Low Blood Glucose Story of the Week

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I have a little confession to make this week. Yesterday evening, Murray and I were out shooting a fake commercial that we will use as part of one of our shows soon. (The phony product is an adult beverage.) Anyway, we were getting some “beauty shots”—it’s an industry term—in the Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset yesterday and were in a bit of a hurry. The sun was setting fast and we were losing light. We set up the fake bottle and a pint glass on the rocks looking out over the city. I was filming the whole thing and as we finished our last slow-mo shot, I felt my blood glucose sinking.

I had not brought anything along for the shoot, as we took a cab down to the park in a hurry. Our fake beverage was made of Diet Ginger Ale and Diet Mountain Dew, so that was not going to do the trick.

I walked out of the park and into a Starbucks, where there was one person behind the counter taking orders and making the coffees. She would take one order and then leave the register and go make the drink, a ridiculously inefficient system. So with three people in front of me—two of whom ordered mocha chocolate iced fraggle rock—I had to make a move. As she left the register a second time, I picked up the chocolate covered graham crackers near the checkout counter, opened them, and began to eat them. I also opened a bottle of water, as I was really thirsty as well. By the time she’d made two more coffees for the people in front of me, I was done with all of my business and ready to leave. I stayed in line for a total of about seven minutes—Murray can attest to this—and then paid for my water and chocolate graham crackers. Not realizing I’d already eaten the crackers, the barista had no idea what was going on. She appeared to be annoyed with coffee drinkers and the fact she had no help.

So I took an extra pack of chocolate covered graham crackers and gave them to Murray for the walk home. We made the half-mile walk home and finished the shoot at my apartment. I ate dinner and then was off to film my friends, The Two Man Gentlemen Band. They performed last night, and to hear some of their music, you can check them out here. They’ve got a great sound and have written some really good songs. One day, Murray and I will go on tour with them.

In other happenings, Murray and I got some exciting news this week. We have been accepted into the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that we would be performing at the festival with Heavy.com, which we will still do, but now we will also be a part of the festival on our own. We perform on the 20th and 21st of July. If you want specific details, they will be available soon on our Web site, www.stuckeyandmurray.com. Til then.

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