Living With Type 1 Diabetes? Get News and Tips From Dexcom!

If you’re living with or caring for someone with Type 1 diabetes[1] and looking for information on the best way to successfully manage the condition, then be sure to check out our new section of news and tips from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) manufacturer Dexcom[2].


This special hub includes everything you need to know to thrive with the condition, from counting carbohydrates[3] to avoiding overnight hypoglycemia[4] to understanding ketones[5] and how they relate to Type 1. Provided by health-care experts including certified diabetes educators (CDEs), registered nurses, and health psychologists, this is information you can trust to make your life with diabetes happier and healthier.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed and seeking information on the basics or a seasoned Type 1 diabetes veteran looking to brush up on the fundamentals or learn new techniques for management, there’s something here for you.

So be sure to bookmark this special section from Dexcom[6] and check back for new articles. Subscribe to our newsletter[7] and follow us on Facebook[8] and Twitter[9] to be alerted when new items are added.

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