Lose Weight With the New American Plate Challenge

If you resolved on January 1 to lose weight in the new year but now find that your motivation is flagging, take heart: a free, online weight-loss program from the American Cancer Institute (AICR) may be able to help.

The 12-week program, which was developed with over 2,000 pilot participants, is intended to help Americans lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. As part of the New American Plate Challenge, participants — or Challengers, as they will be known — will receive 12 weekly e-mail challenges, each focused on a specific, achievable lifestyle goal. They will also receive e-mails of encouragement from AICR’s registered dietitians, along with access to personal online journals and community forums.

“There’s no counting calories or adding points,” noted Alice Bender, AICR Associate Director for Nutrition Programs. “The New American Plate Challenge provides a simple, visual model that’s all about proportion and portion size. And we know it works.”


On average, participants in the pilot program lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off their waistlines over the course of 12 weeks. Many of them lost much more.

To register for the New American Plate Challenge, click here[1].

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Diane Fennell.

  1. click here: http://challenge.aicr.org/

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