Metformin and Impaired Thinking

According to new research from Australia, the oral diabetes medicine metformin is linked to impaired brain function, but supplementation with vitamin B12 may reduce some of the cognitive effects. Metformin is the most widely used diabetes drug in the world, with over 61 million prescriptions for the medicine filled in the United States alone in 2012.


To evaluate the effects of the drug on cognitive impairment in people with diabetes, researchers recruited 1,354 people from various locations in Australia. The researchers included people with Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment, as well as those who were cognitively normal, but they did not include people with stroke or neurological conditions other than Alzheimer. The participants had an average age of 73.8 and almost 60% were female

The study used an evaluation known as the mini-mental state exam to determine cognitive performance. According to the results, slightly more than half of the participants were not cognitively impaired, while 21.8% were minimally impaired, 17.7% were mildly impaired, and 10.1% were most impaired.

In their analysis, the researchers found that people with Type 2 diabetes had worse cognitive performance than those without Type 2 and that, among those with diabetes, people taking metformin had worse cognitive performance than those not taking the medicine. Cognitive function scores were also found to be lower among those with vitamin B12 levels of less than 250 pmol/l.

Because metformin is known to be associated with B12 deficiency, the investigators suggested that “any effect metformin has on cognitive performance may be at least partially mediated by altering serum vitamin B12 levels.”

Limitations of the study include an insufficient amount of information about the duration of the participants’ metformin use, the severity of their diabetes, or their use of other diabetes medicines, which prevented these factors from being assessed relative to cognitive function.

The researchers suggest that future trials should investigate the link between diabetes, impaired thinking, and metformin, and in the meantime they suggest that physicians monitor the cognitive performance of their patients with diabetes who are using metformin.

For more information, read the article “In Some Patients Metformin Impairs Thinking” or see the study’s abstract in Diabetes Care. And to learn more about metformin and vitamin B12 deficiency, click here.

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  • jim snell

    I wonder if metformin is really to blame for this but is really a B-12 deficiency fracas that metformin acerbates.

    I have heard from other sources on non diabetic persons showing some signs of cognitive deficiency and adding B-12 fixes that.

  • Richard Ames

    Metformin – Bad side affects –
    1. Had very high heart rate.
    2. Shakes – weak ness – Bad.
    3. Read about effects in a magizine.
    Still cannot get answers fro mthe doctors @ Park nicollet what could have happen
    4. Death!!
    5. Actose also bad – hevy weight gain and
    zombie affect – weak – non inerjectic.
    6. Need to get better on A1c numbers.

  • C. Readnour

    Improper use of larger words acerbates me. The word that Mr. Snell was looking for was exacerbates. It is a possibility that Metformin exacerbates an already deficient B12 serum level, causing an increase in impaired cognitive function, but I take Metformin, and my cognitive function could be impaired.
    Realistically speaking, without double-blind testing, it is difficult to determine the cause of the cognitive impairment, especially since the subjects in the study were already cognitively impaired. At most, we can safely state these subjects are ‘most cognitively impaired’, and they take Metformin. Correlation does NOT mean causation. All correlation means is correlation.

  • Jenifer

    My son, who was dx at age 3-1/2 with Type I was prescribed metformin during his senior year of high school and began to complain about not being able to concentrate and frequent nose bleeds.
    He told his endocrinologist about this, but he had never heard about these side affects.
    He went off the metformin and will never go back on.

  • Josie

    I take a B-12 supplement every day, plus a high
    potency B-Complex Supplement. I haven’t had any problems associated with cognitive impairment.

  • Rammy

    Is it just me, or does this study have some major flaws?
    How could one possibly conclude that diabetes, let alone Metformin or B12 could be the cause for the impaired cognitive function of this population when you are studying older women that have Alzheimers?
    It seems more likely that this population simply has a more advanced stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Also there’s no info on who has been treated with other medications to delay the onset of Alzheimers.

  • Amanda

    I’m wondering that too. My father had terrible B12 deficiency and also had ALZ. He did not have diabetes. I’m thinking there is a link there that needs to be studied further. Also the test, or control group was only among older women. What about someone in their 40’s or 50’s who has been taking Metformin for a shorter period of time? Also, does cognitive ability alter once the medication has been discontinued by the patient?

  • Lisa Richardson

    I would sure like to know more about this. I do take a B-12 supplement, but also take Metformin twice a day, and definitely feel like I am constantly trying to remember words, and etc that I never have had trouble with before, to the point I wondered if I was having some sort of dementia or early onset alzheimers. My doctor says no to both of those, just “old age”, but I’m just 53. I don’t really consider that old. Have been diagnosed with type 2 since 2005. Am also on Byetta, and low dose of glimeperide. And wish I knew 20 years ago, what I know now. I would probably not have developed diabetes.

  • lola

    i too have problems with short term memory- ialso have problems with vit B-12 and thyroid never thout about it maybe being something with metforin- thanks lola

  • Luan Knotts

    I have had cognitive deficiency for some time, but having Fibromyalgia I can’t tell where it comes from, or just general aging as I’m 71. I take Metformin 2 times a day. My memory is deficient as well having lost my immediate-past memory many times. Also, sometimes I remember things incorrectly, which I never did when I was younger.

  • Robert Abramson

    It seems that any medicine you take or food you eat sooner or later someone determines it’s not good for you. The studies are skewed when done by corporations and the FDC is worthless. Congress won’t do anything without a bribe and only the corporations have the bribe money to get away with whatever helps their bottom line. If you read the fine print on foods or medicines you shouldn’t use or eat hardly anything.

  • Joe

    This is the first I’ve heard of the connection between Metformin and B12. I’ve been supplementing with B complex for a while in an attempt to combat chronic fatigue. Curious if fatigue and cognitive dysfunction might not be all wrapped up in this (although I understand fatigue is a common symptom of diabetes in general).

    I think another possible limitation of this study is the average age of the participants, which seems to be a range where people might be suffering impaired cognitive function for a wide variety of reasons.

  • Peggy Mason

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes 22 years ago. I am now 79 years old. Metformin was one of the drugs first prescribed for me and I have been taking it ever since, sometimes with other drugs. I am now on Humalog Insulin (twice a day) along with Metformin (twice a day). My A1C is 6.5 normal according to my endocrinologist. I stay alert and have good cognitive behavior by working crossword puzzles and other mind games an also getting proper exercise and a good diet. I volunteer 16 hours a week in an office meeting the public at the front desk and also operate the switchboard.

  • Jason L. Hargrove,Sr.

    Was taking this medication for some time. I had read several other articles and talked with my pharmacist about the same issues. My Dr.’s told me that this med did not cause any issues. Stated to them for many months that I felt that this med was stopping my Aricept for doing its job. My Dr. told me that I was wrong. I had to show them the information that I had found and info from my pharmacy to prove what I had found…..

  • Bobbie Alberty

    I have been on metformin since I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2008. I have noticed a considerable loss of congnative skills. Loss of memory, ability to think, ability to make decisions, etc. It is very, very frustrating for me, as I have always had a very sharp mind with the ability to multi task with ease. I used to never have to take a list to the store or keep a calendar for appointments, birthdays or any events. Now I’m lucky to remember where I’ve put something for safe keeping.
    I guess I need to check into taking some B-12 and pray it helps!!!

  • Roger McManus

    I have experienced occasional ” fogginess” hole taking 2000 mg of Metforminwww per day. I just never attributed it to the drug. Is impairment long term or temporary?

  • Bonnie Lu Brehm

    Diagnoses should not be given after a test was only administered to less than 1500 people of a certain age and sex. When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I read journals where over 500,000 people were being tested on various medications, not so much for years but for quite a few months and they were of all legal ages, both sexes, and the findings for those drugs were then checked and rechecked against a whole lot of other items before the Food and Drug Administrative Office allowed them out into the public for us to use to fight all the negative diseases, hopefully without having to deal with side effects that in all due respect sometimes were worse than what you were treated for.

    I do take metiformin and have taken it ever since I had an overdose of Asthma medication that put me into full blown Diabetes 2. As far as I can tell in the last 5 years, it has not helped bring my sugar readings down. I mentioned this to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. She asked me to stay on it, and try it her way for a few more months, which I will do, in the meantime I’m doing my homework and I’m also starting to take better care of myself, exericising, drinking a lot of water, trying to get enough sleep and watching what I eat. Sounds like a diet doesn’t it.

    I understand now why the A1C is important, I use to fight it, but I’m taking steps to get off all the drugs I’m on, anything to do with diabetes, asthma, colesteral, high blood pressure, and the best thing I found that helps me moreso than any of the drugs they prescribe are commen sense, a good suppliment and a hardy laugh. Best medicine in the world. When I was furloughed recently I told all my doctor’s if I can’t afford to pay for my medications I won’t be taking them and I didn’t for over two months, you notice I’m still here, I didn’t die, and aside from my A1C being a 7 not much to complain about.

  • KimW

    I have been taking metform in a combination drug Januvia for 3-4 years. I just switched to straight metformin in the last 2 weeks. I have not felt any mental side effects whatsoever. I am a business owner who transcribes for a living and I am sure I would have noticed anything mentally. The only side effect I have ever experienced with metformin has been diarrhea. But for the price, compared to the Januvia, I’m willing to put up with almost anything. But this is truly not that bad.

  • Patrick Doyle

    I find that my memory is not working properly, sometimes in the middle of a sentence I forget what I was talking about.

  • Dawn

    I have always been forgetful. Saying this, I wasn’t there a recent article recently from this online publication stating that Metformin increased mental acuity? Also, the study followed patients who are older (which most times mean nothing) and who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Really?

    I, too, take a daily B complex prescribed to me. Let’s hear more about complications regarding pancreatitis, parathyroids and gall/kidney stones and other serious issues.

  • Marsha

    I noticed that taking metformin not only makes me forgetful, but also has some rather nasty side effects, too! Like diarrhea, and nasty metallic taste in your mouth, not to mention headaches. But, my doc seems to think that the benefits outweigh the risks, and has switched me several times with several different types of metformin. Plain metformin (can not tolerate at all), buffered metformin (tolerated better), and just recently a combo metformin (seems to be working ok so far). I just wonder if down the road, will there be some article regarding metformin that says it has more side effects than first believed, and it will then be taken off the market. Just wondering.

  • Camille LoParrino

    Being diagnosed at 60 with Type 2 and prescribed two 500 mg a day of Metformin for two months then reduced to one 500 mg a day for two more months does not constitute a valid analogy of negative affects to my thinking. However, I had to stop taking it because I started to exhibit facial paralysis called Bells Palsey. And this result was confirmed by my heart specialist.

  • Geri Dunn

    I have taken meteor in for at least 30yrs. I take a b12 ever day and I don’t feel like I am impared.

  • Marie Lund

    I have been a diabetic for almost 30 years (I am 69 now) and have been using metformin in large doses for many years ( at least 13, but probably longer). Never noticed any cognitive problems until recently.
    In the last month I noticed that my ability to effortlessly switch from one language to another (I use daily three languages where I live, since different groups of friends and neighbors speak different languages) is becoming impaired. I might remember a word in a wrong language and not to find it in the one I need it, when I need it, which is a nuisance and irritates me, as it never happened before. I was going to consult it with my doctor during the next visit, but now I think I’ll start using B12 supplement and see is it helps.

  • Dan Guez

    What always bothers me with these studies is that they seem to make their study fit their predetermined results. As Jim Snell said it might be really a B-12 deficiency and not the metformin. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. What other effects autoimmune issues did the subjects have? What other meds were they on? Too many studies fail to look at the big picture when drawing conclusions.

    They state that diabetics had worse cognitive function than non-diabetics. Were the patients taking the higher dosages of metformin just suffering from greater effects of diabetes? People with one autoimmune issue normally develop other autoimmune problems. There is a high correlation of patients with diabetes and arthritis as an example.

    What is the true cause for the loss of cognitive function? More studies will need to done, but they need to look at the big picture and not just a narrow window.

  • Pat B

    I have had loss of cognitive skills. I feel like I am getting dementia. Also, I have a loss of energy.

  • Carolyn Wright

    I am 78, take Metformin twice a day. I have not experienced any forgetfulness. I take 250 mg at night and 500 mg in the morning. I have been on it for 3 years. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. If B-I2 helps, guess I’ll add it to the others I take. Thanks, Carolyn

  • Pat B

    Loss of energy and memory

  • Dianne

    I had to stop taking Metformin due to severe chest pain (even experienced pain in my left arm). Since stopping on September 4, symptoms have subsided.

  • O.G.

    Looked like a very flawed study to me: for example, including people who were already cognitively impaired skewed the data irretrievably. A double blind study following participants who were not cognitively impaired when the study began and who used only Metformin for, say, five to ten years would be much better science. And better science–unlike this study, which was sloppily designed–leads to valid conclusions…or at least better guesses.

  • Vera L. Taylor

    I have been on Metformin for 13+ years and I guess I have been lucky, no bad side effects. I take 2-500mg.’s 2 times a day. at first it was enough to keep my sugar down but as I have gotten older I have needed to add more meds and today I have to start on insulin. But I also have lupus and polymyositis, a double wammy that has landed me in a wheel chair and barley can use my arms. I have no strength and I have just gotten to the point where I can pretty well dress myself and comb my own hair. so I never know if the metformin was messing with my head or if it’s the good old lupus putting me into a lupus fog.

  • Donna

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 almost 2 years ago (age 55) and take 1 Metformin tablet a day (lowest dosage). Recently I have noticed memory loss, a loss of words when talking, and being tired. It has become very frustrating. I haven’t noticed any other side effects. I will consider taking B12 to see if that helps. Thanks.

  • ML

    I especially notice a decline in cognitive functions. I realize I am older(64), but memory has declined, ability to spell, multitask, etc. My cognitive functions were a factor that I was rather pleased with until the last couple of years. I regularly got teased about my brains and mental abilities. It is rather frightful for me to know what I have forgotten or can’t do or remember or think about at that moment. I use to be a college newspaper editor in the north. Knew botanical names and mineral names and now just forget the correct work to use or know I speak a sentence without structure. I take Fortamet-1000 mg 1 x daily as when I take metformin, the side effects are brutal. Diagnosed as diabetic in Oct 2004. I was nauseated from the time I woke to the time I slept. I was greener than shrek and the green giant put together. I want to go to a corner and disappear and not have to think even with Fortamet. I also take Byetta. But last time my AIc was 6.7 or 6.9. Can’t remember and am waiting for blood results from yesterday’s test. And am looking for a book I was reading that has my rx renewals in from my allergist. Thanks.



  • denise

    I take metformin and joking around said I think I have a touch of alzheimers. I used to remember names, #’s and so on and just thought it was age. I am 50 now but have been taking metformin since 2009. I really do have trouble concentrating, getting “tongue tied” when talking, loss of words, remembering and sleeping. another thing I have noticed is weight gain. but again thought it was just age.

  • c

    Metformin made me feel like I was in a fog. My thinking cleared up immediately after stopping it. I only took it for a short period of time.

  • Sharon

    I too have had trouble I take 500mg metformin twice a day. I have always been sharpe as a tack about everything but lately the last year or so I have noticed I can’t remember the simplest of things spellings, numbers, dates. I never thought it might be connected to diabetes drugs I related it to old age but at 58 I’m not that old either so thanks I will speal to my doctor about this.

  • Laura

    I am on metformin, and I was going for B complex shots and with in 15 minutes of my injections my blood sugar would drop from 120 to 88, so I think there is some real need for more testing in this area.

  • J. Mersol

    I have been on Metformin for last 20 years, and I do not have any of the above symptoms.
    In my opinion yjis study is flawed by the fact that it includes diagnosed Alzheimers dementias. Als where is the enf point ar the side by side comparison of which drug improves the dementia and which drug makes it worse.
    I have been a Medical director of an Alzheimer’s nursing home for 25 years and do not recall any significant problems associated with Metformin.

  • Lisa Nalley

    I definitely have a memory problem along with a hard time remembering words which everyone has attributed to menopause but I thought it may be something else… I had heard Metformin had something to do with memory and such a long time ago but never heard anything again….sooooo maybe its not just menopause….

  • Sharon newton

    I am 71, female with diabetics 2. Started taking Metformin when I was diagnosed 2009. I slowly but steadedly lost train of thought, interest in things I loved and did all my life. I became listless no energy and almost brain dead other then habitual duties around the home and paying bills. I became a different person. I Stopped doing almost all I automatically did. Bank statements, genealogy and shopping trips. I had a ER pancreatitis attack about a month ago and stopped my pills. Cannot express how much better I felt, being able to think, concentrate and just do things. I also took glipzide with my Metformin so I stopped both. I hope I can stay off those pills because they are mind altering and need to be studied for such severe side affects. If vitamin 12 will maybe stop these side affects it would be nice if they would let the public know. I hope my doctor will agree to let me stay off the pills. It all depends on my A1C? Please have goods thoughts for me when I see my doctor tomorrow. ITS NICE TO HAVE MY BRAIN RETURN.

  • Bobbie

    i take Mrtforman i also have memory lass forgot what i went into a room for will be talking to my sister ande in the middle of a sentceforget what i was talking about or where i was goig with what i was saying i take 1000 mg metforman 8 mg glyburide im always having trouble with my three mo check up

  • Amanda C

    This freaks me out because I’ve had problems focusing and remembering for quite a while now and I have been on Metformin for 4 years! I take extra B12 daily to help the deficiency but am still having memory problems. I’m definitely going to look into this more. I started to think Brain cancer or something else just as bad, it’s gotten so bad!

  • nina

    I am on the metformen and i have hot and clod flashs. ishort trem memory and cant do any thing but tv for longtime .and i have really bad diarrhea 3week then one week fine. need it for type 2 dib. and pos. i have really bad tummy achs

  • Jim

    All studies are BS. They start off with a theory then manipulate the numbers to substantiate their claims. I don’t believe any of them.

  • Mike of the 425

    Been taking metformin for more than a year. Can’t say I have noticed any such effects. One possibility I am thinking of is that metformin, along with its other effects, might also lower anxiety. What the effects of low anxiety might be beyond the possibility of a person not being very activated, I don’t know. Drug affect different people differently anyway. No advance guarantees of what a particular drug will do for any given individual.

  • Beth

    To C. Readnour,

    Perhaps Mr. Snell suffers from impaired cognition due to Metformin, thus his misspelling of the word, “exacerbates”.

    B. Berner

    • Roy

      The comma before “exacerbates” is surely unnecessary.

  • Martin Peterson

    I have had most of the symptoms, in the study, for years and it has impaired my ability to think and concentrate on work. As a result I have been working temporary contracts and in and out of work.

    I have had short term memory problems, problems with concentration and several other indicators of brain function problems.

    I found the study interesting especially the part about B-12 defiency. My doctor has told me to take B-12 supplements and I have however B-12 no longer gives me that extra energy feeling it used to give me.

    I am going to try and stop the metformin for a while and see if it helps.

  • jim snell


    Thank you for your comments. Yahoo. I am 65 – almost 66 and probably have some other issues.

    What else is new. This article sure kicked off comment and all those asleep under a tree/lily pad.

    C. Readnour did have the right perspective in my mind. Statistics is not science nor the scientific causative proof of an issue.

  • Dr. Q

    Vitamin B-12 deficiency is linked to non-cognitive problems as well such as incontinence, paralysis, and anemia.
    Yes, more studies are required. Meanwhile what we have is a correlation analysis and not a regression analysis that can better judge the causality. In order to be safe, it is better to check the systemic cobalamine (B-12) level every 3 months and have iv injections about the same time. One theory about B-12 decrease is that as we get older our GI gets older and apparently metformin leads to worsening absorption across of B-12 across our duodenum villi. It is not clear how B-12 levels are decreased in the presence of metformin (same goes for decrease of coenzyme Q-10 in the presence of statin drugs used for cholesterol). What I do know with confidence is that my HbA1C level decreased from 12.2% to 6.1% in six months with extended release metformin regime…

    Dr. Q

  • B

    Since taking metformin it is hard to remember the little things.If I don’t write things down it’s over. Sometimes I can’t remember what I was making a note of.

  • Dan

    I was switched by my doctor from Actos to Metformin because of weight gain. I currently take 1500 mg of Metformin a day and have lost over 25 lbs in a year without any change in life style. As for the lost of memory with Metformin, I —-aaah—-what was I talking about? What was the question? Is the benefit better than forgetting to pay your bills? Yes, because you are alive.

  • Helen

    This certainly answers a lot of my questions. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for 20 years. My meds include: Metformin, Humalog insulin and Lantus insulin. Many times I have had the same concerns as all the other people, but recently my memory seems to be in a rapid decline. I forget to take pills and insulin until after I eat, sometimes hours after I eat. Other, even more serious concerns. I never knew about B-12, so I must not only speak with my diabetic Dr., but also my family Dr.
    Thank you so much for this information.

  • mooseloop

    I am a 68 year old female, and I’ve been on Metformin twice a day for low level type 2 diabetes (mother, aunts, grandmother all had it) for over 8 years, and I cannot tell any side effects. I take multiple vitamins, exercise, eat moderately, and keep my A1C under 6. I have no bad comments about Metformin, but I imagine it is like so much, it affects different metabolisms in different ways.

  • Diane Fennell

    Hello Mr. Peterson,

    Thank you for your comment — we’re glad you’ve found the information in this article useful!

    Be sure to speak with your doctor before making any changes to your diabetes treatment regimen, such as stopping your metformin. He will be able to guide you on the best course of action for making sure your blood glucose levels are adequately managed while addressing your concerns about your memory and concentration.

    Thanks for your interest in Diabetes Self-Management!

    Diane Fennell
    Web Editor

  • Ann

    I take 500 mg of metformin twice a day and have been for a few months now. I do have problems with gas and stomach pain if I don’t eat with the pills and feel just bad. I am going to school and don’t notice any ill effects with learning new things and can think clearly and don’t notice any other side effects.

  • Debby

    My mom takes metformin and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, granted she is 86. But now I’m wondering since no one in our family has ever had memory problems, could metformin have contributed to this. She was next to the oldest of 5 kids and sole survivor of them and not even one had memory problems. Being the eldest of three and diabetic I worry about my health but do not take metformin.

  • Jan Turner

    I was diagnosed about 6 years ago – can’t really remember when – I THINK it was 2007. I take 500 mg metformin twice a day. I have noticed some cognitive impairment, but cannot say that I can blame it on the metformin. After all, I just “celebrated” by 81st birthday yesterday, and for my age – I’m still pretty sharp – if you ignore the “normal” memory problems that tend to come with aging. (I lose my words – can tell you everything about a word – just can’t tell you the word itself, but it comes back an hour or a day later). I haven’t noticed any other memory losses, however, I don’t really TRY to remember a lot of stuff either. For years, I have written stuff down, and once it is written down, I remember where I wrote it, and can find it, but do not remember what it was I wrote!!! I’ve done that for the past 50 years or so though, and don’t NOTICE any differences. My mother and 3 of her sisters had Alzheimers, so we all (in my family) watch our mental health VERY closely!!! I will “watch” the metformin though, and if I feel I am deteriorating more mentally, I will talk to my doctor about changing it.

  • marie wentland

    I have been taking metformin for years, now I find my recall thinking is impaired. I blamed it on my age 68. I am a diabetic 2 and all these medicines seem to have bad effects. Byetta has brought my glucose down, now it can cause pancreatic cancer. I would like to back up to the mention of metformin, for some reason I naturally decided to start taking B12 for all around protection and hopefully energy.

  • Helen V.

    I think Metformin is one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, especially because it is widely so used and has major side effects. I suffered anemia with it and almost had kidney failure because I had a dye enhanced x-ray and my doctor never told me to stop the Metformin before the test. Now this??? I will never use it again!

  • Andy

    I have been on Metformin for years and have noticed a major decrease in cognitive reasoning and an increase in memory loss. Was recently prescribed donepezil by a neuroligist to see if it would improve my memory issues. Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate this medication due to it’s side effects. My job performance is suffering and I just received my first below standards performance review ever in 30 years of service. I am looking at disability, my only other option is to be terminated with no benefits and/or pension.
    Do I know it is is Metformin. No. But there is no history of Dimensia or Alzheimer’s Disease in my family history either.

  • Helen

    what do you recommend in place of Melformin?

  • Jan T

    Waiting for an answer to Helen’s question. What do you recommend in place of Metformin?

    I have been taking this drug since Nov. 2004 but have recently increased the dose. Have begun to notice decreased cognitive levels and as a result I am experiencing depression.

    Will definitely take this article to my next appt.

  • Gary

    Metformin appears to block the absorption of B-12 in one’s GI system. Therefore, you’ll need an injection. From what I’ve read once a year should do it. Maybe the sublingual would work, too. I’ve stopped taking the gelcaps, figuring they aren’t doing me any good. And, it might just be a placebo affect, but I seem to be feeling 1000% better since my first B-12 shot about a week ago. Energy level, concentration and general feeling of well-being are all considerasbly improved.

  • zuly

    I been on it for while .. when I got pancreaseitis .. and i dont drink or smoke the hospital doctor took me off it was up too 1000mg , now my mom has diabetes she too was taking it and she couldnt walk for a while …it was affecting her legs . .. her doc told her stop taking it….and it does affect your focus on things..

  • worrieddaughter

    Do not take metformin! It ruined my mother. She was diagnosed with diabetes 2, she was on this medication for 4 years and slowly lost her cognitive brain cells!! I feel the medication ate into her mind. She has been off this medication for 8 months and is slowly getting back to being semi normal. Her blood sugar is now regulated with exercise and diet. In my opinion, she didn’t need to take this medication. She lost a lot of weight, became very very frail. She was never over weight in the first place. The doctor from WIlliamsville, NY placed her on this medication and never monitored her throughout the 4 years. She is a proud woman and never told us she had diabetes! We feel this medication is for extreme obese people!! It’s so upsetting to me and I want to spread the word about this medication!!!

    • ricotorpe

      It is for blood sugar, not obesity.

  • Kenneth Watson

    i saw one of my GPs partners over what i believed may have been side-effects and her first remark was of “all the drugs…..this is the one i have the most complaints about…” The dose was halved and within a week i felt much better and Blood Sugar stayed the same,.then being human and stupid i made a silly dietary error over a food i believed i could use as a snack during a period of severe stress when a close family member was very ill and expected to die- she lived- and my GP this time despite my concerns insisted i increase the dose again which i did but the same problems have returned- the fogginess,lack of energy esp (so i had to give up walking as often as i could)- and am seeking to get back to my GP to discuss it but theres a 3 week waiting period to see her,so am seeing a 3rd GP next week and have reduced dose myself meantime…… i want to get back to exercise and diet self-management

  • UlsterBrat

    And yet Metformin may have a usefulness in working against certain cancers. Not yet proven, but being studied.

  • Madavor Media

    Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for alerting us to this issue — that link has been updated to lead to the study’s abstract in Diabetes Care.

    Diabetes Self-Management