Meet Nick Jonas!

Been dreaming of meeting rock star — and fellow person with diabetes — Nick Jonas? Well, now’s your chance.


“Simple Inspirations,” a contest sponsored by Bayer HealthCare, is challenging those who have diabetes to motivate people who are newly diagnosed by sharing their most inspirational thoughts on living with the condition and demonstrating that people with diabetes can “live a full and engaged life by actively managing their condition.”

The contest is open to people with diabetes age 13 years and over. Entries should be in the form of lyrics, a poem, or a short essay of up to 140 words, along with an optional image, and will be accepted until October 3, 2011. The grand prize winner will meet Nick Jonas at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Los Angeles Walk to Cure Diabetes and will also appear in a video with Nick to be launched on November 14, 2011. Twelve runners-up will receive a calendar full of the top inspirational thoughts and images submitted to the contest.

To submit your entry, or for full information on the official rules, regulations, and prizes, visit

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

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  • Kimberly Groher

    Hi nick
    The vase that we have that has my grandfathers name on it but the whole story is its when I grew up so fast my blood gets so high but I used to get sugar all the time and I cannot control it but I used had thorid problem but I took pills every morning and it helps me to focus for every part of me is working fine but all my blood is contributing straight through my system but I want your help just control any movements that I can make but I have been out cold before and it makes me to how up a lot using the restroom alot but I used to get stomach aches or viruses but I want your help me to by not feeling like it please do this for me as your fan please but I want your care please and I’m begging you do this for me please for you care please .