Metformin Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes


The oral diabetes drug metformin[1] may improve insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese adolescents with Type 1 diabetes[2], according to a small new study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism[3].

The researchers randomly assigned 37 youth (ages 12–19) with Type 1 diabetes and overweight or obesity to receive three months of daily metformin or placebo (inactive treatment). Compared with placebo, metformin resulted in “significantly greater improvements” in insulin sensitivity.

“[W]e demonstrated that the addition of metformin to insulin therapy in overweight or obese youth with Type 1 diabetes improves whole-body and specifically peripheral muscle [insulin deficiency and resistance] over a 13-week period,” noted the researchers[4]. “However, alternative approaches are likely needed to target the hepatic [insulin deficiency and resistance] of overweight/obese youth with Type 1 diabetes.”

Want to learn more about metformin? Read “What to Know About Metformin,”[5] “Diabetes Medicine: Metformin,”[6] and “Metformin: The Unauthorized Biography.”[7]

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