the cooking team. We serve dinner and show a movie for less than the cost of a movie, much less the cost of a night out. We have an aging congregation, so we start the festivities early and keep the cost down. It’s a good night out.

The Hanukkah shop opens November 3, and we’re serving coffee and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) to shoppers.

And then, of course, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah hit at the same time.

Darned rotten time to have diabetes, if you ask me.

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